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What's your mood colour today?

Preeti Vasaikar | June 09, 2005

D yriad colours have myriad effects on our lives.

Colours are associated with every aspect of life and they influence both our mental and physical being.

Ever wondered what is your power colour?

image "The best yardstick to determine your power colour is to observe patterns in daily life," suggests colour therapist Shweta Dubal.

We are all aware that we have an inner mind, which is called the subconscious mind. Research has proved that the subconscious mind traps all our activities and is a permanent storehouse of memory.

For instance, the subconscious mind registers all the good and the bad times, along with their associated parameters like colour (which is of paramount importance), places, people etc.

What is a power colour?

When you prefer one colour over another, your subconscious mind is conveying a message about your personality and behaviour.

For some people some colours boost confidence, some others stick to a particular colour during important events such as job interviews and exams.

This is what we mean by the power colour.

Every person is attracted to a particular colour and this attraction may be a consequence of genes (may be your mama saw a lot of trees when she was expecting you and you are naturally inclined towards the colour green), early childhood memories, education, parent's and cultural beliefs (that black must not be worn), or if you follow fashion trends religiously, then you would wear pink because it is the colour of the season.

A person may not necessarily have a unique power colour, says Shweta Dubal.

Here is a chart that gives you an idea about the four basic power colours associated with your personality.


Red symbolises energy flow, dynamism and vigour. The colour red is used to energise and stimulate appetite.

People preferring the colour red are vibrant, and have a daring attitude.

They are sensual and very passionate about what they like.

They have the capacity to take unimaginable risks and are prone to impulsive actions and variable moods.

Normally the genres of people who prefer this colour are sportsmen, music artists, and danseuse and art lovers.

When to use red:

  • If you are perennially dull and experience energy drain all the time. 
  • If you are pregnant. 
  • If you have low blood pressure problems.


Blue represents truth, tranquility, creativity and integrity.

People with affinity for blue are deliberate and confident.

Blue provides a calming, soothing effect and is therefore rightfully branded as the cool colour.

Blue also exhibits male energy and is gradually being used by women to exude an air of superiority. 

However, too much blue could leave you feeling cold, depressed and sorrowful

When to use blue:

  • If you suffer from diseases of the ears nose and eyes.
  • If you have fever. 
  • If you have thyroid problems. 


Green typifies harmony, growth and balance. 

People who fancy green are level-headed and mature.

They are calm and sensitive to the needs of others.

They generally don't go to extremes and are eternally optimistic about life.

Green lovers will be loyal friends and prefer a sober lifestyle.

When to use green:

  • If you are pessimistic.


Yellow signifies power, maturity, and intellect.

People who like yellow are generally judgmental and stubborn.

They also try to be perfectionists and are short-tempered.

Surprisingly all the rich and famous people use various shades of this colour abundantly in places of work, and offices.

When to use yellow:

  • If you have skin related problems. 
  • If you lack focus and you are always in a state of dilemma. 

If we integrate the various colours that relate to each chakra (energy centre in the body), either through healing, visualisation, clothes we wear, crystals, daily wear accessories etc we can go a long way in bringing about a balance within these areas, suggests Dubal.

Tomorrow: How colour therapy affects your life!


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i wish to send a mail to preeti vasaikar who wrote this article. plz mail me her email Id. thanks. shalini

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Sub: Re: mood color

I guess a choice of a particular color also depends on the circumstacnes around you. For eg: if i see 3 out of 4 friends ...

Posted by rdx_piyush

Sub: colour

i love this artical but i want u people to tell us more about it,what about other colour

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Sub: mood colour

colour indicates the mood of that person is simply mythic

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Sub: my mood colour is pink

myfavourite colour is pink

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