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You think best when you lie down!

May 03, 2005

Anew research conducted by scientists at Northumbria University in northern England suggests that lying down is the best way to think!

According to The Sunday Times, the study suggest that men and women can solve problems faster when lying down  compared with when they are standing up or sitting.

Anagram tests were given to 20 men and women volunteers to see whether there was any difference in the speed with  which they were solved.

They were given 32 anagrams as a test. Each was five letters long but had only one correct solution, like 'model or 'noble'. 

The longest solution took one person 42.6 seconds to turn 'nodru' into round. The quickest was for 'osien': noise.

The anagrams were flashed on a screen to each of the men and women when they were either upright or lying down on a mattress.

The volunteers carried out the tests alone in a cubicle with an examiner outside. The anagrams were shown on a screen that they controlled with a switch.

The maximum time a word was on the screen was 45 seconds. Results showed the average time for solving the anagrams standing up was almost 30 seconds, three seconds, or 10 per cent, slower than the average lying down speed.

The effect of adrenaline in the brain could explain the thought process. "When you are standing upright, the blood flow has to work a bit harder to get all the way around. But if you are lying down, your brain is getting more blood flow," lead researcher Nick Neave said.


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