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Worried about your US visa?
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December 28, 2006

If my H1 visa was rejected, will B1 get rejected too?"


"I have a B1 visa and have applied for H1-B visa. Will my B1 visa get cancelled on issuance of H1-B visa?"


"What exactly is an H1b visa?"


So many visas, so many questions. Frederick Brust and Amanda Zafian, consular officers at the American consulate in Mumbai, India explained the different US visas for Get Ahead readers in a chat on December 27.

Frederick Brust has served in the Consular Section since February 2005; Amanda Zafian is the coordinator of the Business Executive Programme at the American consulate. Both joined the foreign service after pursuing careers in other areas: Fred was a documentary producer and writer and Amanda was a freelance journalist and communications consultant.


For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.



Fred Brust, Consular Officer says, Hi, everyone. Thanks for sharing your questions about visas. We'll do our best to answer as many as possible.



jafar asked, hello sir a am 25 and i want to work in uk so what type of visa should i apply for.

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, We are able to answer questions about US visas only. We suggest you contact the British High Commission for information about UK visas.



Abhilash asked, I recently went for stamping at Chennai Consulate for my H1B visa but the officer has handed me a paper on section 221(g) which is asking for information from my petitioner/employer for whom i am currently working. I have already communicated the same to my employer. Could you please let me know what is the consequence if my employer/petitioner does not comply with the query raised against him? Is there any impact on my new visa applications or on my passport?

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, When a visa case is put into 221g status, it is 'pending' for more information. If you do not provide the requested information, your case will remain in this status and the visa will not be issued.



tb asked, How long does it usually take for Visa MANTIS process associated with H-1B to finish up? Can an applicant initiate the MANTIS procedure even before his visa interview so that he/she wont have to wait for weeks after the visa interview?

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, MANTIS clearances are sometimes required for people who work in advanced technical or other scientific fields. The clearance process typically takes about a month, but it may take slightly more or less, depending upon an individual's situation. If you believe that you might require this type of clearance, we recommend planning for this additional processing time. We are unable to expedite this process and cannot begin the clearance before your interview.



gnanasekar asked, hello fred, any official US visa website? i.e.rules and regulations

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, There is a wealth of information about US visas on the following websites:;;;



Hllo asked, Hi Fred,What is the Quote for H1-B visa for the next academic year?

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, The H1B quota is set by Congress. It is currently 65,000 per fiscal year, which runs from October 1 to September 30.



Amanda Zafian, Consular Officer says, Good afternoon everyone. I'm also happy to be here today to answer your questions about any visa issues.



keerthi asked, If H1 visa is rejected,whether its effected to B1

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, Each application for a visa is judged separately. The criteria for the two visas are different, so a person may qualify for one and not the other. It is important that you provide honest answers regardless of the category, however.



sunarora asked, Hi I have B1 visa. I have applied for H1-B visa. Will my B1 visa canceled on issuance of H1-B visa?

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, Your H1-B visa is for working in the US. The B1 visa is for tourism and will not be impacted by your having the H1-B.



venkat asked, what is h1b visa ?

Amanda Zafian, Consular Officer answers, An H1b visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows the applicant to work in the United States. The H1B visa is a petition-based visa, which means that an employer in the United States must first hire you and then must petition the Department of Homeland Security and get permission for you to work for them before you can apply for a visa. There are 65,000 H1B visas allowed by Congress each year.



ghali asked, I had H1B. Now how much time is requierd to get new H1B

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, The time will be determined by your individual situation. Your company will need to file a petition for you and you will need to make an appointment for a visa interview through VFS.



vinu asked, i joined my company on 2005 dec. then on march 2006 went to US on B1 filed by this company. I returned from US on May 2006. Then from May till now I am in singapore. Now can my company file L1 for me?

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, For an L visa, you must have one-year experience with your company. The company in the US will need to file a petition for your L visa to begin the application process.



Prasanna asked, Hello how many days it takes to get F1 right from the start of the process

Amanda Zafian, Consular Officer answers, Dear Prasanna, In order to get a student visa, you need to first get admitted to an accredited university in the United States. Once you have been admitted to a university, they will send you an I-20 form. With your I-20 form, you are ready to apply for a visa. The actual visa application process does not take very long. Appointments are available around the country within the next few weeks. With an appointment made, almost all visa decisions are made on the day of the interview. For your F1 interview, you should first pay your SEVIS fee, then bring your I-20 and any other documents you believe to be relevant -- this may include prior degrees/ mark sheets or financial information.



