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Should you do an MBA in Australia?

October 03, 2005

Many of you aim for a foreign MBA degree. You are pondering over which are the best schools, what competitive examinations you have to take, etc.

International education expert Karan Gupta tackled these and many other questions in an hour long chat with Get Ahead image readers.  

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I:
How expensive is foreign education?

Part II: Does work experience count?

Part III: Can I get a loan?

sneha: Sir,is doin MBA from AUS has its value in any other country?

Karan Gupta: It depends on the university you graduate from. The University of Sydney and University of Melbourne are world reputed.


Karan Gupta: We deal with education abroad only.

yash: If i have 2yrs experience in a single company by the time i start MS. Will I be again a fresher after MS w.r.t heirarchy in the companies?

Karan Gupta: Most likely yes. But it depends from company to company.

rajdeep: i also like to get info about the top schools of archaeology in univs. abroad and their rankings.

Karan Gupta: Try for information on college rankings.

pravin: Hi karan could u pls tell me are is australian degrees valued elsewhere.

Karan Gupta: It depends on the university you graduate from. The University of Sydney and University of Melbourne are world reputed.

arpana: which course can I do in uk,with a job I have completed my BA, currently working with an airline

Karan Gupta: You need to analyse your career goals and what you want to do in the future before deciding on a course. Since you have done your BA, you can consider Arts or even a business degree.

sharmaanurag: Hi Karan,I am currently working in KPMG; Stuttgart, Germany. I already have a dergee from FH-Reutlingen in Germany (VOR-DIPLOM). I did my Bachelors from Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi, India. I have about 15 Months of work-ex (Including KPMG). My GMAT score is 730 and the TOEFL is 290. Would you recommend me to apply nor for US MBA's. I am just 22 Years old. (ps-probably i repeated the question by mistake)

Karan Gupta: Since you have an excellent GMAT score but only 15 months of work, I would recommend that you apply for the top US B-schools, which look at GMAT scores, academic records, work experience... Many factors come into play while selecting a candidate.

Dh: How much liquid assets we need to show for visa? Does it depends on University expenses?

Karan Gupta: Yes, it depends on the university you plan to attend. You should show all assets except property and jewellery.

Dhar: My Daughter is doing her MSc in Biomedical Sciences and wants to study abroad. Which country is best to pursue further higher studies. If she clears NET would be of any advantage to her abroad.Dhar

Karan Gupta: According to me, the US is the best option. Clearing the NET is usually no advantage.

sonal: Hi Karan, Is a one year diploma course from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, accepted by most universities in the US of A as the necessary 16th year of education/studies for an Indian student?

Karan Gupta: Unfortunately, no. However, I would recommend that you check with individual universities about their requirements. Usually only degrees are accepted but this can vary.

Gurmeet: I am done and Total 6 years experience in sales , accountant and my interest is Hospitality side and after 6 years Iam join this course and what the further scope

Karan Gupta: Hospitality is doing well in certain countries such as Australia, Cyprus and so on. You can apply for a Master's degree.

ria: wat are the oppurtunities for an human resource executive abroad. Specially in Aus

Karan Gupta: It depends on whether you pursue your MBA or not. Without a degree from Australia, you may find it difficult to get a job there.

Rahul_Bania:  Hi Karan :I m studying chemical engineering in Nit Surat . I m interested in persuing M.S in Biotechnology . Which universities in US will be good for this ? Will an M.S pay back the amount of time and money I will invest in it?

Karan Gupta: Johns Hopkins University has an excellent Biotechnology course. Nobody can guarantee you a job but, after an MS, there are usually good chances of getting a job and earning back the money you have invested.

sahil: Sir,I have heard about the accrediation like aacsb,AMBA,EQUIS, given to MBA universities ,are the given to top notch like harvard, MIT , stanford or do the have their own?

Karan Gupta: Yes, AMBA and AACSB are the main MBA accrediting agencies.

aspirant: could you suggest some good universities in US in Electronics field for a s core of 1330 and 1370 in GRE and 273 in Toefl?

Karan Gupta: Depends on your academics, try North Carolina State University, University of Southern California and so on.


Karan Gupta: There are usually no minimum scores. However, most engineering students manage to get a 700+ in Quant and 500+ in Verbal.

gambhir_vikas: tell me about the scholarship in uk i want to have ms there in electrical engg. for sept. 2006 , presently i am persuing b.e in instrumentation with 67 % .

Karan Gupta: Scholarships in the UK are difficult. Most students fund themselves.

Dhruv: Which are the best uvniversities for Phd in electrical engineering.

Karan Gupta: MIT, Stanford, Cal Tech are among the best.

ria: wat is the criteria for an MBA???also which are the best universities offering the course.

Karan Gupta: It depends on the countries you are looking at. Usually the GMAT and TOEFL are needed, along with at least three years of full time work experience after graduation.

jupally_kiran: i am doing my MTech in an IIT i want to do my PHD in any US univ can u say my prospects iam currently doing MTech.
Karan Gupta: Since you are from IIT, you most likely will get into a good programme in the US and hence your job prospects will also be good.

sambhu: can i take any MBA course abroad as a part timer ??

Karan Gupta: To qualify for a visa, you must be a full time student.

Kunal: Hi KaranI have a BE in Comp Sc and 1.5 yrs of work-ex as a Business Development Exec in IT.Plannin for CAT etc this year. Does it make sense to apply to the 'A' type B schools here (not A+) like XIMB and Symbiosis or should I wait for a year, take my GMAT n apply to schools in the US. Keepin the Return On InvestmentI and prospects etc in mind, what would you suggest?

Karan Gupta: If you have the funding available to you, and are willing to wait, then apply for admissions to US B-schools. It is a better ROI.

ANSH: hey KARAN i asked u question regarding the transfer credits in american uni's.i m presently doin my B.E(electronics) from LATROBE UNIVERSITY.THough this is a very good university n i m satisfied with the academics i m feeling that its really tough to get a very good engineering job in australia so i m thinking of switching off to US.could u pls tell me whether i'll get transfer credits for my 1 year engg. here n also wts the criteria for a transfer engineering student there in US

Karan Gupta: You most likely will be able to obtain credits for the first year. Consider evaluating your credits by WES.  

aditz: Hello, I was wondering your views about Texas A&M University in College Station, Tx as a school for Mechanical Engineering?

Karan Gupta: It is a very good school for ME.

shankar: Hi Karan! I am an engineer from BIT, Mesra with 13 years of work expereince in SAIL. I am interested in doing 1 year MBA from a reputed international school.I have 62% marks in engineering, 72% in +2 and 77.5% in class 10. I have won more than 100 awards in extra carricular activities and confident of getting more than 700 in GMAT and a good score in TOEFL. But due to father's health problem I had to repeat many courses in engineering and my passing was also delayed by a year. How this will affect my prospect of getting adm. in a good MBA school.

Karan Gupta: No, this will not affect your chances of getting into a good school. You can even explain this situation in your essays.

easha_acme: hi karan presently i did B.pharm in india and now iam studying mba in UK and i want to apply for student visa to US so can u plz tell me does i need to have gre and toefl scores again,do i need to come and apply in india or i can apply here.

Karan Gupta: Since you are living in the UK, you can apply for your US visa there itself, provided you were not denied a US visa before.

Part I: How expensive is foreign education?

Part II: Does work experience count?

Part III: Can I get a loan?

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Illustration: Dominic Xavier

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