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Too much water when working out?

July 21, 2006

A Get Ahead reader posed this query: Can we drink water during a work-out or in-between excercises? Or does it stop the fat burning process?

Fitness trainer Brinda Sapat, who chatted with Get Ahead readers for an hour on July 18, offered this advice:

'You must drink water between exercises but don't gulp it. Just sip. Too much water between exercises can sometimes cause cramping.'

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript: 

Part I: Living alone? The perfect breakfast

partha asked, I am 45 years .I do swimming in the evening hours.I am interested IN PARSUING A 45 MIN WALK
IN THE MORNING ADDITIONALLY .Will it do me any harm?

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Not at all. Go right ahead!

sachini asked, Shalini of Airtel was my instructor but i have left Airtel now. How shall i maintain my health

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Join a gym/group exercise class or get a personal trainer.

raaam asked, hi, I am 6'5 tall and weigh 90 kgs.I am 30 years old.i do surya namskara,3 sets of abdominal crunches and spot jogging for 10 mins.Is this ok or do need to join a gym

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Raaam. spot jogging is not good enough. You need to go out and jog for at least 30 minutes. Join a gym because you need more exercises than just the suryanamaskar.  

reddyn asked, Hi I am 38 Years I do regular excercise and jogging daily 1hour in morning past 2 year but i am not reducing the weight i suppose to be 70Kgs but i am 75Kgs kidnly advice.

Brinda Sapat answers, Hi! Change your activity. Instead of jogging, go swimming or for an aerobics class or cycling. Include weight training in your routine and watch your fat intake.

rajesh asked, hi brinda, actually my problem is a little funny. i am 25 yrs old and weigh around 65 kgs. but howmuchsoever i eat, i am unable to put on..and i remain bony and skinny. can u suggest something?

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Rajesh. Increase the carbohydrate and protein in your dinner. Rotis-rice, pasta, bread etc and chicken, fish, paneer etc. Start weight training at a gym.  

Salina asked, Hi Brinda I have done Aerobics Certification course with Reebok in Mumbai. Currently , I am in USA. Please tell me what further Certification courses or PG courses I can do in USA which might be helpful when I come back

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Salina. You could for the following certified American fitness training courses: ACE/ACSM/AFAA. Also try to attend workshops for new fun ideas!

Zubin asked, Hi Brinda I am male 6 feet tall. I am 112kgs. I want to go to the GYM but I have got slipped disk. What exercises can I do?

Brinda Sapat answers, Hi Zubin. You need to get a go ahead certificate from your doctor first and a list of exercises that you can and cannot do. When you join the gym give this prescription to your instructor and have him base the workout around it. Please make sure you go to a cretified instructor ONLY.  

AJ asked, HEllow, I recently joined Jym.I was having 87 kg when i joined but having lagely fat on my stomach.I lost around 5kgs in 3 weeks.But havent lost much of fat on front of my stomach.I do Verical Crucnches and Crunches in set of 3*25 & 3*50 with wt training on day 1 and cycling around 40 min and wt training on day 2.So what extra shud i do to reduce my fat on front of my Stomach.and yes i do follow my diet prog.?

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi AJ! Fat around your mid section is the last area from where it will go. That's because so much is accumulated there. Keep up your routine and it will gradually go away. So keep it up!

Rashmi asked, Hi, Rashmi, i am 28 yrs, post delivery of my child i am left with a big stomach. I look as though i am carrying again. pl let me know how to reduce my stomach.

Brinda Sapat answers, Hi Rashmi. Start doing some cardio like walking and light weight training. Best to join a gym or class for personal guidance. Cut down fat intake.

deepakverma asked, Hi I am 5.5 and 55 Kg. I am a s/w engineer. My stemina is very poor. Also I suffer from headache all day. I want to increase my stemina How Can I do it.

Brinda Sapat answers, Hi! Increase your stamina by walking 30 minutes three to four days a week at a brisk pace. After two weeks increase the time by five minutes per week.

vtg asked, hi.i am 24 years old,am 5ft 9 inches and weigh around 75 kgs.i tend to put on weight very fast,even if i dont consume fats or likewise you have a suggestion?

Brinda Sapat answers, Exercise! Cardio and weight training.

venky asked, Flexibility exercise program details are required?? Particularly knees strengthening.

Brinda Sapat answers, Hi Venky. Do knee extensions. Sit on a chair. Feet on the floor. Slowly raise your legs till your knees are straight and lower. Do this using ankle weights.  

hini 1 asked, i have heard that drinking hot water with lemon juice and honey in the morning that too empty stomach help in reducing the weight . Is it correct..................

Brinda Sapat answers, Hey! No this is a myth.


Brinda Sapat answers, Approximately 21 years.

shiva asked, how does night shift working hours reduce your fitness level

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Shiva. It doesn't really affect your fitness levels, unless you aren't getting enough sleep of six to seven hours daily be it night or day.

harish24kr asked, should we drink water in-between the excercise? or driniking water in between the exercise stops the fat burning process?

Brinda Sapat answers, Hi Harish, you must drink water between exercise but don't gulp it, just sip. Too much water between exercise can sometimes cause cramping.  

tommy asked, Hi Brinda, after sweating out(like playing football) for 15-30mts, is it better cooling off under fan immediately, and after how long, i can take bath??

Brinda Sapat answers, Don't cool off near a fan! That's the quickest way to catch a cold. Wipe yourself dry with a towel or head straight for a bath.

viks asked, Hi Brinda , i want to know that what is the minimum age to start execrsize like body building.
Brinda Sapat answers, Vikas, you can start light weights around 13 and more functional training exercises. Leave heavy weights to later.  

jayanta asked, Hi, Brinda how to get rid of Diabetics I am 31 yrs age.

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi. Exercise regularly and check with your doctor with regards to your diet

Brinda Sapat says, Hope I was of some help. Sorry I couldn't answer all your questions... not enough time! Nice chatting with all of you. Bye and stay fit!

Part I: Living alone? The perfect breakfast

Brinda is the head of the Group Exercise Department at Gold's Gym, Napean Sea Road, where she also runs her classes. Certified with Training Zone & Progressive Fitness (USA), she has been a fitness instructor for the last nine and a half years.

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