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Swimming: A great way to burn fat?

April 12, 2006

Is your exercise programme working for you?

Do you need advice on fine-tuning your gym routine?

Fitness expert Samreedhi Sharma Goel who chatted with readers in an hour-long chat on March 24 makes some suggestions.  

chikku asked, 1 hr of swimming really burns any calories ? i do weekly once but never i find a differece

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, yes it does.

You must try to increase the number of laps gradually by a lap or two everyday. You will definitely find a difference in stamina as you go along. Try to pack in this exercise four to six times in a week.

What you eat also counts. If you replace all the calories you have burnt by exercise with a heavy meal how will you see any difference?

PotBelly asked, Does meditation help in reducing body fat?

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, no it just unclogs your thoughts and mind!

PRAK asked, samreedhi should we exercise without eating anything or after eating something if we want to increase our weight ?

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, have a very light meal an hour before your workout.

sandykap asked, O GOD PLEASE REPLY, I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE U LOGGED IN........ I m 32, 5'11" (179 cms) / Male, 77 kgs. I have fat around my waist and do floor exercise about 30 minutes 2-3 times a week, please advise how I can go about keeping myself fit and slimmer?

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, you should pursue fitness as relentlessly as you have bbeen posting this message and you will get the body of your dreams!

kkhanchandani asked, I have long working hours and get tired by the time i return. how do i earn better health

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, start with 15-20 minutes walking everyday before you leave for work. Gradually as your stamina improves you will be able to do more work but will feel less tired.

sp asked, HI Samreedhi I am 25 yrs old 68 kgs and i would like to lose weight after delivery. I have had a cesearean operation. When can I start exercise and what type of exercises will help. I delivered 1 month back.

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, first take a go ahead from your doctor. Only if the stitches have healed should you start. Begin with slow strolls and then brisk walk after 15 days. After two months if your doctor says yes you can join the gym.

Ramesh_ asked, Hi Samreedhi, I had my left arm fractured; both the bones. It's close to two years from now. I know, an orthopaedic is the right person to approach, but i wanted to know if you have seen someone breaking an arm, and getting back to do weight training ???

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, I have seen people who have had much worse conditions like polio since birth getting great benefits out of weight training, the right way of course.

sandy asked, 
i am 85 much litres of water shud i drink per day????

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, 1.5- 2 litres/day.

AnilKedia asked, ACTUALLY I M SO TENSED THAT MY QUESTION MIGHT GET MISSED AS TIME IS RUNNING OUT. PLEASE ADVIsE ME....I am a 19-year old pure-vegetarian boy. Height : 6 feet 3 inches. Weight : 91 kgs. What should be my ideal weight? I dont drink, but used to smoke a lot. I have lost 40 kilos in the last seven months by cutting on sweets, junk, etc., by skipping dinner, by running 6-12 km everyday and going on a diet of porridge, fruits and sprouts + popcorn for a taste change. (Sudden complete change of lifestyle). Is running on cemented roads harmful for knees as I feel my left knee has become weak? Keeping the workout same, what should my diet be during the maintenance stage? How long do I need to maintain to get rid of that tendency of putting on all the lost weight back that most weight-losers have? Thanks.

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, your weight should be between 85 to 88 kilogrammes. You should never skip meals no matter how overweight you are. Yes running on cemented roads is harmful. Ask a physio to show you some knee strengthening exercises and try running on the beach on the water's edge where the sand is packed, not on loose sand. Your diet must remain constant ie more whole grains cereals and other fibre rich foods and less refined and junk food. If you keep exercising though you will be able to have more leeway with food if you start with weight training, as well because it will boost your metabolism and make you more toned.

Sahil asked, HI there. I am 21 year old male, weighing 67 kgs, height is 5'8. I have been working out consistently for the past one year and have achieved a toned body. I do a mix of aerobic and weights 3 days each. However in the past many weeks when I've lifted heavy weights I suddenly feel a whole lotta blood rushing to all over my head and my entire head aches badly, consequently i am forced to withdraw from workout and do light weights. What may be the reason? I get adequate sleep of 8 hours, drink 3 litres of water daily and an additional 1 litre during my workout.

samreedhi sharma answers, 
Hi, check your blood pressure immediately and if it is high then start medication. Also never hold your breath during exercise and do your workout slowly with lighter weights for a while, do not ignore the BP problem.

samreedhi sharma says, Okay people that's it for today! If I have not been able to answer your query it could have been a repeat question so look up the transcript on rediff.

You can write to me on Add rediff chat in the subject line and mention your age, sex, height, weight and city. Take Care and STAY FIT!

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Samreedhi Sharma Goel is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She runs Size Wise, her training studio. She also conducts fitness workshops. Besides training with the International Sports Science Association, USA, she has a post-graduate diploma in nutrition and food technology and writes for a variety of publications.

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