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What's your skin type?

Dr Rohini Wadhwani | March 15, 2005

Get Ahead presented the first of our skin series for our young readers, with 6 steps to beautiful skin!

Let us backtrack a bit, and first identify your skin type.

Take care of your skinDry, oily, normal skin. You have come across these terms, especially on the packaging of skin products, but you have no idea which type yours fits into.

Imagine buying a cream meant for oily skin when you actually have dry skin. Disaster! 

That is why it is important to know your skin type, to choose the correct treatment for your skin.

 Here is a simple method to identify your skin type. You can do this at home:

i. Cleanse your skin with a cleanser meant for normal skin (cleansers are available at any chemist or cosmetic store. Make sure the packaging mentions the word 'normal').

ii. Use a toner on your skin (toners are also freely available at chemists/ cosmetic stores).

iii. Blot the skin dry with a soft flannel cloth. 

Now, examine your skin closely.

How does your skin look and feel?

i. Does it feel elastic? That is, it does not pull when you smile, frown, sneeze, etc.

You have no acne and your skin is not sensitive.

Skin type: You have healthy/ Normal skin.

ii. Do you feel a certain tightness and a lack of stretchiness in your skin?

Does your skin look powdery, flaky and lack shine?

Skin type: You have Dry skin.

iii. You notice an oily sheen on the skin.

Skin type: You have Oily skin.Clean your skin well!

iv. You notice a zone of persistent redness, broken capillaries and you are generally sensitive to skin products.

Skin type: You have a condition called Acne, which basically means that you have pimples on your face. 

v. You have oily skin all over but your skin feels dry around the cheeks and neck.


You have dry skin all over and you have acne.


You have oily skin all over but you have acne.

Skin type: You have Combination skin.

Remember: You must know your skin type before you buy products for your skin.

Tomorrow: Are you using the right skin products?


Dr Rohini Wadhwani is a cosmotologist and medical director of Bare Necessity Permanent Hair Reduction and Advance Beauty Clinics, Mumbai.

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