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The book that inspired me

Adil Malia | December 05, 2005

Good To Great by Jim Collins (published by HarperCollins, Rs 750) demolishes the 'dramatist-cultist' prescriptions of contemporary thinkers.

The most inspirational is Collins' systematic collapse of many corporate myths, while highlighting the astounding absence of hackneyed formulae in G2G companies.

According to Collins, 'Under the right conditions, these factors automatically fall into place.'

There was no single defining action, no grand programmes, no solitary lucky breaks, no miracle moment to their success.

Even more surprising were the G2G leaders who seemed to defy all common conventions: they were self-effacing, quiet, reserved and even shy. They first got the right people on the bus, placed them in the right seats and then figured out where to drive.

Reading Collins made me believe, more profoundly than ever, that Good is indeed the enemy of Great.

G2G shuns complacency in managing organisations, unearthing apt instances of success. A book that not only inspired me, but injected me with fresh enthusiasm to make some more daring leaps.

Adil Malia is director, Coca Cola India.

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