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Parents, know your Beyblades

Yati Doshi | February 01, 2006

I remember the time when Lay's (the potato chip brand) came up with Tazos. Kids swam though packets of wafers for those small round discs with funny pictures on them.

Then there's the Pokemon mania. Every child has a few albums filled with Pokemon cards, and many turned entrepreneurs with regular 'underground' trading of cards flourishing in schools.

These transient fads come and go and, as a parent, you need to get savvy about dealing with them. Toy companies introduce new toys every year; money-spinners for them, headaches for you. Hundreds of rupees are spent on toys/ games our children feel they cannot live without.

Let's get savvy about the latest fad that has taken your child's universe by storm.  

imageThe arena of Beyblades

Rohan*, a nine-year-old, speaks in monosyllables in general. Until it comes to Beyblades; then, no one can stop him from talking at the speed of light.

Pranav*, 8, is ready to beg, plead, threaten if it helps increase his burgeoning collection of Beyblades.

Beyblades, first introduced in February 2002 at Times Square, New York, and designed for 'tweens' (kids between the ages of nine and 12), are basically tops with many additional features.

They emit light and sound and spin at high speeds. Each set comprises a Beyblade (the top), a shooter/ launcher and a rip cord (a spiked wire). The ripcord is first slipped through the launcher. The Beyblade is then attached to the launcher, the rip cord is pulled and the top... oops!... Beyblade spins.

There are many types of launchers, Beyblades and rip cords with different capacities. For instance, the longer the rip cord, the faster the Beyblade spins.

Beyblade battlesimage

Don't breathe easy yet; it gets more complex. By combining pieces from different tops, a player can customise a deadlier breed of top.

Why a deadlier breed?

Here is where the concept of Beyblade battles comes in. Two or more players play the game and launch their tops into a battle arena known as the Beystadium.

As per Beyblade culture, each player counts to three, then shouts 'Let it rip' and sets his/ her their tops spinning in the Beystadium. When two or more Beyblades collide against each other, they emit sounds. The top that manages to fling its opponent/ s out of the Beystadium or spins longer is declared the winner.

The Beystadium, a self-contained arena, could be between one and three feet in diameter. There are some variations here too. For instance, a magnetic Beystadium makes the battle more challenging; the top can get magnetically 'stuck' in one place, leaving it open to annihilation by the opponent. It also has pockets, which the player must avoid.

There are rules and strategies too, but kids often make up their own rules to add to the excitement. For instance, a player scores a point if the opponent's top is not launched in the arena. If a player touches the Beystadium, the opponent scores three points immediately and the battle is over.

Kids adopt game strategies to help them get the better of their opponents and earn fancy names like Dragoon Storm and Driger!

The damages

image Initially available only at big toy stores or custom-notified goods stores, Beyblades are now available at every corner store. A Beyblade by Funskool costs Rs 299 and a Beystadium costs Rs 349.

You get Chinese Beyblades for between Rs 95 to Rs 295, and a Chinese-made Beystadium starts at Rs 100.

You also have enticing innovations like magnetic Beyblades which enhance performance and spinning; some even come with remote controls. The price is steeper, of course, starting at approximately Rs 649.

Many Beyblades have to be assembled, and that can be a complicated, time-consuming and occasionally frustrating task since some of the parts are rather tiny. Ideally, if you are not familiar with the process and do not wish to spend time figuring things out, ask the salesman to assemble it for you in the shop itself.

A word of warning -- the Chinese Beyblades tend to break fast.

Shopping for Beyblades?

The top, ripcord and launcher come unassembled. Though most Beyblades don't need tools to assemble these parts, there are some that require a screwdriver. It is usually mentioned on the packaging.

Normally a Beyblade has four parts and these four parts will determine how a Beyblade will perform in the Beystadium. If you have many Beyblades, you can create your own combination Beyblade.

image i. Attack Ring

This determines how aggressive a top is. There are basically three types. 

The first is the attack type, which is more powerful while attacking another Beyblade.

The second is the defence type, which is powerful in defending itself from an attacking. 

The balance type is good in both attacking as well as defence.

image ii. Weight Disk

This determines the balance of your top.

A Beyblade's power and energy is determined by the weight of its steel disc.

