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Of weight loss and hormonal imbalance

Samreedhi Sharma Goel | April 11, 2006

Do you feel you have tried 'everything' but are still not able to lose weight?

Fitness expert Samreedhi Sharma Goel tells you not to get disheartened. "You have tried everything but have you tried the right things? Eat moderately, reduce your serving sizes, exercise daily & stay active throughout the day. You could have some hormonal fluctuation so get a complete physical check up done for starters," she suggests in response to a Get Ahead reader's query during her hour-long chat with readers on March 24

Samreedhi Sharma Goel is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She runs Size Wise, her training studio. She also conducts fitness workshops. Besides training with the International Sports Science Association, USA, she has a post-graduate diploma in nutrition and food technology and writes for a variety of publications.

For those who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Putting on weight? Could be thyroid 

Part III: A GREAT way to lose weight

adesh asked, Hi Samreedhi, i m 24 yrs old,5'7",60kg while doing shoulder exercise about a yr and half ago, i had a cramp in my wrist, I kept doing exercises, it dint affect me much, but still i sometimes get pain, when i m throwing a ball or while batting hitting the ball hard. Could u tell me if it can be cured?

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, you must get it examined by a doctor, preferably a physiotherapist.

Tamana asked, I am 24 yaers old. My weight is 49 kg. I am regular to gym. But still I am putting weight on thigh & gaining inches. What should i do

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, are you also eating right? Reduce the weight you lift & increase the repetitions; it will help you lose inches.

waddy asked, i am trying to lose weight for ages now but nothing seems to work does genetics have to do anything with ur fitness schedule, as in do i need to have a different fitness schedule??

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, you have tried everything but have you tried the right things? Eat moderately, reduce your serving sizes, exercise daily & stay active throughout the day. You could have some hormonal fluctuation so get a complete physical check up done for starters.

raokrishna asked, Hello sharma, I am 49 years & working ina financial company where in I have sit for 7 to 8 hours in a day. for past two years I am suffering with low back pain. would you pl. suggest me the excercises which can release these pains. There is no other go except to sit for such a long hours in my daily like. Please reply . Thank you.

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, you need to strengthen you lower back & abs. Correct your posture, do not slouch, get a chair which supports your back well. Start exercising daily for atleast 15-20 minutes.

gautamsinha asked, Hi Samreedhi, every gym that I have joined within the last 2 years have instructors that give me the impression that they are carrying on their teenage gym routines forward. Is there some way we can really find out whether the person is trained and if so what are trainings that we should look out for in the instructors?

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, i am afraid even a certification does not guarantee knowledge or experience. However, if you talk to the person, quiz him/ her a bit about fitness; it should give you an indication. Ask the gym to give 1-3 days free trial so you can see if they really know what they are talking about.

Ronak asked, Hi Samreedhi, good to chat with you, Could you let me know exact combinations while working out like e.g Cardio,Legs,Abs, How should this be distributed through out the week and what care should be taken for any water intakes while workouts as the summer is nearing.

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, cardio & upper body can be done the same day. However legs & cardio should not be done on the same day as you may be overtiring the leg muscles & you may not be able to lift weights to your maximum capacity. Drink at least 500-800 ml water during your workout + 1 litre throughout the day.

valisa asked, I work out on threadmill for 30 min everyday burning 200 cal and do some crunches to get my abs in shape. Will it help to do 15 mins of threadmill and then crunches and weights and then top it with another 15 mins of threadmill?

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, no. Do treadmill continuously for 30 minutes. Just doing crunches won't help. Do a full body workout, only then you will be able to lose on your abs & overall as well. Spot reduction is a myth.

a_baliga asked, Hi Samreedhi. You look stunning. My age is 36 Height 6,2"-6,3" I weigh 97 Kgs. Regular exercise and gym for 1 hour. Can you explain about water retention and Gas problems

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, if you do not drink enough water, you will get more water retention. Eating too much salt can also aggravate it. You should eat more fibre in the form of fruits, salads whole grain cereals & pulses. This will help your gas problem.

bala asked, Hi Samreedhi, Is is better to go to gym in morning or evening?

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, whenever you have sufficient time. Make sure the last meal you have eaten is 1 1/2 - 2 hours earlier.

ramanadv asked, hi ms. goel. i am 36, and weigh 83 kgs. right now, i workout for about 90mins, which include 45 mins of cardio. though i reduced from 105 to 83, i am now stuck here. do i have to change anything in my routine?

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, change your activity. Try doing only cardio for 1 week & then go back to weight training.

bhaskar_majumdar asked, Hi, samreedhi , I am a Software Professional with long hours at Office. I hardly get time to exercise. I am 33 years old ,My Height is 171 cm and my weight is am 65 kg. Inspite of all this I manage time to swim 3-4 times a week for 1/2 an hour. I play football on sundays for 1 hour and do pranayam regularly. do you think that is enoungh to keep fit??

samreedhi sharma answers, Hi, more than. Keep it up!

Part I: Putting on weight? Could be thyroid 

Part III: A GREAT way to lose weight

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