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Want an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad?
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August 09, 2006

In the article How is ISB different?, we highlighted why the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad was a good destination for aspiring MBAs with at least a year of work experience.

You may have many other questions such as: What are the eligibility criteria for admission to ISB? Can you get a scholarship? What is the student culture like?

To help answer these and more queries, we invited Ranga Rao, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at ISB to chat with readers on August 8. For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

 Ranga Rao says, Hi! Ranga here.

ashish asked, Sir, I am PhD in Management. I want to pursue Post-Doctorate from ISB. Please Guide me.

Ranga Rao answers, 
Hi Ashish, we have a Post Doctoral programme in management. The details are posted at Feel free to write to them directly.

Vilas asked, I have passed my Masters in Technology in IT and have around 15 months of experience now and academics consistently above 80 If I get a Score of around +720 in GMAT and do well in GD and Personal Interview,Do I have a chance to make it to ISB? I heard many people saying that with an experience of less than 2 years ,there is a very very less chance to get into ISB?please comment

Ranga Rao answers, 
Dear Vilas, the ISB admission process is comprehensive in nature and does not depend on one factor alone. On the first impression your profile looks decent. You should consider applying to the ISB. Yes, experience is important and the ISB model ia fitting for candidates with more than two years of experience.

Shobhit asked, hello my question is how much min exp is required to apply for ISB and what score shud one have in GMAT

Ranga Rao answers, 
The range of GMAT scores is 600 to 780 and work experience from one to 21 years. There is no minimum cutoff.

sunil asked, Sir Good Evening, I am M.Sc Food Technology student (28 year old) with 4 years experience in operations / Manufacturing functional area. Currently preparing for GMAT targeting ISB as my dream, I have 3 queries 1. Does ISB give me an platform to shift the career form operations to marketing / investment banking field? 2. Can placements be straightaway into middle management? Because it wouldn't be possible to start fresh at that age? 3. ISB fees are still, not affordable to common man? How much % of loan will be funded by ISB (or) your associated finance institutes?
Ranga Rao answers, There are two key aspects: transferable skills and relevancy to domain. career shifts are possible but in your specific case it looks possible to shift to marketing in relevant domain but investment baking is a tough call as you expect to shift both in function and level. Fees: yes, we have scholarships and loans. Over 60 per cent of the students take education loans from empanelled banks. Refer  

anshu asked, Hello Mr Rao, I have a query regarding the selection process in ISB. What is the weightage of GMAT score in the selection process. How much value does the essays hold?

Ranga Rao answers, 
GMAT is one of the components of evaluation, which ranges from 600 to 780. Other components are essays, work experience, academic record and interview. Essays are an excellent opportunity to project your personality and other interests, which cannot be exhibited by numbers alone.

IC asked, Hi good afternoon. I am a technical project manager working for a product development company in Hyderabad. I have over 8 years of experience. I am a BTech. I have been thinking about doing MBA now. It's not the packages that I am primarily interested in but the whole programme itself. Can you help me answer how does it place me better vis-a-vis more challenging job requirements. Also I have a family with two kids, 6 yr ld and 6 months old. So can I get enough loan to support them as well? Thank you.

Ranga Rao answers, 
Over 30 per cent of our current batch of students are married and stay on the campus with the spouses. No you would not get a loan to support your family but for only for tuition.

gg asked, Hello sir, I would like you to tell me whether it is suitable to apply for MBA programISB admission for 2007 fall. My profile is as follow. GMAT:730, GPA: 9.7/10. Work experience in top IT company will be 2yrs by time of application. Lots of extra-curriculars in school and college. Focus on operations management.

Ranga Rao answers, 
Well you answer me. Why it is not suitable to apply? I encourage you to apply.

Ajay Sachdeva asked, I have work experience of over 8 years across industries - Consumer durables , FMCG & Paints ; am an FMS Delhi passout vintage 1999 Wish to upgrade my skill set Look at ISB as the best possible opotion , ;pl advise

Ranga Rao answers, 
Yes. With your diverse and experienced profile you will benefit from the ISB Post Graduate Programme. Your should apply.

