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Hot colours for your hair!

January 19, 2005

What are hot new hair colours?

Should you use a hair straightener?

Worried about dandruff?

Star hairstylist Aalim Hakim has the answers.

tejalkamdar: Hi! I use a straightener quite often. Will it spoil my hair? Can you suggest any product I should use before straightening my hair?

Aalim Hakim: Hi Tejal. If you use the straightening iron often, it might damage your hair.

You could go in for Hot Style Iron finish by L'Oreal, Heat Protecting Spray by Paul Mitchell or Flatliner by Schwarzkopf, which you should apply on dry hair before ironing it.

ankur_ideas: What's the latest hair colour I can apply? I am fair.

Aalim Hakim: Hi Ankur. Platinum blond is pretty in nowadays with guys.

Since you are fair, you can get away with any kind of colour from ash blond to hot chocolate.

Make sure the placing of your colour is right and in accordance with your haircut.

vibs: I an a 28-year-old professional with short hair. My hair is very rough, though it becomes okay immediately after a wash. Then it becomes rough again. Since once year, my scalp itches terribly, though I don't have dandruff.

Aalim Hakim: You need to go to a dermatologist for your skin problem. You think there is no dandruff, but you might just have it.

Dandruff can be sticky or dry. Sticky dandruff doesn't fall off -- it is dangerous because it does not come off easily!

Maybe you are travelling a lot in the sun. Use a shampoo that is menthol-based.

mvs: I'm a 25-year-old girl with a round face. Could you suggest a hairstyle of medium length? My hair is not very thick.

Aalim Hakim: Hi! Since you have a round face, avoid keeping a fringe. It could make your face look more round.

Try and have a lot of body/ movement and lift in the crown area.

Let the first layer start from your cheeks, which will distract from the roundness of your face.

If you are colouring your hair, try and keep the first layer that falls on your cheeks slightly darker, because that will cut down the cheeks.

bumpgrind: Hey Aalim. Finally someone to give the stars a different look, otherwise they look the same in every movie. My question is... Is hairwax good or bad? Is the effect better on wet hair or dry hair? Cheers...

Aalim Hakim: Hi! Thanks for the compliment.

Hair wax is good compared to the other gels, because it is made of natural wax and oils. It is effective on dry hair.

The best part about the wax is it is malleable, and you can manipulate your style.

You get hard wax, soft wax and gel wax -- so you can use them according to your hairstyle.

ranjan_til: Hi, I am 33 and have problem of greying hair, especially in the sides. How do I prevent this? Secondly, what should I to do to hide the grey hair I already have? I apply black colour (usually Garnier). My complexion is wheatish. Shall I apply a different colour to improve my look?

Aalim Hakim: Hi Ranjan. Try and experiment with different shades by going to a professional colourist.

Avoid black -- it looks too unnatural.

Maybe if you combined two colours with your colour technician, it might work for you.

suba: Thanks for your valuable tips. I have a question. I have dry hair. What type of shampoo should I use? Is there any problem in using detergent-based shampoos? Can you suggest some shampoo that is not detergent based?

Aalim Hakim: Hi Suba. Almost all shampoos are without detergent nowadays.

Never use detergent-based shampoos; they take away the PH balance of your hair.

Use good, branded, moisturising shampoos like Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell, Moisture Maniac by TIGI or Intense Repair by L'Oreal.

ALWAYS follow your shampoo with a conditioner!

kehsihba: Please answer my question... am asking you for the third time bhaijaan. Please jawaab do! I have a very conventional sort of hairstyle -- something like Ayub Khan's (bad comparison, I know!). Even my face structure is like his. I want to change my hairstyle. What would you suggest?

Aalim Hakim: Hi Kehsihba. Yeh raha aapke sawalon ka jawab!

Go to a good hairstylist who can read your face, body language and lifestyle properly.

Try and experiment with your hair.

I think Ayub Khan is good looking, so don't feel bad!

You could try and use different hair colours to make the same hairstyle look different.

Tomorrow: More advice from star hairstylist Aalim Hakim.

Are you losing hair?

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