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Have you confused your body lately?

December 21, 2005

Everyone knows that diet and exercise are the twin weapons with which you attack excess weight.

Did you also know that, if you want to get your body in shape, you need to confuse it?

This is what fitness experts Shraddha Sheth and Nikhil Deodhar of Gold's Gym had to say about weight loss in a chat with Get Ahead readers on December 13: Don't stick to the same workout. Your body needs to be confused for it to give better results. 

Also, they warned, there is nothing like 'spot' reduction. You need to reduce throughout your body.

Shraddha is a certified nutritionist with a BSc in Life Sciences and a post-graduate degree in Food and Nutrition. Her profile as a dietician at Gold's Gym involves planning diets for patients and treating different elements of weight management.

Nikhil is a certified fitness trainer and head trainer at Gold's Gym, Worli branch, Mumbai.

Part I: Are you genetically fat?

Suhail: Hi , I am 28 Male 5' 9'' and weigh around 75 kgs, I have reduced some 10 kgs of weight . Is my weight okay now or should I reduce more. One problem is that upper body /face still looks fat, any specific exercises for face & stomach (other the crunchs which I do) ?

Nikhil: You basically need to do cardio, weight training... Nutrition must be taken care of... Your fat runs throughout your body. There is nothing like 'spot' reduction. So, you need to reduce throughout your body.

Naveen: Hello Nikhil, Im 26 and been working out since 4 years. I do 3 to 4 days per week schedule, Basically it takes 1 week for me to come back to the same workout. Is this a good way to go about.Thanks for your time.

Nikhil: Don't stick to the same workout. Your body needs to be confused for it to give better results.

sundar: Hi, Iam 29 year veggeie and my weight is 105 kgs. kindly suggest diet and exercise plan. awaiting your reply. Till now i havent gone for any exercise/walking/jogging. Now I have decided to do some thing to reduce the weight. Kindly suggest, awaitiong your reply Height: 175 cms

Nikhil: Work out and take care of your nutrition. Join a gym close to you today.

Investigation1: Hey guys and girls.....did anyone else read about this vulgarity going on at Golds gym - peeping toms strike gold - in DNA paper ??

Shraddha: Hi. The article which came in DNA is not the whole truth. I was handling the case and I don't think there is any need for Golds Gym people to justify the incident. We believe in complete care of our customers.

Kiran: hi shraddha i have been asking question theres no reply???

Shraddha: Can I get your question, please?

gurmeet: Hi I am 29 years old 5'6" and 68 KG ,I am software professional and my job leaves not much time for me for exercise,Please suggest me some simple exercises and eating habbits

Shraddha: Diet advice: Have five small meals per day; have 10-15 glasses of water; have two portions of fruit ie watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, pineapple; one portion of vegetable; avoid potatoes; have one portion of protein ie pulses, dals or white meat or egg whites. Advice: Avoid skipping meals and avoid rice for dinner.

sanu: 3rd time i m asking ...please tell me what should i do to gain weight.

Shraddha: Diet advice: Increase portein percentage in your diet. Have more of paneer, soya, soya milk, yogurt, fibre like dates and bananas. Increase carbohydrate intake too. Increase the number of rotis you have. Banana topped with honey helps gain weight.

ajm1981: Please answer this, wht nutriton shud be taken to gain weight as i am a veggie?

Shraddha: Diet advice: Increase portein percentage in your diet. Have more of paneer, soya, soya milk, yogurt, fibre like dates and bananas. Increase carbohydrate intake too. Increase the number of rotis you have. Banana topped with honey helps gain weight.

ajg: I am 29yrs male, 5'10" and 81Kgs. I have started with water therapy wherein I drink 3-4 glasses of water in morning, skip breakfast and take normal lunch. Will it help in reducing fat and weight?

Shraddha: You need to lose 9-12 kgs. Skipping your breakfast would not be the right thing to do. Nutritional advice: Have 1 and a half glass of warm water 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner as this will cut down your appetite.

abc123: HI, how much % u will give to exercise & eating habits respectively for the perfect body

Shraddha: To have a perfect body, the ratio between your food intake and expenditure of energy should be 30:70.

rashmi: shradha should i join gym to reduce fat from lower abdomen and thys portion for morning walk is enough

Shraddha: Dear Rashmi, walking is a cardio exercise where you can lose weight but can't maintain it for long. So it is very important to combine strength training and taking care of your nutrition. That can be done in a gym environment.

jyoti: What should be my Ideal Weight considering my Age 33 & Height 5 3"

Shraddha: Dear Jyoti, can I get your weight?

tarzen: why are you not replying to my message....Please reply to message , I need your help badly ....although my name is Tarzen, But my body is absolutely opposite to him... My height is just 5 feet 7 inch.. More over I don't have enough bicep, tri cep muscles... So I am suffering from inferiority complex... My weight is around 52 Kgs... So I need your help... Should I join gym... Should I take some body building proteins....

