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October 05, 2005

What is the secret to cracking the Common Admission Test 2005?

image Get Ahead invited Brijesh Singh and Jasveen Grewal of Top Careers & You for a chat with readers; this is what they had to say: the killer combination is a mix of accuracy and speed.

Brijesh is project head, MBA, at Top Careers & You. He is an MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, and regularly writes features on CAT for various publications.

Jasveen is project leader, MBA, at Top Careers & You. She has completed her MBA from the International Management Institute, New Delhi. She writes regularly on the importance of Verbal Ability in B-school entrance examinations.

  • For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

    Part I: Is the pattern likely to change?

    Part III: A strategy for D-day

    Anshul: Sir i have been getting above 99.5 percentile in Prac-Cats but rarely able to clear my English Cut-off. Can you please suggest me something?

    TCY: Focus on English Usage and read a lot.

    ashish: What is the negative marking policy used by IIMs

    TCY: Nobody is sure, but IIMs are known to have step negative marking, starting from a negative marking of .25.

    hemendra: How can we judge ourselves based on MOCK CATs ..say TIME or IMS

    TCY: There must be consistency in your percentile.

    catfreak: what is your the mantra for CAT??

    TCY: Balance between accuracy and speed. Learn to handle your nerves.

    tvs: is it better to appear in CAT than in XAT for entry in S. P. jain. I had appeared in CAT last year with 88 Percentile.what should be my Percentile to have a chanse to get in to S.P.Jain.

    TCY: You need around 96 to 97 percentile to get a call from SP Jain.

    Pankaj: Sir plz tell how should i go about the verbal section in the coming 4 weeks to crak this section. I particularily loose cuttoff by 5-6 marks in this section i am engineer with 2 yrs of workex in Software industry.

    TCY: Find out your weak areas after analysing the mock test and improve on them.

    Rishi: What is the IIM's Percentile cut-offs fro each section & overall?

    TCY: Generally, 30 to 33 per cent for every section if the paper is average.

    AK: whats your opinion about IMI, New Delhi?

    TCY: It is a good institute and rates among the top 20 in India.

    hemendra: what sort of percentile? Is 95-96 is enough ..getting in top 1500 in every test.

    TCY: To get a call from IIM you require a 98 percentile. 95-96 for SP Jain.

    vpower: How would u rate XIMB? Does it come in top 10.

    TCY: Surely in the top 15.

    rahowl: Does JMET needs special preparations?

    TCY: Focus on your quant section.

    vpower: Which one is better SIBM and SCMHRD.

    TCY: Both of them are in the same league.

    rahulmit: Sir, as now a days its tough competetive market and getting a job is quite v. tough, so pls also advice in which streame i shall appear.

    TCY: It depends upon one's preference but marketing/ finance/ systems are known to have the highest placement packages.

    Abe: What about Symbiosis? How do you rate it?

    TCY: Symbiosis has got many institutes, which one are you referring to?

    gauravsharma007: hi, i am persuing cat first time and want to get adminssion in a good institute and do not join any institue....what should i do??i am doing mca and having 14 months exp. in s/w industry...

    TCY: Mock CATS will tell you your present level of preparation. Keep on giving the mock CATS and you will improve.

    Arindam: Quants and DI is the bottleneck to my CAT prep. I mock CTS, I miss the cutoffs by less than 1 mark, every time. How do I improve them?

    TCY: Analyse mock CATS. Find out your weak areas and improve.

    Nike: wht is the paper patern of CAT. which is the part that has to be covered in CAT.

    TCY: There are three sections -- quant, verbal and data interpretation/ sufficiency.

    Pankaj: I have heard SP Jain gives calls before the CAT Results what r the basis and how much minimum experience on require for pre CAT CALL from SP Jain

    TCY: SP Jain looks at other parameters like academics, work experience, profile, etc.

    rajdeepak: Sir please answer..i have work ex of 3 years in MNC...PLS TELL ME.

    TCY: You should try for top three IIMs.

    Suchi: Sir, with less than 2 months in hand how does one go abt revising the quants section? What is the minimum net score required by good institutes in this section?

    TCY: Give the mock CATS and find out the weak areas and revise the basics of these weak areas.

    avishek: how to improve the RC section.

    TCY: Scan the questions once before attempting the RC. Attempt the passages which deal with areas you are comfortable with.

    Arindam: Can you suggest any technique for selection of questions in Quants or DI?

    TCY: There are two strategies in quant. First, select on the basis of length of questions. Second, start with their favourite topic. In DI section, attempt Date Sufficiency first.

    AK: whats percentile required to seek GD/PI call from SP Jain and NITIE?

    TCY: Around 96-97 percentile.


    TCY: Depends upon the B-school. Some like SP Jain give lot of weightage to work experience.

    Manoj258: i done my BE and Mtech in Electrical then working in IT and wanna to go for MBA, will this diversity effect my career and in what ways?

    TCY: With proper explanation of this shift from electrical to IT, probably it will not.

    catfreakagain: do we have to be a jack of all trades or master of one to crack cat?

    TCY: The IIMs check your competency in all the three sections.

    Dreamer: What do you think of this startegy: Cross the cut-off in 2 sections with a decent score and then try for huge score in the best section to improve our percentile???

    TCY: For the IIMs you need to clear the cut-offs for all the three sections. The strategy will work if you have cleared the cut-off for the third section.

    virtualme: Given that we have less than 2 months for the actual CAT, what should be our preperation like ?

    TCY: Just improve the weak areas. In the last fortnight make your strongest section, even stronger.

    Part I: Is the pattern likely to change?

    Part III: A strategy for D-day

    Illustration: Dominic Xavier


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    What is your opinion about LBSIM & FORE , New Delhi? And What about their Percentile cut-offs for each section & overall?

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    The correct formula is Accuracy*Speed = CAT Success and not Accuracy + Speed = CAT Success. This is because in the latter case, if one ...

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