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The best hairstyles for your hair

January 20, 2005

Aalim Hakim, one of the most sought after hairstylists in the industry today, spoke to Get Ahead readers about all things hair, hairstyles and hair colours!

The questions came thick and fast. The answers were just as knowledgeable.

Here is the transcript of the chat:

Chintan: Hi Aalim, I stay in Mumbai. I have a hairstlye, which everyone says, is very difficult to change. Do you entertain only celebrities or are you open to experimenting with my hair as well?
Aalim Hakim: Maybe you should come visit me at my salon so I can take a look at your hair and face [structure]. That would be the best thing to do since you stay in Mumbai.

vanitha: I have an oval face and straight hair. What hairstyle will suit me? I also have dandruff -- it does not show, but I can find it under my nails when I scratch my hair. Please help.
Aalim Hakim: Oval face is the best face structure in the world -- you can go in for whatever hairstyle you like. If you have sticky dandruff, that's dangerous. Meet your dermatologist ASAP.

asea: Hi Aalim, I have been applying henna on my hair for the last 10-12 years. It hides my grey hair, but it has also made my hair extra extra dry. I use L'Oreal Intense Repair Shampoo and conditioner daily, but my hair is still dry. Also, none of the hair gels I use gives the wet look. What do you suggest?
Aalim Hakim: The reason why you have dry hair is because of henna, not because of the colour. Even one application of henna can make your hair dry for at least two years. Wet look gels dont last for more than an hour. A good gel for you would be Acqua Gloss by L'Oreal, which stays for a long time, but doesn't have too much hold.

sheena: I am from Noida. The hard water here has caused my hair to grey faster. How often should I colour my hair? Is it safe to colour hair often?
Aalim Hakim: Hi Sheena, try and use soft water on your hair, by boiling the water. Go for spa treatments at salons -- that will make your hair softer. Colours are safe nowadays. In fact, a lot of them have inbuilt conditioners.

gfsdjfgkfg: I am 24 years old, male, and I have silky hair. My problem is, my hair stands out at the back. What do you think is the best hairstyle for me? I usually go for medium length.
Aalim Hakim: You could keep your hair long, medium or short, with the help of a styling product. If you hair stands out at the back, you could use a flattening balm by TIGI.

anand: I am 32 years old. I used to travel most of the time and seem to be losing a lot of hair. I use Clinic Plus shampoo. Please suggest which shampoo and oil I should use -- whether at home or while travelling.
Aalim Hakim: Try and avoid using detergent-based shampoos. If you use oil on your hair, use it on a clean scalp rather than on a dirty one. Shampoo it regularly. Get a head massage done once in 15 days -- this stimulates blood circulation and will enhance hair growth.

MITZY: What should I do about split ends other than chopping it off? How can I prevent it? I have shoulder-length silky hair. I don't like leaving my hair loose/ open.
Aalim Hakim: Hi Mitzy, leave-in conditioners like Ego Boost by TIGI are specially for split ends. But make sure you trim your hair at least half a centimetre every six weeks. Get a proper diet and enough sleep to avoid split ends.

Aarvee: Dear Aalim, I am a journo in the making and have recently started growing my hair. I would like to know how to proceed. I intend to grow it long, but am not sure what style to go in for. Can you give me some useful tips on maintenance?
Aalim Hakim: Keep growing it!

kashish: I had a razor cut done due to which my hair got thin. What should I do? I have this prob of hairfall and dandruff. Please help.
Aalim Hakim: Hi Kashish, avoid razor cuts next time. It takes away the weight from the hair. You need to go to a dermatologist. Shampoos like Nizral by Johnson & Johnson can help you.

Aalim Hakim: It was great chatting with you. Hope to catch you again soon. Those interested could contact my salon at (022) 26460043/ 44/ 45. Thanks!


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