If the disc is heavy, it means it is an attack type; medium weight indicates a defence type; light weight disks are equally good at attack and defence.

image iii. Spin Gear 

This determines the rotating direction of the top.

It is the spin gear's job to control the top and to turn its direction towards the left or the right.

image iv
. Blade Base

This determines the pattern in which the Beyblade will rotate in the Beystadium.

There are three types: the smooth head base aids movement; the circle head base focuses on balancing; the needle head base is the most steady.

You choose your type depending on what you expect your Beyblade to do.

4 types of Beyblades

Attack Type: The name it self says it all. The attack type of Beyblade roams freely in a Beystadium and tries to assault the other Beyblades.

Combination type: This Beyblade is made by assembling different parts from different Beyblades. Such Beyblades stay firmly in position. They rotate longer and are steady performers. 

Endurance Type: This type of Beyblade has the power to withstand hardship or stress. It is built in such a way that it last longer than their competitors.

Defence Type: This type normally stays in the Beystadium longer and is better able to withstand attacks from other Beyblades.

Beyblades available

Listed here, with their type and features, are a few of the Beyblades available in Indian market.

Master Dranzer A 32

~ Endurance type.

~ It has metal tips for advantageous endurance.

~ Tools not required.

Polta 7

~ Combination type.

~ It has an attack ring with three defence points.

~ Crosshead screwdriver required.

Galzzy A-9

~ Attack type.

~ It has a double attack ring.

~ Tools not required.

Galman A-10

~ Defence type.

~ It has twin attack ring.

~ Tools not required.

Bump King 16

~ Endurance type.

~ It has an attack ring with upper wings and lower blades to attack from above and below.

~ Tools not required.

Seaborg A-40

~ Defence type.

~ Attack ring designed for both attack and defense moves.

~ Tools not required.

Draciel V A-67

~ Defence type.

~ Magnetic right spin gear core/

~ For a new kind of battle, this top is used with other magnetic tops and either a Beystadium with magnetic tray or a Beystadium with a magnetic accessory pack. Magnetic top parts are interchangeable with other high performance tops.

~ Tools not required.

Black Dranzer A-27

~ Combination type.

~ You can flip the tip for multi-mode battling. Manually switch the tip for offensive, balance and stamina modes.

~ Tools not required.

Bound Attacker 22

~ Attack type.

~ It has offensive double attack ring.

~ Secondary attack ring parts give you the offensive edge.

~ Phillips screwdriver is needed for assembling.

Orca Driver B-105

~ Attack type.

~ Multi-spin attack type.

~ Tools not required.

Makendo 9

~ Combination type.

~ It has attack ring with four combat points.

~ Phillips crosshead screwdriver needed.

Bistool 8

~ Combination type.

~ Attack ring with four powerful attack claws.

~ Phillips crosshead screwdriver needed.

Dragon Victory A-41

~ Attack type.

~ Magnetic force in the base. 

~ For a new kind of battle, this top is used with other magnetic tops and either a Beystadium with magnetic tray or a Beystadium with a magnetic accessory pack. Magnetic top parts are interchangeable with other high performance tops.

Wing Defenser 31

~ Defence type.

~ This is a competitive grade with moving blades. 

~ It has an attack ring with two moving wings to defend against opponents.

~ Tools not required

Tackling fad mania

What happens when your child gets obsessed with the Beyblade mania? Dr B R Agrawal, a well-known Mumbai psychologist with his own practice and 25 years of experience, has some advice for parents.

"Being honest with your child is important. If you can't afford something, or if you have strong reasons for not buying your child something, then explain it to him. Young children too can be told the reason. Autocracy just leads to instances of stealing, begging, etc. If you are dishonest, your child will feel betrayed. If you have promised him something, then give it to him; else, do not promise. Never bribe your child," he says.

You must set the limits, and set them firmly. Be stable; for instance, if you shower your child extravagant, expensive gifts when you are happy, and deny him the smallest thing when you are upset, it will lead to resentment, unhappiness and manipulation on the child's part.

Do not feel guilty if you cannot fulfill every need. Denial due to valid reasons will teach children to have realistic expectations and they will grow up to be mature, adaptable adults.

With inputs from Patcy N.

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