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Homeopathy tips from Dr Batra

April 17, 2006

Whether you suffer from sinusitis, back pain or constipation, homeopathy could be one route to dealing with long-term health problems.  

In an hour-long chat with Get Ahead readers, homeopathy expert Dr Mukesh Batra offered his solutions for various health conditions. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Dr Mukesh Batra says, Dear All: Hi, I am ready to answer your questions. Happy World Homeopathy day.


Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
There are many kinds of hair loss. Mostly hereditary hair loss in males is called male pattern baldness. These are of different kinds. The success of the treatment depends on the age of the patient and the extent of the disease. It can definetly be controlled and in some cases it can also be cured.

Pradip asked, 
IS there any medicine or medical prescrpption for Rumatic disease

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Rheumatic disease normally happens in younger people where the joints are affected in some rare cases it can also affect the heart. It is advisable to personally consult a doctor to evaluate the seriousness of the problem. A homeopath will need to take a complete constitutional case history before offering a prescription. But yes, it can be treated through homeopathy under medical supervision.

Anurag asked, I am very weak, what can I do for the same? My Age is 31 & my weight is 59 kg

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Weakness is a very relative term. You have not mentioned your height which is required to calculate the body mass index which will determine whether you are under weight or not. Alfalfa tonic is a homeopathic medicine available at homeopathic chemist. You may take one tablespoon half an hour before lunch and dinner. It will definitely help you.

Preeti asked, i am suffering from sinus and thyroid can u help me

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Sinusitis is an inflamation of the lining of the sinuses. This gives rise to headaches and cold. Homeopathic medicines like belladona can help you control your sinus problem. You have not mentioned whether you are suffering from hypo or hyper thyroidism. The treatment would defer in both cases. A local homeopath could help you with a constitutional treatment.

nisha asked, Hello doctor, earlier i was using Lycopodium and one more medicine for fat reduction but stopped so please tell me as I m slightly overweight after my marriage

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Contraceptive pills after marriage and a change of lifestyle are two important reasons for putting on weight. Change your form of contraception if you are on one and start exercising like walking, half an hour daily. Cut out on the extra fats such as butter, cheese and ghee in your diet. You can take Phytolacca Berry Q, 10 drops in half a cup of water. Half an hour before meals.

ravi asked, I have been taking medicine for over 8 years. I had earlier depression and anxiety. Initially the doctor told me that I had anxiety nuerosis but I do not know the medicine he sends me but I am not able toc concentrate on study and work. I initially had traumatic childhood under critical parents. Why is it taking so long and what is faster, surer and alternatives. Is it better to go in for allopathy. I already tried this too but there was a relapse.

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
Anxiety neurosis is not very easy to cure. It has deep-rooted reasons as in your case it goes back to your traumatic childhood. However, eight years is a long time and you should have got well by now. If you send us your detailed case at We will be able to get back to you and help you.

Ashwin asked, Good Day Dr. Batra. I am from chennai and my mother is a homeo doc. I have benefitted from Homeo medicines right from childhood. but one thing I feel is lacking in the homeo field is the technique to treat emergencies and sufficient infrastructure to treat in patients. Are technology and infrastructure coming up to fill these gaps?

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
I am glad you are part of homeopathic family. My congratulations to your mother. I am sure she has brought you up well on homeopathy. There is lot of research and development being conducted in homeopathy all over the world. Many double blind clinical trials are also being conducted to prove the efficacy of homeopathy in a scientific way to the medical world.

rajesh asked, I feel lumbar pain and it is chronic.I am taking homeopathy medicine. But is not lasting from more than 10 months.It will go by root or I will have to take medicine for long time

Dr Mukesh Batra answers, 
There are many reasons for lumbar pain ranging from bad posture to stress to spondylosis. You need to get X-ray of your back done to determine the exact cause.

You should also do some back extension exercises like lying on your stomach and raising your leg by keeping your knee straight. I am sure you will become well soon homeopathicaly try Rhustox 200, five pills three times a day.

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Dr Mukesh Batra has over 30 years of experience in his field. He is the chairman and managing director of Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic Private Limited. He is also professor emeritus at the College of Homeopathy, USA, the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK, and honorary professor at the Homeopathic Medical Association, UK.

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