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Study Abroad: Is your university accredited?
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August 02, 2006

How good is the school/university you are applying to? When is it the right time to give your GMAT? Are courses in Fine Art a good idea if done abroad? Is age ever a criteria? How good are MBAs fom Cyprus?

During an hour-long chat on July 27, overseas education counsellor Karan Gupta answered these and other questions.
For those of you who missed it, here's the second part of the transcript:

Part I: The best US schools for MS in computers

rohan asked, Hi Karan,I am planning to do my MBA from US next fall,i have two question . 1.What is the right time (month) to give GMAT. 2.I am 31 WITH 7 YRS OF EXPERIENCE IS IT WORTH MBA NOW

Karan Gupta answers, 
The older you are, the better you are suited for an MBA. Universities prefer older applicants for an MBA. You can take the GMAT one year prior to the year you want to go and study.

Gopinath asked, my daughter is a keen artist and has done her undergraduation in chennai. she likes to pursue graduation course in fine arts abroad. Singapore Lasalle school of fine arts is in our mind.Would you suggest that or somewhere else ?

Karan Gupta answers, 
If the school offers a course that she is happy with and if she is ok with getting a diploma and not a degree, then it's ok to go ahead with Lasalle.

Abhishek asked, what abt the Universities in NZ?which one is the best?

Karan Gupta answers, 
University of Auckland

pratap asked, hello karan this is pratap i wanna study in canada can u provide any info regarding this

Karan Gupta answers, 
It depends whether you want undergraduate or graduate study. Admission to undergraduate study requires you to take the TOEFL and admission to graduate MBA studies require you to take the GMAT.

rp asked, Hi, I have done Btech and Mtech from IIT and worked for 3+ yrs in semiconductor/wireless company. I am interested in an MBA/MS in finance ... Can you tell me How I should proceed ? Can you tell which Ivy league B schools i can apply? Or which UNI for MS in Finance

Karan Gupta answers, 
For an MS in Finance you can apply to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign or Boston College. Take the GMAT and TOEFL as these tests are needed for admissions.

sarvesh asked, hi karan is age comes criteria in stduying abraod???

Karan Gupta answers, 
No. In most countries it doesnt make a difference how old you are.

nikhil asked, where can i do my mba after completing my btech course

Karan Gupta answers, 
If your BTech is of 4 year duration then you can apply to US universities for an MBA. If not, then you can apply to UK or Australian universities. Remember, work experience is a must.

Resham asked, Hi Mr. Gupta, I am an undergraduate, completed I am planning to do PG Diploma in Business and Management thru Hammersmith & West London, College in London UK @ cost of 4500 pounds and duration is of 18 months. Can you please advice if this college is duly recognized & worthy enough. Would you have any idea if this will this also help me in securing a good job in UK itself. I hv work experience of 10 yrs.

Karan Gupta answers, 
This college seems shady and not accredited. Beware of such colleges. These are mainly diploma mills. Even getting a visa for such colleges is not easy.

shakti asked, hi karan , Is it worth doing a MBA from Cyprus

Karan Gupta answers, 
The only decent school I know of in Cyprus is CIIM. If you are doing your MBA from here, its fine.

Prithvi asked, Hi Karan Iam a Bcom graduate and i want 2 pursue my MBA from US and I dont have 16 years of study...

Karan Gupta answers, 
Then you cannot get admission in any good school. Complete your M.Com and then you will be eligible.

Enthu4edu asked, Hi Karan.I am working for a mojor MNC here as a ERP consultant.I have 3 Yrs of Exp here and I want to do a MBA from US starting Jan 2008.What should be the deadlines,strategy,good books for GMAT and recco scores for good intitutes

Karan Gupt answers, 
Remember for the spring term, you may not be able to find very good universities to apply to. Most 'good' universities offer fall admissions only. Use the Kaplan GMAT, Official guide to GMAT etc. for GMAT preparation.

Chintan asked, Which is the best plzce abroad to do MBA ???