VIKAS asked, I am 24 and I want to apply for a visitor visa. what are my chances of getting the visa? I have many other visas on my passport like UK student visa, AUstralian student visa, CHINA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, UAE, switzerland

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, Anyone may apply for a visitor visa. The officer who interviews you will want to be certain that you have a bonafide reason for travel, that you can afford to pay for the trip, and that you have strong ties to your home country that will ensure your return. This last one is usually the most complicated. The officer will look for strong social and economic ties that indicate you will not be an intending immigrant.



aman asked, on which condition study visa is rejected

Amanda Zafian, Consular Officer answers, Dear Aman, In order to obtain a student visa, you need to establish a few things in your interview. First, you must be a genuine student who is going to study in the United States. Secondly, you must have sufficient finances to pay for your education. Finally, you must establish that you are planning to return to India when you have finished your studies. If you fail to establish any of these items in your interview, you may be rejected for a student visa.



Raj asked, Hello I had been to Delhi consulate that time they put 221(g) And took my original documents and It was told me that they will contact me in few weeks of time, but 4 months has gone and as on I have not got any call even I have sent a mail also they replied that they will contact as quick as possible. I am really worried and in the dilemma what should I do please suggest me. Basically what they are checking and how much time they will take more.Thanks for your support.

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, Unfortunately, complicated visa cases sometimes do result in delays. For an update on your case, you should contact the Non-Immigrant Visa section of the Embassy in New Delhi and find out if there is any progress in your case. Contact information is available on



dubai_boy asked, IS A "HAMALI" CAN GET US VISA

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, Anyone who has sufficiently strong ties to his/her home country and can afford the travel can qualify for a US visa.



Studenta asked, Recently US has declared a scheme to certify companies so that the employees of those companies get business visa faster with seperate calander for them. Please explain more about that scheme. Thanks.

Amanda Zafian, Consular Officer answers, The Business Executive Programme is a programme in India that is meant to facilitate business travel between the United States and India. The BEP programme started in India several years ago. In order to qualify, companies should be well-established with a strong financial base. They should also have a need for their employees to travel to the United States on a regular basis. Any interested company can contact the US Consulate or Embassy in their district in order to get an application for the BEP programme. If you are located in the Mumbai Consular District, you can write to



Abhi123 asked, Hi, I have studied in US and now i am back in India for past 6 years. I already have a 10 year visa and have applied for my wife and son's visa. We wish to visit US in march-April 2007 and also plan to go and watch the Cricket world cup in Barbados in April from there. Our program is for a month during which we wish to do sightseeing in the US.My wife and son's appointment date is next week. Are there any specific documents that they need to carry for the interview? Please advise. Thanks!

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, This sounds like a fun trip. The most important part of the interview is the conversation with the consular officer. Documents may be helpful, but may not be needed. You should be prepared to offer evidence of your ability to pay for the trip and your ties to your home country. You may want to bring documents that support this.



DeepakP asked, Hi ...I am Dipak. I am applying for Bussiness Visa for US. I was rejected for Student Visa for Canada. Would that effect me in any way?

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, We evaluate visa applicants solely on the basis of US immigration law. Canadian regulations will not be relevant.



J Abhijit asked, How much time require for H4 Visa ?

Amanda Zafian, Consular Officer answers, In order to get an H4 visa, your spouse or parents must first have an approved H1B petition from the Department of Homeland Security. If you already have this petition, all you need to do to is schedule an appointment for a visa interview. At this interview, you need to demonstrate your spouse's or parent's H1B status and that you have a genuine relationship to the primary applicant. Adjudication decisions are almost always made on the same day. You can get a visa appointment around the country in the next few weeks.



msb asked, I had already applied for a visitors visa in 1999 which got rejected. I now want to apply for an H1b, will the visitors visa rejection have any impact on my H1b. I am 25 yrs as of now.

Fred Brust, Consular Officer answers, There are different requirements for different visas. We recognise that someone who might not qualify as a tourist may, in fact, qualify as the employee of a US company. We also recognise that an individual's situation may change over time. A 20-year-old recent university graduate with no job and no family may not have sufficient ties for a tourist visa. But that same person may have strong ties a few years later when he or she has acquired a job and family ties.


Part II: Change of job in US = change of visa?



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