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Where do BPOs advertise for managers?

March 21, 2005

You have heard that BPOs lack efficient managers, and would like to apply to one such BPO.

You have a host of such questions on the BPO industry but didn't know whom to ask.

Stop here. BPO training expert Nasha Fitter clears your doubts on the industry.

BPOI have heard about BPOs lacking efficient managers, but seldom find these companies looking for managers from outside the industry (at least they don't advertise).

I have an MBA from a UK university and have dealt with international business development and operations for the last seven years.

I want to move into the BPO industry, but they only seem to hiring for entry level positions.

What do you suggest I do? I think this industry has lot to offer me and vice versa.

- Avnish Soni

From my conversations and interactions with HR personnel at various BPO companies, they do not necessarily only hire managers from within the industry. 

But they would prefer someone from within the industry because they would have an inherent understanding of client expectations and the nuances of the outsourcing industry from the get-go. 

I agree that starting at an entry level would be a waste of your time but, perhaps, starting as a team leader would not. 

It may be difficult to attain a position in a BPO at an operational manager level without former experience in the industry. 

Make sure you have strong grammar comprehension. Before going to another interview in a BPO company, brush up on your communication skills -- they are very important. 

Where can I learn call centre training which focuses on voice, accent and effective English speaking?

- Aravinda Nair

Please visit for voice, accent and effective communication class information or contact

I am a network system administrator in Dubai. I plan to come back to India. What are my chances in the technical support department in a BPO?

- Kazim 

Depending on your skillsets and the city you plan to live in, there are a number of BPOs you could work at. 

Wipro Spectramind is a great BPO with technical support processes. I suggest that you visit their web site to see if your skills match their requirements. 

If not, do research on the web. Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi all have a slew of BPO companies. 

I have planned of getting a job with a BPO in Pune. I have done my BSc (Electrical) and MBA (Marketing).

So I have resigned from my current job in Dubai and will be soon job hunting in a BPO for the post of Team Leader in Pune (as I am basically from here).

Can you advise me as what should be my pay package offer for the position of a TL, and what are the qualities which the BPO will be looking for in a TL. Note that I do not have any experience in BPO firms.

(Note: This e-mail has been reproduced verbatim)

- Shoaib Khan

There are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

First, your command and delivery of the English language needs to be strong. 

Based on the e-mail you sent me, I notice a lack of grammar comprehension. Brush up on your communication skills as they are very important at the TL level. 

As you don't have any experience working in a BPO, it will be important that you bring up any managerial and leadership positions you have held. As a TL, you need to be able to motivate your team, deal with interpersonal issues, and ensure that your team is meeting company expectations. 

During your interview, bring up responsibilities you have held that touch upon these topics. An average pay package for a TL goes from Rs 200,000 to Rs 500,000 per annum.  

I am 27 years old and I have two years of experence in a local BPO company. I have tried to apply at some major companies, but I was rejected due to my age.

Does age matter?

- Narasimha

No, age is not an issue.

There are 27-year olds running divisions in many companies as well as 27-year olds answering phone calls at low levels. 

It all depends on how you project yourself. 

Are your communication skills strong? Are your interpersonal skills strong? Have you managed people, held leadership positions in the past or accomplished anything noteworthy? 

How do you project yourself at interviews? Do you wear a suit, sit up straight and speak intelligently? How well is your CV put together? 

These are the things that are important. Work on them and no job should be out of reach. 


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    Nasha Fitter operates Fitter Solutions, a communication and training organisation with expertise in public and interpersonal communication.

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