Karan Gupta answers, 

ankur123 asked, hi i am currently doing btech in electronics and want to do mtech from a high ranked foreign university(as good as IITs)...can u plzz tell me how to go about it ?? can i get a scholarship for the same ?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Take the GRE and the TOEFL and send in your applications to the universities by Nov. Yes scholarships are available depending on your academics and GRE score.

shadow asked, How is Middlesex university for doing a MA in marketing communications in UK, how are the job propects after the degree since i am getting a 2 year visa for 1 16 month course

Karan Gupta answers, 
Middlesex is an average university. Most people who go to Middlesex come back to India after their degree.

sabareesh asked, I hope he will get score around 1200 t0 1300 what good universities he can get in california and whether he well get any scholarship etc and what the right time to write the GRE within next 1.5 months

Karan Gupta answers, 
You could try USC, which is one of the 'good' universities. Scholarshipa are practically impossible at this school. He must take the GRE by latest Sep 2006.

Chintan asked, Which exams do i have to give to do MBA ???

Karan Gupta answers, 
Take the GMAT and TOEFL.

Diwakar asked, Hi I am planning to do my Phd in Marketing, I have zeroed in on London Business School, INSEAD in France and Singapore and Wharton Business School. Can you throw some light on the other schools that are available

Karan Gupta answers, 
Try Florida State University and Harvard for your program.

Debsena asked, I just completed my B.Tech IT and i wanna do my MBA abroad. My aims are high but I dont have that great a bank balance to sponsor my studies. Please tell me what can i do?

Karan Gupta answers, 
You need a Bank Letter while applying for admissions to US universities. In some cases a bank loan letter can also be shown.

popeye asked, hi, i have done my llb n planning for going to usa for mba but im confuse that is it worth studying there n will i get a job once my studies r done

Karan Gupta answers, 
Most students who study at good universities manage to get jobs after they graduate provided they network well.


Karan Gupta answers, 
You can visit the USEFI for more information on study abroad. Also visit for information on university rankings.

Debsena asked, In case I wanna do my MS in Canada how should i go about it? Please let me know the entire expense along with fooding and logging.

Karan Gupta answers, 
It depends on what field you want to do your MS in. Most MS programs need only the TOEFL for admissions. Expenses are approximately $ 20000 per year.

kevin asked, to show liquid assets when it comes to visa ,i have only funds from redeemed mutual funds to show.this is not 6 months old.what evidence do i give to show that the money is genuine and My own ?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Carry the fixed deposit slips (copies) with you for your visa interview. asked, hey karan.....hope ur doin good. im currently doing MBA from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad...Its not what i wanted to do but still doing it... I really want to go abroad(US/UK) for a masters degree in finance or economics so wanted to know is it possible for me to go right after Mba or do i need to get at least 2years of work experience?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Yes, you need at least two years full time work experience before applying to any 'good' MBA program. asked, please let me know the procedure to study MBA in uk im 46 years old and doing business from last 28 years

Karan Gupta answers, 
You might want to consider an Execitive MBA. An Executive MBA is designed for people with many years of work experience. Most top universities offer an Executive MBA.

rony asked, hi karan, am gre scores are Q 770,V 570 anal 3.5 .My B.E aggregate is 57% though i am averaging 61% in the last 2 yrs. could you suugest what range of colleges i should target for MS in elect engg in USA.what are the chances of obtaining financial assistance.

Karan Gupta answers, 
You can apply to top 30 universities in the US. Financial aid is difficult and most people need a higher percentage to get funding. Visit for ranking of schools.

Johny asked, Hi, I graduated from an Ivy in USA and have just started working for an investment bank there. Two years down the line, I want to pursue MBA. Think trying the IIMs is a great idea? Would they accept GMAT, BTW?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Yes, you can try for admissions to the IIM. Foreign students are allowed to take the GMAT for admissions. Contact IIM for more information on their admission policies.

hax asked, wat all type of campus jobs are available in the USA for graduate students...?

Karan Gupta answers, 
You can work on campus as a lab assistant, library assistant or even in the dining halls. Sometimes you can work for professors as teaching or research assistants as well.

Karan Gupta says, Thank you very much for your insightful questions. It has been a pleasure to talk to you'll. Please look out for our next chat session. Thank you and have a great day ahead! Karan Gupta.

Part I: The best US schools for MS in computers

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