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What to wear this summer

April 12, 2006

His clothes are high on style, comfort and wearability. 

During the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi designer Raghuvendra Rathore had his hands full, having just showcased his Autumn-Winter 2006 collection. 

image But the dapper designer took a little time out to chat with Rediff readers and answer their style queries. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript.

Akshita asked, i am 5.5 quite fair healthy too i mean not very thin which color and what kind of dress would suit me i generally wear jeans and collar shirts.  

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, Hi there, 5.5 is not very short. Hence a long shirt with jeans would be an excellent idea. It can have a collar and pockets like the one in my latest collection.

raghu asked, so whoz the hottest model male n femlae on the ramp u would love 2 design sir

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
I think there is so much of volatility in the world of modelling.What is great today may not be so tomorrow. And hence I'd love to work with all of them.

Richa asked, I am 5 feet & whitish. Which color & design pattern will suit me.

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, Hi Richa, generally colour and cut are always part of one's confidence building processes. Try to find two or three colours that work for you best and then slowly look at other options.

stylediva asked, hi mr rathore, what according to you is going to be the hot thing to wear this summer

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi Stylediva, take a look at the new shirt that we showed on the runway at the fashion week. It is a cross between a shirt and a kaftan. Go for cool colours and lots of jeans/denims.

imageMIZOboy asked, hi mr.rathore, whats the summer look for guys this year ...?

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Really fitted clothing, very tailored jackets and pencil-shaped pants with a seriously good investment in accessories from shoes to your business card.

Veeraj asked, Hi Raghu......I am getting married in May and i for my reception I want to do sumthing differeent then the regular suit and stuff any ideas......dont mind sumthing funky.....I am 5' 8" and athletic

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi there, you should have an two-toned bandgala jacket with a matching pant and haved a gelled down look for your hair. Go for mid-night blue and black could be a great combination with a brighter coloured shirt.

RaviK asked, Hi Mr.Rathore, According to me you are one of the best Indian designer. I'm looking for a website where you maintain all your collection. Also will be interested how can I buy your collection?

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi there, you can visit to see the collection or the range. You could contact me through the site.

Archana asked, What's your suggestion for the style this summer?

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi Archana, a lot of elegant and classic looks are back in fashion. A crisp white shirt would be a great place to start from. Make sure there's a lot of lycra in your clothing.

Kunal asked, Also do u think pret is a sustainable model in India...considering that fashion trends do not evolve as rapidly as Europe?

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi Kunal, the future of fashion in India is diffusion which is just above pret. The Indian market definitely cannot be compared to the West as everything about India is so unique.

dbajaj asked, Whats your suggestion for different jacket styles this summer ?

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
If the summer is too hot I suggest you stick to linen. The three button style will always work.

sandeep asked, hi, do u think couture could ever exists in india. do u think our designers have the knowledge and patience for it to exist.

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Couture is the biggest market in India, bigger than even Paris and Milan as all weddings fall in that category.

raghuhyderabad asked, so wht go well with bit fat guys

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi there, definitely do not tuck your shirt in. Wear your shirts out if you can -- it will make a big difference.

dbajaj asked, Dear Sir, I have studied at the prestigious Mayo Girls School, and done Fashion Design at SNDT college in Mumbai. I would like to know what are the future prospectus of accessory design in India and whether production on mass scale would be profitbale? Or launching a line like Dior or LVMH would be more profitable

Raghuvendra Rathore answers, 
Hi there, the market for accessories is beggining to open up and will be followed by Home Collections, so go for it. It's all beginning to happen now.

Raghuvendra Rathore says, It was great chatting with you guys, do feel free to get in touch with me at Bye for now and have a cool summer.


Photograph: Reuben NV

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