Shraddha: Hi, you are underweight and you need to increase your food intake as your energy expenditure is exceeding the intake. This would only happen if you have a trainer taking care of your workout routine and dietician taking care of your nutrition intake. Protein supplement will help you to look fuller.

Ruby: Hello Shraddha, i m ruby, from last five months i got a big tummy, what should i do for that? i do job and i dont take any exercise?

Shraddha: Hi Ruby, do you take care of your eating pattern? Join an ab class or a group exercise class where you would get to spend energy resulting in weight loss as your lifestyle is sedentary.

anoop: Hi Nikhil,My height is 5'9" and weight is 73 Kgs. I want to go to a gym and do excercises that will make me look tall, slim and trim. Do you have suggestions on what type of excercises i should be doing

Nikhil: You can do the basic exercises. As far as your height is concerned you can't do too much about it. You can try cycling, but even that may not help to a great extent.

Smart_fit: Im 26yrs Male,167 cms having a weight of 65.How much calorie I should lose daily?

Nikhil: You should try to lose at least 500 to 600 calories through your cardio workout. And make sure you do not take in too many calories through your diet.

Dimple: Hi i this is dimple i am trying to lose weight even i walk 40-45 minutes daily but there is not change my height is 5.4 and weight is 64 what can be done to reduce weight at home because i am not having time to go at gym

Nikhil: Get your eating habits right. Fitness is a lifestyle.

philip : Hi Nikhil, I dont go to Gym fearing that wrong excercise will do more harm than any good.There is no gym nearby with a qualified fitness trainer, so could you recommend any book which is good to follow if one wants to build muscles (weight training).Thanks

Nikhil: You need to do weight training under proper supervision. There must definitely be some gym around. Try to locate it.

Arti: Hi Shradha/Nikhil, I am 29 yr. old with 56 kg weight. I want to reduce 5 kg. Can you pl. tell whether there are any negative effects of using Sauna Belt.

Nikhil: It does not help. You only lose water from your body, which will you will gain again.

donaboban: Hi, i am 17 yrs old girl fm kerala...i am 5'6" and weigh around feels to me that i am slighlty bulky around my abs...whats the diet n exercise regime to be followed so that i could reduce my weight as well as keep a good figure??

Nikhil: Join a gym. Do weight-training, cardio and take care of your nutrition.

veenaanil: Hi, Need to know what are the exercises and diet dos and donts for ppl having acidity.

Nikhil: There must definitely be a special diet, but the exercises are the same.

vv: Hi, I have been working out for the past 2 months. I can see the difference in myself specially since my trousers have become loose. But I can't see much weight reduction.

Nikhil: You are saying your trousers are getting loose, so that's enough in two months. Keep enjoying your workout, and one day you'll have to throw away those trousers.

bala: I am 28 years old and weigh 80 kgs.. how many kilos should i loose and what should be my diet for sporting a more muscular frame?

Nikhil: Your fat percentage should be around 12 %, for you to really show a muscular frame. A normal, average healthy person should have 16 % of fat.

Inquisitive: Hello, I am 26 5'10" 87kg. I dislike going to gyms and working out in cloistered environs. I don't get time to go to fitness clubs and do some good outdoor activity or yoga. Please suggest a method to keep myself fit.

Nikhil: Hey, no guts, no glory. No pain, no gain.

Surbhi:  HI shradha/nikhil. I am 22 yr old.I am 5feet 4 inches tall...My weight was around 48 kgs..suddenly I realized that I am knowing 53...What to do do lose this xtra 5 kgs..?I am generally sitting infront of my comp....This has made my thighs heavier now what to do..

Nikhil: It's time to get up, go to the gym and start working out.

Vivek: Hi. I workout for 3 days a week. combine cardio and weigt training when i work out. I smoke 5 cigarettes a day. I have good body structure with toned muscles. But I got litttle fat on mu tummy and cheeks. You think its got to do with smoking? I got that extra fat when i increased smoking.

Nikhil: With smoking your stamina goes down, it's not directly connected to your at increase. But it affects your performance which in turn affects your fat percentage.

sumit: hi, i am 26 yrs of agemy problem is by big hips 42 which doesn't look good & badly effect my personalitymy waist is 34" & chest is 34", Weight is 75 kg, pls advise how can i improve my physique better, i m upset plssssssssss reply

Nikhil: Involve more of lunges and squats in your workout and do a lot of cardio.

shubho: hi. i am 25. hight 5ft 8 inch. Weight 68kg. I have double Chin. can u suggest any thind. The double chin makes me look quite heavy even though i am not that heavy.

Nikhil: You need to lose weight overall to reduce on your chin. There's no such thing as 'spot' reduction.

Kiran: The quries after me are ansered why not mine?????

Shraddha: Dear Kiran, what is your question?

shoma: Hi, I had a delivery very recently, and it was an cesarian. My lower tummy has bulged up can you suggest me any excercise though I am using the belt recommended

Shraddha: Walk briskly for 45 minutes a day.

Part I:
Are you genetically fat?
Part III: Want a flat tummy?


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