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Mother = God, life, world!

May 04, 2005

We asked you, dear readers, to share with us what you learnt from your mother. And we are overwhelmed with your resposes! Here are some of them.

There many things I have learnt from my mom.

She taught me to eat, walk, talk, read, write... all that.

Mother's DayBut here is an incident I want to share.

I was 16, and had enrolled for my Diploma in Electronics and Telecom. I was okay in my studies except Engineering Drawing. It was a nightmare subject for me.

I had not passed a single one of the four unit tests and prelimary exams.

My mother was in her early 50's then.

But she pitched and started working with me. With only 60 days to my final exam and with seven subjects, she made it a point to work with me every day from 11 am to 12 am.

She had all her household work to do, but she still helped me imagine the objects and helped me gain confidence in the subject. And she was just educated just till her SSC.

I passed my final board examination.

- Sunil Rohra, Mumbai

My mother is a teacher. She is now 65 years old.

She has been my leading light and an angel. Whenever my life was at a low, she would appear to soothe and solve the problem.

Whenever I have been influenced by anything negative, like smoking or drinking or illicit relations, she detected them, and warned me off them.

I have never felt obliged towards anyone else but my mother. She has been there for every good turning point of my career, life and I am sure she will be forever.

I am deeply influenced by her courage to say what she thinks even when she knows people may not like it. They understand the value of her statement much later.

She also has this habit of helping others without expecting anything in return. She has been taken advantage of by those she helped, but that has not stopped her from helping others.

Something that is still a mystery to me is how my mother is always prepared with my favourite dishes whenever I go home.

- Sreekumar, Thiruvananthapuram

Patience, selflessness, generosity, love towards all and an impartial mind set.

These are a few of the several qualities I picked up from Mom.

I learnt from her that hard work and honesty always reap rich dividends.

She also instilled in me the principle to do my duty to the best of my ability and leave the rest to God. She taught me to have faith, to never give up and to never lose hope.

She struggled hard and suffered a lot. She took the pain for our pleasure.

She fought three terrible diseases with amazing resilience and tenacity.

Cancer took her away from us, but not before she gave it a good fight.

From her, I learnt that adversities happen, but you don't run in the opposite direction. You face them.

- Sameer, Bangalore

I have learnt most things that most mothers tell their children.

But the most important, I think, is the spirit to think positive.

My mom tells me bad and good phases will come and go through your life. It is your behaviour and positive attitude that will always be with you.

I have gone through very bad phases in my career, but the two assets that have helped me during these times are: my mother and the power of positive thinking.

Every time I am appreciated for anything, I remember my mom's simple words and continues to give me success.

- Navin Taneja, New Delhi

The question should be: What haven't I learnt from Mom!

I could go on endlessly on this topic.

First of all, I thank my mother for bringing me into this world!

She knows me better than I do. She knows how I would react in any situation, even though I don't. She knows my likes and dislikes. She can make an ordinary meal taste like a 5-star meal!

Whenever I am down, it just takes a hug from her to make me feel I am the most loved person in the world.

She also makes me realise I am the most eligible bachelor in the world! She thinks I am perfect.

It is amazing how she doesn't seem to have any needs or desires of her own -- but the happiness of her children.

Here is my suggestion to the Oxford dictionary:

Mother = God, life, world!

- Sandeep

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