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Cool funds for a hot market

Value Research | October 24, 2005

Keeping far from all the market frenzy is a set of funds that have avoided the hot mid-cap and small-cap stocks.

They continue to back the bluechips of the Indian stock market.

Their resolve not to get carried away by the returns of mid-caps stocks has been laudable. However, they have paid a price in terms of returns.

All of them have largely remained middle of the road performers in the last two years.

But as the stock market goes through its ups and downs, these funds are most likely to be the ones flying high; they will also be the least volatile

- Net Asset Values and returns are as on October 21, 2005.

- All data refers to the growth schemes. In such schemes, dividends are not distributed from the profits but are ploughed back into the scheme resulting in a higher NAV.

- Portfolio as on September 30, 2005.

DSPML Top 100 Equity

NAV: 32.81

1-year return: 43.84%

3-year return: Not Applicable

Return since launch: 56.16% (February 2003)

Percentage of large-cap stocks: 88.18%

Percentage of mid-cap stocks: 9.77%

Percentage of small-cap stocks: Nil

Franklin India Bluechip

NAV: 77.55

1-year return: 45.42%

3-year return: 55.29%

Return since launch: 27.76% (November 1993)

Percentage of large-cap stocks: 72.70%

Percentage of mid-cap stocks: 23.85%

Percentage of small-cap stocks: Nil

HDFC Top 200

NAV: 67.043

1-year return: 56.62%

3-year return: 63.35%

Return since launch: 25.98% (September 1996)

Percentage of large-cap stocks: 81.98%

Percentage of mid-cap stocks: 18.02%

Percentage of small-cap stocks: Nil

Sundaram Growth

NAV: 40.1029

1-year return: 41.58%

3-year return: 51.43%

Return since launch: 21.86% (March 1997)

Percentage of large-cap stocks: 73.56%

Percentage of mid-cap stocks: 26.44%

Percentage of small-cap stocks: Nil

Sundaram Select Focus

NAV: 33.9135

1-year return: 42.79%

3-year return: 51.05%

Return since launch: 45.44% (July 2002)

Percentage of large-cap stocks: 81.13%

Percentage of mid-cap stocks: 18.87%

Percentage of small-cap stocks: Nil

Value Research


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