Ramesh asked, Hi Ranga Rao Garu, This is Ramesh Chandra. I am presently working as a Project Manager in a Software company. I want to pursue my management studies. Is there any course which is fine tuned to my subject. I am presently working on Finance,Distribution and CRM based projects in Oracle technologies.Is thera anything else that is needed for me to enter oher than GMAT score

Ranga Rao answers, 
We only offer PGP (full time, one year)

Amar asked, Dear Ranga - please advice on 5 aspects which an ISB aspirant could use to choose ISB over other elite b-schools (LBS, INSEAD, IMD, IIM-A). Thanks!

Ranga Rao answers, 
Five aspects can be distilled in one phrase ' Global Learning Experience' from a global faculty. ISB is the only place in the world where faculty across the world would come down to take up six week terms and then they return to theri respective university. Most importantly this 'quality' experience comes at one-third of the cost of any other top 25 global business schools. ISB gives you LEADSTART ie equips you with the skills and competencies to not only get ahead but STAY ahead.

Relton Alexander P asked, Hi Ranga, This is Relton from bangalore... An aspirant for doing mba at isb as of now i am working... i have planned to take up my gmat in march,2007 and apply for isb in the same year and currently i am having an experience of 1.5 years of experience... i wanted some guidence regarding to what i had mentioned... You asked, Hi, i am currently having an experience of 1.5 years and by the time i apply for isb i would have had 2 years and by the time i get in, it would be more than 2 years. and i have an aggregate of 83 in my degree. Do comment and guide on this.

Ranga Rao answers, 
You should try for good GMAT score and apply.

Sachin asked, Dear Sir ,I am a engineer in erchant navy with around 7 years of experience,what GMAT score would be competitive for my profile,also is the TOEFL score mandatory for ISB admission.

Ranga Rao answers, 
TOEFL is not required for Indians. GMAT Range is from 600-780 for current batch.

rconnline asked, Hi ranga, what is the essense of the course at ISB? since the model is similar to the models used in international schools, do you think an MBA here would be as strong in content as an MBA at GSB, UMich, CMU etc? also what is the diversity in the class that can enrich the experience at ISB?

Ranga Rao answers, 
Learning at the ISB focusses on 'emerging markets' and thus making you ready for the future. In terms of content this is truly world class and cutting edge as faculty from world over flies down to take up full term courses so actually you may get faculty from GSB, UMich, CMU etc right here at the ISB. 

Diversity: we encourage diversity at all levels including, education, work ex, gender and geography. Example: Women entrepreneurs, doctors, architects, marine engineering etc are represnted in the class.  

failedgod asked, What are the characterstic traits, that you search in a candidate applying to ISB?

Ranga Rao answers, 
Admissions to the ISB are based on leadership potential, diversity among students and a strong academic background. The ISB aims to develop future leaders and we will give preference to students who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their working or academic life. Initiatives at the work place and in your personal life will help us assess your leadership potential. We are looking for how you are different and what you would bring to the ISB community. Diversity may be in the form of educational background, ethnic origin, nature of work experience, kind of organisation worked for, nationality and personal experiences and goals.

gandu asked, Where do ISB stand as compared to ICFAI?

Ranga Rao answers, 
Unfair. Different segments and different proposition. We are looking for mature candiates interested in 'Global Management Education' in India. Refer to  for more details

Harman asked, Hi ,This is Harman here, I am doing MBA(Acc) from MELBOURNE UNI. How do you rate Australian education in comparison to ISB?

Ranga Rao answers, 
Can you clarify?

sundaresan asked, Hello Sir, How much of a weightage is given for specific domain experience. for example, a software developer with 3 years of workexp in telecom domain.

Ranga Rao answers, 
If your primary objective is 'career advancement' in the same domain then this experience will be invaluable. You should try to leverage on it.

Manoj asked, How do you justify the 1 year program with 2 year while taking the intake as of 2-3 yrs of exp. How a candidate will justify the training which is squeezed in 1 year and have a work exp of 2-3 years as comapred to 2 year program

Ranga Rao answers, 
A typical two-year programme is not of 24 months because of internships and vacations and hence works out to be of 16-17 months. In terms of contact hours we have 680 hours which comparable to 720 hours in top global B-Schools. We are successfully managing with this model because of experienced profile and their capability to relate theory with practice. In current batch students with 29 per cent of class has work ex between two to three years while the average is five years.

sumathi asked, Sir, Is distance education available?

