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Get gorgeous this winter

Anita Kaushik | December 09, 2005

Winter is here, Christmas is just around the corner and New Year follows soon after.

image You need to gear up and look your very best for all that festive partying. 

These simple mantras will help keep dry skin, chapped lips and rough, static hair at bay. Say hello to soft, supple skin and shiny, manageable hair.

7 mantras for winter

i. Step one is to keep your bath brief in winter.
Avoid soaking for too long in the tub, if you use one. Showers are less drying.

ii. Your skin is drier now than at any other time in the year, so be generous with winter care lotions and bath oils. 

iii. Add two cups of fresh milk to your bath water, to prevent loss of moisture. This also softens hard water which, otherwise, tends to dry your skin.

iv. Layers works best in winter, both with clothing and makeup. Two or three layers of clothing are a better insurance against the chilly weather than just one heavy layer of woollen clothing.

This also applies to your makeup. After moisturising your lips, eyes and the apple of your cheeks with a thin layer of Vaseline, don your makeup for that dewy, fresh look.

v. Don't use hair dryers or heaters too close to your body or scalp. 

vi. Overnight creams are a must for your skin. Your lips need more than lipstick to protect them from peeling and chapping. Use Vaseline or a lip balm overnight and under your lipstick.

vii. An occasional affliction of flu or cold is the curse of winter. Keep them at bay by having large doses of Vitamin C.

All fruits and vegetables contain some amount of Vitamin C. Green peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, turnip greens and other leafy greens, sweet and white potatoes are the biggest sources of Vitamin C.

Other excellent sources include papaya, mango, watermelon, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, red peppers, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and pineapples.

viii. Apart from this day-to-day care, I would recommend some salon treatment like a hot oil massage once week and a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

A body massage, nourishing packs and special manicures-pedicures with paraffin wax to combat the dryness is good for your body.

Vaseline to the rescue

This product is the most economical and complete solution for your body and face.

~ Immediately after your bath, when your body is still warm, apply Vaseline all over and pat dry with a towel.

~ Before going to bed, apply liberally on your heels, elbows, hands and lips. You will wake up with soft and supple skin.

~ Keep a mini Vaseline pack in your purse. After you wash your hands, rub a little Vaseline on them. When you want to retouch your makeup, mix a little Vaseline with your lipstick and apply over your eyelids, cheeks and lips for that natural glossy look.

~ Your lip pencil or eye pencil getting too dry in winter and harsh on your skin? Not to worry. Apply some Vaseline on back of your hand run the pencil over it. Now, your pencil will glide smoothly on your skin.

~ Going for a party but find applying glitter is really messy as it falls on your face? Apply a very thin layer of Vaseline on your eyelid or cheekbones. Now, dab glitter with your fingertip. Your sparkle and shimmer will stay on until you remove it.

~ Line your upper lash line with a thin layer of Vaseline with the help of eyeliner brush. Dot glitter on it for a special look.

image Gloss up your makeup in 10 minutes

Have a party to go to and are in a rush? Keep it simple with this winter makeup routine.

~ Keep you face clean and moisturised.

~  Take some foundation in your palm, mix it with two drops of water, dab the liquid on your face in dots and blend with fingertips.

~ Place a hint of Vaseline on your eyelids. Then, apply a shimmery shadow with your fingers or brush.

~ Line the upper and lower lash line with a coloured eye pencil that complements your dress colour. Smudge the outer corner with a cotton bud.

~ If you use kajal, fill in the rim of the eyes and then finish off with thick coats of mascara.

~ Place a cream blush dot on the apple of your cheeks, blend up and outward. 

Powder blush is not advisable in winter as it tends to make the skin look flaky; in case you don't have an option, use a coat of moisturiser before applying it.

~ Colour your lips with bright lipstick, wipe slightly and apply lip gloss.  

Now, you are all set to party!

Trends /colour for this season

~ Experiment with eye colours in shimmering shades of emerald, purple, aqua blues, amber light and the ever popular ashen black for that smoky look!

~ The 'flushed cheeks' look is in. Just mix your peach pink lipstick with Vaseline and blend over the cheeks. Peach is a neutral colour and complements all skin tones.

Makeup recommendations: L'Oreal (Rs 300-500), Lakme (Rs 100-200) and Revlon (Rs 100-200)

~ For a natural day look, go for lipstick followed by clear gloss on your lips. For nights, we recommend a glossy lipstick like L'Oreal's Glam Shine Juice collection.

~ In kajal, Color Bar is the most economical and is truly black in colour.

~ In mascara, you could choose from L'Oreal or Revlon along with a primer. A primer is a transparent eyelash base, to be used before applying mascara for a glossy finish.

~ Last but not the least, brush your brows with a baby toothbrush or a brow set gel to smoothen your eyebrows. The gel is available in Body Shop for Rs 700-800.

Quick tip: Keep your foundation base minimum. Don't apply a thick base; mix foundation with water (if it is water-based) or moisturiser (if it is oil-based) before applying.

Anita Kaushik is a make-up and skin care specialist associated with Paris-based agency the Elite Group, which has been in the business of fashion and grooming for 30 years.

The Elite School offers corporate grooming/ soft skills training programmes. For more information, contact

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