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Want to be more alert at work?

January 11, 2006

You could be a student or a working professional. And you often tend to skip breakfast.

image According to nutritionist and fitness expert Samreedhi Sharma Goel who chatted with Get Ahead readers on January 9, skipping breakfast lowers your metabolism and makes you hungrier at lunch and other meals.

She also explained that you are mentally more alert if you eat breakfast everyday. However, it should be healthy ie cereal and milk, idli, dosa are fine. Parathas and fried or oily food are not.

Samreedhi is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She runs her own fitness training studio, Size Wise. She also conducts fitness workshops. Besides training with the International Sports Science Association, USA, she has a PG diploma in nutrition and food technology and writes for a variety of publications.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I:
Working out? Try the talk test

Dushi: Hiya, I am Male 27yrs,78kgs,176cm.. Living in UK for past 3yrs n most of my diet relies on sweets/crisps/meat/cheese.I was 55kgs with no tummy when i was in India. Now i am really suffering with heavy weight and tummy. I work on computers most of the day,no exercise n drink alcohol everyday. Could please suggest me how to reduce weight and tummy. Thx Very mush for Ur Help.Cheers

samreedhi: Hi! You have kind of answered your own question. Stop the alcohol habit NOW. Not only is it making you fat, it is also increasing your blood triglycerides (a type of fat got from food) and slowing down your metabolic rate. While right now your concern is just the weight, if your diet continues to be so nutritionally poor and fat rich, you are going to have to deal with a plethora of health problems later on.

Start shopping for low calorie low fat meals, replace refined stuff with whole grains, eat more fruits, in meats stick to chicken and fish, instead of fried go for baked, boiled, grilled options. Walk to work, the bus or your cab when possible. Climb stairs, swim or join an exercise class that you enjoy and soon your weight will be a thing of the past.

ish: Hi , I'm in Taiwan. I am Male,28 years, height 5'7" and weight 79 KG. I'm software Engineer, and my work is mostly sitting. I have gained a lot weight and i want to get rid of it.Last week we got complete medical check up , and the result shown the problems due to increased weight. Pls guide me and tell me how can i reduce weight at the earliest. Thanks!!!

samreedhi: Hi, join a gym or any other activity you enjoy ie dancing, swimming, tennis, etc, and stick to it! DO IT NOW!

yogi284: Hi there 39 years 106 kg's working out 5 days a week on a 1400 kcal diet cardio for 30 mins and circuit every alternate day what else should I be doing.

samreedhi: Hi! Sounds good enough. Keep it up!

tannu: hi smridhi.. i m 23 yr old male weight 66 kgs... height is 5 fr 11 inch! i hav just joined a gym but problem is tht there is no proper trainer there... can it cause harm to workout without trainer.. plzzzzzzz reply..!!

samreedhi: Hi. Yes, if you are not guided properly you may injure yourself. So consult an expert for a while and learn how to gym right and keep working out!

Narayanan: 28,M,180, 84Kgs1)Out of the 3 days, I train, only 1 day is dedicated for Weight based training. is that good enough?2) MY focus is on cardio, as I enjoy it more than doing weights and my body frame is large and a proper fit body with no-necessary fat is my goal... Will the schedule of 2 days cardio and 1 day of weight+cardio help me? (Y/N)3) I squash twice a week for some over all sport based training. Should this be made once per week?Can you please answer these questions. Note: Diet is primarily very much Indian with no control on the fat/carb levelsRegards Narayanan.

samreedhi: Hi, why not two days gym (full body workout), two days squash and two days cardio? The squash and cardio will help in brning fat and the weights boost your metabolism and shape your body. How does that sound?

Umakanth: I'm male 30 yr, 6ft, 76 kgs, Is it Ok for me or I should reduce wt

samreedhi: Hi, you are at your ideal weight. Work out for fitness, not weight loss.

mshekhar: HI this is Shekhar here from Bangalore, M, 25, 5'9.5", 67 Kgs, I have recently started workouts. Previosuly I have had continued it for a month or two. I had gone for weight gain and with relevant food intake and all I had managed to take my weight from 62 to 67. It has sticked there sicne then. Now this tiem when I start I do not want to go for weight increase rather than a weight distribution increasing musce weight. How should I go about it. Please advise.

samreedhi: Hi, ask your trainer to plan a good gym workout, one that emphasises on all the muscles equally. Train each muscle hard so that your body looks proportionate.

