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Lifestyle tips for acidity

April 18, 2006

Your hectic lifestyle could be taking a toll on your health. Do you, for instance, often feel a burning sensation in your stomach and chest? According to homeopathy expert Dr Mukesh Batra -- who chatted with Get Ahead readers for an hour -- you could be suffering from hyper acidity.

His advice: Try and relax mentally, eat your food on time and avoid anything spicy. Take a few doses of Nux Vom 30, which will make you feel better.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's a transcript:

Part I: Homeopathy tips from Dr Batra

Amita asked, My sister has chronic Sychophrenia, sometimes her behavior is irrational and a bit aggresive. She is taking medicine like Hysocamus, and Ignatia, Chamomilla, these help her a lot. Is it advisable to continue taking these for a long time, or could you prescribe other medicines to help her to recovery. She loses concentration very soon while performing routine activities like reading newspaper or helping out with some kitchen work.

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Pschophrenia is commonly known as split personality and such patients are normally intelligent but can also be destructive. It is not very easy to cure. A detailed case history is required and continuous monitoring of patient. You may give us details of your sister on 

Naresh asked, Hello Doctor, I am suffering from Lichen Plannus. There are black scars on my feet ankles. Sometimes my mouth and tongue gets affected. It started from mouth but now it moved to feet. Please suggest medicines to get rid of this. Thanks & Regards, Naresh

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Lichen Plannus normally results from stress. It gives rise to greyish blackish spots which itch incontrollably. I would suggest that you try Arsenic Iod 30, one doze daily under your homeopath's supervision.

phukan asked, does homeopathy help in solving skin related problems like herpes zoster?

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Homeopathy can help in herpis including case of post herpetic neuralgia. You haven't mentioned details of your problems so I presume it is general question.

arvind asked, I am working in Software company. So in my work I always work with computer. Some times I feel very strain to my eyes. Any suggestions how to prevent any disorder for my eyes. Now I dont have any problems/sight for my eyes.

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Use euphrasia eye drops. One drop in each eye daily. It will help to reduce eye strain. Don't strain your eyes by spending too much time before the computer. Take breaks and blink often.

Vikram asked, Good Day Doctor. I have been suffering from pain in the kidneys. I got it checked and doctors say there are no stones in the kidney. However there is some sugar percentage in urine. Could you please suggest me some way to keep my kidney healthy and avoid any sugar being in urine. Also is the pain because of sugar content in urine ? Thank for your reply

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
You need to check your blood sugar. You may be diabetic. Proper advise can be only given after a proper assessment of your case.

kcdas asked, I feel very irritated and depressed with small small matter. Do not have proper sleep. Mind is not fresh. What should your advise for such things Dr?

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, I suggest you take Passiflora Q 20 drops in half a cup of water at bed time. It should help you to sleep well.

amandeep asked, Hi, i have a problem of dry head skin scalp and also the dandruf. So, can u please suggest the solution for this problem.

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, You need to get your problem first diagnosed. You may be suffering from either psoriasis or seborrhic dermatitis or simply dandruff. Wash your hair with mild shampoo and relax. Very often this is connected with stress and tension.

Sameer asked, Hi Doc, I am living in Europe since last 1 year. In my second month of stay, a few Watts appeared on my face(Upper Neck). Now they are increasing everytime I shave. Is there any solution to this in homeo? , thanks

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Warts are a viral infection of the skin. You can try a single doze of Thuja 30. Also try to avoid shaving, if you can, for some time. The medicine will help the warts to fall off without surgery.

aks_sharma76 asked, Hello Batra, I am a firm believer in Homoeopathy, I am suffering from chronic constipation and it's now at a stage where it is extemely painful to pass stool, the pain lasts sometimes the whole day and it's also painful when i am standing. Please advice some treatment plan. Thanks

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, It is difficult to understand by what you are saying is constipation. This varies from person to person. Some people pass stool once in few days and it is considered normal for them while others don't feel satisified even when they go 2-3 times a day.

I would recommend that you take lot of raw fruits and vegetables. Increase the fibre intake in your diet. It may also be possible that you may be suffering from piles or fissures as a result of chronic constipation. You need to get yourself checked and treated accordingly.

Rohit asked, Hello, Dr Batra, I feel gastric and there is travelling rumblimg sound in my stomach and chest and burning feeling is also there.Can homeopathy help?

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
It appears that you are suffering from hyper acidity. Mentally relax, eat your food on time and avoid spicy food. Take a few dozes of Nux Vom 30 it will make you feel better.

krishna asked, Sir I have leucoderma since age of 16. I am now 36. Due to allopathic medicine it was stopped from spreading. Can the remaining spots go away from homeopathic medicine or surgery?

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Leucoderma or white patches are medically known as vitiligo. This is an autoimmune disorder and the reason is not known accept that in some cases it is related to stress, thyroid and diabeties. The success of homeopathic medicine depends on the extent of the patches. If they are localised they can definetly be removed.

Dr Mukesh Batra says, DEAR ALL: Thank you for chatting with me. In case you have any query, you can contact us through our website or fix an appointment through our national toll free number: 1600 22 6767 or sms db 8888.

Part I: Homeopathy tips from Dr Batra

Dr Mukesh Batra has over 30 years of experience in his field. He is the chairman and managing director of Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic Private Limited. He is also professor emeritus at the College of Homeopathy, USA, the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK, and honorary professor at the Homeopathic Medical Association, UK.

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