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Hair problems? Try these tips

Dr Parul Kolhe | February 24, 2006

Is your hair falling fast?

Does that black spot on your face refuse to go away?

Do you yearn for clear, fresh looking skin?

Get Ahead skincare expert Dr Parul Kolhe has the answers to your skin and hair queries. Follow her advice and keep healthy.

Dr Kolhe is an MBBS, DDV and DNB in dermatology. 

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I got a black mark on my face (exactly in the smiling line). I've seen many doctors. They have suggested it could be sunburn, fungus, losing second layer of tissue, etc. I used ointments like Melolite, Dinoderm, Momate -- about six creams.

But it just increased. I went to the doctor again and they asked me to do a biopsy. Having done that they suggested three creams, one for daily in daytime, one for daily in the night and one more for twice a week. Still it increased.  I don't know what to do and how to proceed after this. I've got the biopsy test report like pigmentation problem.

 -- Mahesh

Mahesh, you must use a sunscreen most importantly and avoid all sun exposure to avoid worsening the problem.

Also ask your doctor to prescribe a cream containing kojic acid along with other de-pigmenting creams that you are using. Also try to get a few good chemical peels done like glycolic acid peels at two weekly intervals.

I am suffering from some hair loss and dandruff.  I belong to Lucknow and have recently moved to Chennai and since then this problem has aggravated. I apply oil in my hair once a week, and wash my hair about twice a week with a gentle shampoo.

I have a good  amount of juices and fruits and do not smoke. I sleep for six to eight hours per day and do not have a very stressful job. I should also let you know that sometimes I experience pain the roots of my hair and earlier occasionally (once in two months) I used to develop one or two acne kind of things on my head which used to cause pain while combing my hair. 
The density as well as the number of hair on my head have drastically reduced. Will application of minoxidil help?

-- Pulkit Agrawal

Pulkit, you have a disorder known as seborrhoea, which is most probably causing the hair loss. You should use Nizral shampoo after your routine shampoo.

The little boils on your scalp may be a bacterial infection; I suggest you have it looked at by a dermatologist.

I am 20 and self-employed. I have a really strange skin problem. I don't have big pimples but have those small boils on my forehead and on the portion around my nose.

The cheeks and other portions are clean enough. I have gone to the best of all dermatologists but they don't really seem to be of any use. Those small boils don't seem from far off on my face but looks really ugly with little distance. I've tried medicines and home remedies but none have been of any use.

-- Soniyaa Bhatt

You might be suffering from a disease called seborrhoea in which case your boils would be due to dandruff, or a disease called acne rosacea in which case your skin would also look red and worsen on exposure to heat or sunlight -- you have not mentioned if you have any of these problems.

Only after having a look can any dermatologist make a proper diagnosis and treat you, so I suggest you meet and follow up regularly with a dermatologist. You can also ask him\ her about a drug called Isotretinoin, which may help you.

Meanwhile avoid sun exposure, stop drinking tea, coffee and colas and use a ketoconazole shampoo like Nizral or Scalpe.

Do you have a skin query for Dr Parul Kolhe? Write to us


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