Rupert: Hi Samreedhi! I am 26 M, Height 6 feet 4 Inches, whats may ideal weight? Whats the ideal waste size?

samreedhi: Hi, if you are medium framed 80-88 kilogrammes, the ideal waist is what you are comfortable at and what makes you feel good about yourself.

Ganapathi: Dear Samreedhi,I am 23 years old weig 68 kg and height approx doubt is which time is suitable for go to GYM.That maeans morning or evening.

samreedhi: Hi, whenever you feel comfortable and can make time but only one and a half hours after any meal if you are working out after any meal.

nisha_825: hi samreedhi. I m 23 female 5.4 with 70 kg weight. My 10 kg weight and 4 inch in waist increases after my marriage last year jan.Earlier I used to do yoga & aerobics. Now its tough for me to spare time for yoga tell me whether 45 minutes daily walk after dinner will help me.

samreedhi: Hi, little exercise better than no exercise. Do your yoga for 15-20 minutes every alternate day and walk in the morning for 30 minutes on the other days. Make time for your health, girl.

Deep: Is it needed to have breakfast everymorning to stay fit? If sometimes we miss it, does it put any adverse effect on our fitness?

samreedhi: Hi! Skipping breakfast lowers your metabolism and makes you hungrier at lunch and other meals. Not just that, you are mentally more alert if you eat breakfast everyday. However it should be healthy, ie cereal and milk, idli, dosa are fine parathas and fried or oily food are not!

Anil: Hi Samreedhi. I am a male, 31 years, 5ft 9in and weighs 72 Kgs. Although the ratio seems fine but I look lean bcoz I think that my bones are heavier.I do cardio 3 days and free weights 3 days per week. I need to put on more muscles please advise on how to go about it. Have a good good day, Anil.

samreedhi: Hi, you might need a change of routine, as your body might have got used to this workout. Ask your trainer to change your workout to a more challenging workout and fire up those muscles.

Sri Harsha: Hi i am 26 Male 183 Cms and 100 Kgs large frame..i want to know how i can reduce my weight in say 6 months time frame.

samreedhi: Hi, you need to lose 20-25 kilogrammes. That will realistically take you 8-12 months. The time frame is not important; lose weight the right way and you will be rid of it permanently.

NotAnXpert: 25/F/5.7"/84.I walk for 2 kms (20 mins) in treadmill 5 days a week.Is this sufficient?I eat 4-5 Marie biscuits inbetween meals. Is this ok?

samreedhi: Hi, your ideal weight is about 67 kilogrammes if you intend to reach there quickly, then you are moving at a snails pace! Two Marie biscuits a day are fine. Step up the workout routine!

coolwater: last year i popped my knee cartilage and had to go in for an arthroscopy for its removal. Just wanted to know how safe is it to start doing the gym and what exercises must one do / avoid after such a surgery. I am 6 ft 1 in and weigh 90 kgs and wanna pull down for obvious reasons. Please suggest...!!

samreedhi: Hi, check with your doctor first. Exercises on avoid list: squats, lunges, skipping, aerobics. Cycling would be a better option than the treadmill.

Suleman: Hi Samreedhi,I am a 25/M/5.9"/80 kgs.I have lost 12 kgs in the last year due to some controlled dieting without any exercise.But my stomach part remains the same as earlier.Please suggest some diet or exercise to reduce my tummy.

samreedhi: Hi! Congratulations on the weight loss. Join a gym and feel the difference!

Abhishekkgupta: Hi this is Abhisheki wanna know what is the best way to convert a walk into exercise

samreedhi: If you want to assuredly burn fat while walking try the talk test: while walking if you are slightly breathless and can speak a few words but not complete sentences, you are in the fat burning zone. If you cannot talk at all, slow down, and if you can have a long conversation, speed up!

samreedhi: Hi! Okay people it was great chatting with you all! If some quetions have not been answered, it's because they were repeats. Do go through the chat transcript and am sure you will find an answer to your queries. Else mail me at Don't forget to THINK FIT!

Part I: Working out? Try the talk test


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