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Your sleeping habits, revealed!

April 04, 2005

Researchers at the National Sleep Foundation, USA, have found five distinct sleep profiles based on people's sleeping habits.

SleepThe five groups are based on more than 40 factors, including how many hours one sleeps per night, the frequency of experiencing a sleep problem, how often one feels tired, the amount of caffeinated beverages consumed daily and other sleep-related habits.

The categories include:

i. Healthy, lively larks

Sleep pattern: You are least likely to be affected by sleep problems. 

You get a good night's sleep, sometimes more than you need, and almost never/ rarely feel tired/ fatigued.

You are likely to be married/ partnered and working full-time at regular day shifts. 

You are likely to fall asleep in less than 15 minutes and are likely to have a diagnosed medical condition.

ii. Sleep-savvy seniors

Sleep pattern: You get an average 7.3 hours per night of sleep. On most nights, you get a good night's sleep.

You may take two or more naps during the week and never/ rarely feel tired/ fatigued. 

You may have been diagnosed with at least one medical condition.

You do not feel you have a sleep problem and are less likely than other people to be at risk for any sleep disorder.

You are likely to be female and not likely to be not employed.

iii. Dragging duos

Sleep pattern: You are most likely to be employed, married or living with someone and working over 40 hours a week.

You probably do job-related work an hour before going to bed. On weekdays, you are out of bed  by 7 am. You sleep longer on weekends.

You are twice as likely as others to get less sleep than you say you need to function at your best.

You probably have at least one symptom of insomnia and your intimate relationships could be affected because of sleepiness.

iv. Overworked, overweight, overcaffeinated

Sleep pattern: You consider yourself a night owl.

You are employed, work 47 hours a week, sleep 5.2 hours every night. You nap more than you sleep, taking two or more naps each week.

You drink four cups of coffee and frequently experience symptoms of insomnia.

You are likely to be single and obese.

v. Sleepless and missin' the kissin'

Sleep pattern: You are a night owl. You think you have a sleeping problem. You think you get less sleep than you need and usually feel tired or fatigued.

Being too sleepy might have affected your intimate relationships. You are likely to use sleep aids.

Some of you are employed, and you are likely to be female.


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For those who aren't happy with the contents of the above article, here's a technique to get sleep:- Generally, disturbed sleep is due to worrying ...

Posted by ramanand

Sub: Please post an explanatory enough essay!

Please post a detailed and explanatory stuff. This column doesnt convey any significance to the title.

Posted by Sreenivasan

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Stop using long winded sentence. The ideal web writing uses short, precise and powerful sentences. Long winded sentences tend to confuse the reader. The point ...

Posted by Abhishek Sarkar

Sub: Is it worth a post on the site

Seems like rediff is posting all sorts of nonsense on its site....

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Sub: Sleep it over...

You miss the entertainment value of nonsense....

Posted by Proloy


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