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Study abroad: Will I get a scholarship?

September 30, 2005

Foreign education is an expensive option. Will you get a scholarship?

image In an hour long chat with Get Ahead readers, international education expert Karan Gupta tackled such questions and more.

Funding can be obtained in the form of loans or scholarships, in some cases. You can even work on campus and pay for your living expenses, says Karan. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I:
How expensive is foreign education?

Part II: Does work experience count?

santhosh: can you give your suggestions regarding which couse is very popular in abroad for me to get job.

Karan Gupta: You should choose your course based on your aptitude. Finance and Company Secretary are good fields.

harsha: Is a US MBA better than an Indain MBA?

Karan Gupta: It's very difficult to answer this question. It all depends on your career goals, what you expect to accomplish from your education and what kind of exposure do you need/ want.

Ghouri: Hi Karan, can you please let us know, how does one go about getting info on the various courses available abroad, like for e.g. I am interested in Data Warehousing or a specific software field

Karan Gupta: Check university Web sites for specific information on courses. You can find these courses in the university's 'course catalog'.

Ratna: Sir,could you let me know the rating of education at MIT for under graduation.

Karan GuptaMIT is among the best universities in the world for undergraduate studies.

prettygirlneha: if i persue MY MBA from harvard , london business school , which exams need to be given

Karan Gupta: GMAT and TOEFL.

nilesh: Karan , what are the career prospects if i do an MS in Construction Engg and Management?

Karan Gupta: Most people who do this course come back to a family business rather than seeking employment.

gunjan: HiI m a qualified Company Secretary, suggest me something abroad as an additional qualification

Karan Gupta: Again, it really depends on what you want to do with your career. Most people want an MBA to advance their career.

Pooja: Hi Karan, This is Pooja. i want to know if i can get a job in Australia? I did my PGDBM and have more than 7 years of sales & Mktg experience. If Yes, how do i go about it?

Karan Gupta: We do not offer advice on jobs, placements and immigration. Only Education.

viny: wats a good score in be ???

Karan Gupta: Above 60 percent

meghana: Hey Karan, how is good is the SP Jain college in Dubai for hospitality management?

Karan Gupta
SP Jain at Mumbai is a very good institute. I cannot comment on SP Jain Dubai as it is relatively new.

abhipan: hi karan u had not replied to my question also i would like to know about how to fund my mba program if i plan to do it later in us or uk will my work exp and the masters already in engg will help me to get the aid

Karan Gupta: Funding can be obtained in the form of loans or scholarships in some cases. You can even work on campus and pay for your living expenses.

naina: Does work experience have any advantage in getting selected for MS.

Karan Gupta
: In most cases, no. It depends on how you analyse your work experience in your SOP.

raaju123: Hi Karan, I did my MBBS in Mumbai. I would like to do PG in US or UK. Please suggest me

Karan Gupta: In what field do you want to pursue a PG course? If it is Public Health or Health Admin, the admissions are easy. Admissions to medical school are very difficult.

krishan: sir I am conputer professional and want to study MS, I have 5 year of experiance. i graduated from mechanical and now in IT company as ERP oracle functional consultant. i want to go to US for study which unversity will be better for me.

Karan Gupta: Since you have five years of work experience, consider an MBA and not an MS.

darshana: I want to know if after completing B. Sc. in biotechnology, can i persue further studies in USA?

Karan Gupta: No. US universities need a four year Bachelor's degree and hence you will have to pursue MSc in Biotech (at least one year) before you apply for admissions. 

pessi_99: what are the prospects of getting a job in the US after doing a Ph.D in metallurgy and materials science from germany?

Karan Gupta: Getting jobs in the US is not easy for people who have studied outside of the US.

puneet: hi karan, I have a post graduate diploma in business management degree & post graduate diploma in financial & banking services (Symbiosis, Pune) degree. What are my chances of getting any opportunity for a Job abroad or do i avail any other degree for that, please suggest me !!

Karan Gupta: You have a better chance for a job, if you first pursue an MBA overseas.

Part I : How expensive is foreign education?

Part II : How expensive is foreign education?

Next: Part IV

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