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Have you got these summer essentials?

Preeti Vasaikar | May 18, 2005

The heat is on. And you need to be prepared to counter it.

Here are some smart additions that you can incorporate in your bag this summer.

1. Water supply

Hydrating yourself periodically is important. Carry a bottle of water with you always.

If you have refilling sources around, grab a mini-sized bottle of, say, 250 ml.

Keep refilling it periodically to quench your thirst.

If you don't have resources, settle for a one-litre bottle.

Hot tip: Dr Mandakini Vasaikar, an Ayurvedic practitioner, says: Squeeze the juice of a lemon into the water bottle. This is a great way to keep acidity levels in control.

2Tissues, napkins

Carry a fresh napkin or good quality soft paper tissues. Tissues are available at chemist shops or in general stores, in packs of 5/ 10/ 20.

Wet wipes are also available, like Fresh Ones (Rs 22 to Rs 75 ), and Lakme cleansing tissues (Rs 60 for 30 wipes).

Hot tip: Printed tissues may cause skin reactions Try and avoid printed tissues.

Dr Mandakini Vasaikar suggests a economic option: refrigerate hand towels soaked in cologne water and carry them in a clean polythene pouch.

3. Glucose powder

Empty a sachet of glucose/ Electral powder in water, or simply have it raw.

Glucose provides instant energy to the body, especially in excessive heat.

Hot tip: Carry sachets of glucose powder. A varieties of flavours readily available at all chemists and general stores.

4Anti-perspirants, deodorants

Terrified of body odour due to perspiration? Well, perspiration is inevitable. A smart way to tackle this is to use a good anti-perspiring deodorant or scented roll-ons  (Rexona, Liril have some good deos and roll-ons, from Rs 75 to Rs 125).

Hot tip: Avoid using alcohol-based deodorants or perfumes. They can cause skin irritation, suggests homeopath Hatim Bookwala, a visiting consultant at Banaji, a renowned homeopathy centre in Mumbai.

Also, when combined with sweat, they produce an offensive body odour, which could be quite a turn-off.

Opt for for fragrances with natural base, of fruits, sandalwood, tea rose or of low alcohol concentration.

Check for the alcohol concentration at the back of the perfume container.

Instead, you could go in for cologne water (Eau de Cologne), which is a perfumed watery suspension or distillation of the oils of bergamot, lemon, orange and orange blossom, with lavender oil and rosemary oil. It is available at all perfume stores and chemists and is priced between Rs 100 and Rs 150 for 50 ml.

You could also opt for talcum powder, which absorbs sweat and leaves behind a dry, fresh feeling.

5. Caps, hats, sun bands

Choose a headgear that offers maximum coverage and protection against sun.

Hot tip: Follow the theory: Blacks absorb heat and whites radiate heat. Go for light coloured caps (white, beige, light
grey, light green), and avoid dark coloured caps (black, navy blue).

Pick up scarves and stoles that match your clothing. They not only enhance your style but act as effective protection against sun.

6. Glares

Make sure you pick up a pair that offers 100% UV protection.

Hot tip: If you wear spectacles, go for photo-chromatic glasses.

7. Umbrellas

They provide maximum sun protection and are definitely recommended this season.

Hot tip: Pick up a folding umbrella that can fit snugly in your bag.

8. Hand fan

Loads of varieties (electric hand fans, folding Japanese fans) are available. Not only are they portable, they also making a fashion statement.

They are priced between Rs 150 and Rs 1,500.

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Sub: summer essentials

the passage is very useful, the points mentioned are not extroardinary ones but they r reminded right on time.thanks.

Posted by lakshmi

Sub: helpful

This information is very helpful for us.

Posted by sanjay

Sub: Got the summer essentials?

Dear Sir, As usual reading your articles are great. Thanks for the tips to keep cool during the summer and reminding us to have the ...

Posted by Veronica Irene Rajah

Sub: salt and water needed in summer

A person needs to replenish salt and water during the summer as sweating can lead to a loss of sodium and water from the body. ...

Posted by ravi chitrapu

Sub: cool Summer management

Your tips on management of our body in summmer is good.You may also give us insight into the Prickly Heat problem and how to overcome ...

Posted by Subrhmonya


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