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Let your hair look great this monsoon!

Dr Mukesh Batra | June 22, 2005

Dhe rains are here but, contrary to what you may believe, moisture in the air does not translate into moisture in your hair!

The onset of the monsoons leads to hair care problems like stickiness, greasiness and dandruff.

image The heightened moisture makes your hair flat and its texture, dull. The result: your tresses look limp!

The chlorine content in water during the monsoons is also very high; this can bleach and damage your hair.

Before you begin to worry, though, let us tell you that you can still have great-looking hair this monsoon. All you need to do is practice these few mantras.

Protect your hair

~ Try to restrict the number of hair products you use to a shampoo and conditioner. Try, in particular, to avoid hair sprays.

~ Use a mild shampoo. 

~ Wash your hair regularly. 

~ Use a conditioner after every wash but apply it more on the shaft than the scalp and roots.

~ Drink plenty of water.

~ Eat a balanced, protein-rich diet. Don't forget to munch on plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Monsoon dos

~ Try out a shorter hair style.

~ A hot oil massage once in a week is good for the hair.

~ Go for regular henna treatment.

Monsoon don'ts

~ Avoid using a hairdryer. If you have to, make sure your hair is not dripping wet.

Use it on hair that is almost dry. Hold the dryer more than six inches from scalp.

~ Avoid chemical treatments, like permanent straightening of your hair, etc.

~ Avoid getting your hair wet in the rains. Rainwater brings down pollutants in the air; these pollutants weaken the shaft bonds, making your hair dull and limp.

~ Do not comb your hair when it is wet.

Hair care routine for all hair types

For dry hair

You know your hair is dry when it becomes greasy six or seven days after washing.

~ Use shampoo especially formulated for dry hair.

~ Wash your hair once or twice a week.

~ Do not use a hairdryer.

For oily hair

You know your hair is oily when it becomes greasy a day or two after washing.

~ Use mild shampoo with an in-built conditioner or a vinegar/ lemon rinse.

To make the vinegar/lemon rinse, take two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice and massage into hair.

To double the strength of the rinse, you can use peppermint tea with one quart of distilled water as a final rinse.

~ Wash as often as required.

For normal hair

You know your hair is normal if it becomes greasy three to four days after washing.

Use a mild shampoo, a good conditioner and follow the dos and don'ts we've listed religiously.

Dr Mukesh Batra, the CMD of Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic, has been practising homeopathy since 1974.

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