Ranga Rao answers, 

shefali asked, sir, i want to basically know that whether a person with no work experience can apply for admissions for M.B.A in ISB?

Ranga Rao answers, 
No. At least two years

Relton Alexander P asked, The experience calculated is w.r.t the date of application or date of admission? Please help out

Ranga Rao answers, 
The date of admission is April 15, 2007.  

arshad asked, Hello Ranga, I was planning to apply for ISB. But after meeting a few of current students i get the impression that it is pretty difficult to change your area of work. Now you might say that it depends on the individual how he works for the change but the college i choose whould also provide me with enough opprtunities for that change? The curriculum and the faculty is world class but what about the placements? I heard that there were very few consulting and I-banks that visisted ISB for placements last time. Could you please shed some light on this

Ranga Rao answers, 
Please refer to detailed placement report on career shifts are possible with the support of career advancement services of the ISB which is manned by experienced porfessionals. But at the same time the candidate has to bring relevant skills and work towards his/her goal.

bhanu asked, Is there any exemption for IIM grads

Ranga Rao answers, 
No. We value only merit as demonstrated through globally benchmarked admissions process.

bhavneesh asked, hiii mr.ranga, im bhavneesh n a software engineer by profession n currently im campus placed at sapient corporation(a concultancy firm). through out my student life i was just an avergae student.butnow i want to know whn will be the appropriate time to apply for isb as this is my 1st corporate experience n i hv just 2 months of work experince by now. i want to apply for gmat as soon as possible. can u plz suggest me the appropriate timing and the corresponding gmat score as such. u hv mentioned tht u prefer 2 yrs of wrk experince but will it be of any purpose if i apply within 1 yr or slightly above tht of work experince. plz do mention the appropriate gmat score needed for such time bound enrollment. u r reply is valuable...thanks a million

Ranga Rao answers, 
Should definitely work for a couple of years and then apply.

Nataraj asked, Sir, I have over 8 years experience as a technical person (In systems and Network). Is it possible for me to get admission in ISB .My qualification is BE and currently working as General Manager Operations at one of the IT company

Ranga Rao answers, 
Sounds good. Should apply.

Vaibhav asked, I want to get into Business Technology Consulting , Are there any specific or related courses in ISB, Do u have any faculty that ould deal with such work domain

Ranga Rao answers, 
Yes we have courses in IT Management and Consulting. Please refer to  

rana asked, Hello Mr. Ranga. I am an engineer having an experience of 4 years as a Patent Consultant in an MNC. Would doing an MBA (particularly in ISB) help me get a letral placement in a technical consultancy job?

Ranga Rao answers, 
Lateral placements are for candidates bringing relevant competencies and work experience which can be leveraged by prospective companies. Your experience sounds interesting. You should apply.

devan asked, Hi Dr. Ranga Rao. I would hold a PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Germany in a few months. I already have a masters from IIT Madras. Would PhD research qualify as work experience? what about post doctoral research in either an industrial or academic setting?

Ranga Rao answers, 
We have post doctoral programme. Please refer to web site. Research experience will not qualify as full time exp.

Ranga Rao says, Hi, We can take last three question now.

hits asked, Hi, Today the intake of ISB is around 425..Any chances of increasing it by 2007 or 2009 ?

Ranga Rao answers, 
At least not for next two intakes.  

Ranga Rao answers, No. Full time only

Tamanna asked, Good afternoon sir!! I am Tamanna.I live in Indore and currently workin with Sony India Pvt Ltd.I want to ask my this experience will be considered as i was workkin along with my BBA?

Ranga Rao answers, 
We consider full time experience post qualification though your experience will have weightage but will not be equivalent to full time experience.

Ranga Rao says, Dear participants, thanks for posting queries and chatting with me. I hope this session was informative. We are also visiting various cities for infosessions. You may register online at  Wish you all the best.

Phone: (040) 2318 7474
Indian School of Business ISB Campus
Hyderabad -- 500 032

Web site:

Have you passed out from ISB, Hyderabad? Or are you currently studying there? Post your experiences.

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