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100% healthy? You may not be!

Samreedhi Sharma | October 11, 2004

HealthYou are a regular at the gym.

Your body is shaping just the way you want it to.

But you can't help think you are not totally healthy.

You might have a point.

Here is a checklist of some of the most common problems that at most times don't seem like 'health problems,' but are indicators of your health.

The good news is, these problems are minor and their solutions simple!

Symptom 1: Hair fall

What you should know: The average human being loses about 100 hairs a day.

You have cause to worry when you see hair scattered over the carpet or floor of your home, stuck in your combs or brushes, or the drain of your bathroom.

The reason? Severe restrictive dieting.

The cure: One of the most common causes of sudden increase of hair fall in dieters is Iron Deficiency Anaemia.

~Check your haemoglobin levels at least once in four months.

~If you are anaemic, take iron supplements. Consult your doctor before you get started. 

~Increase your iron intake with dark green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals and pulses, dry dates, eggs and liver.

Other causes: Hormonal imbalance, stress, thyroid malfunction.

Symptom 2: Dark circles

Your under eye cream is hugely ineffective. And the area under your eyes is getting darker.

The reasons: Irregular sleep patterns, a hectic lifestyle and improper rest, among others.

The cure: It's the iron deficiency anaemia factor at work again!

When your haemoglobin level drops, so does blood circulation to this sensitive portion just below your eyes, making the area look darker.

~Get a blood test done.

~Go in for iron supplements along with a proper intake of the iron rich foods mentioned above.

Symptom 3: Brittle nails

Your nails break easily or you can tear them off with ease.

The reason: You lack mineral zinc.

Zinc is found in dry fruits, cereals and pulses.

~Zinc supplements with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, niacin, calcium and iron will help.

~Make sure you get adequate nutrition, especially in protein.

~Use gloves when washing dishes.

~Avoid using drying chemicals, like nail polish remover.

Other causes: Thyroid malfunction and poor blood circulation.

Symptom 4: Constant cold

You are one of those who catches nearly everything that is in the air, be it the flu or any other infection.

The reasons: Lack of immunity and lack of zinc in your body.

The cure:

~Increase your zinc intake. Your immunity will strengthen.

~Drink plenty of water. It increases immunity.

~Make sure you take Vitamin C rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Other causes: Late bedtimes and poor sleep.

Symptom 6: Halitosis/ bad breath

What you should know: Most people are not even aware they suffer from bad breath!

One way to find out if you have bad breath: Lick the back of your hand and smell it.

The reasons: Poor dental hygiene, gum disease or eating too many 'smelly foods', like onions and garlic.

The cure:

~Drink plenty of water -- at least ten to 12 glasses every day.

Other causes: Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle.

Symptom 7: Body odour

What you should know: Everybody sweats. Sweat is your body's way of regulating temperature.

On average, we lose over a litre of sweat a day.

Sweat is actually odourless.

The reason: When bacteria feed on the sweat from the armpits and groin, it gives rise to certain chemicals that emit an odour.

The more you sweat, the more likely you will have body odour.

Not washing yourself regularly, and wearing unwashed clothes day after day will add to body odour.

The cure:

~Avoid foods like onion, fish, garlic and spicy foods.

~Exercise, anxiety, hot weather, and certain medical conditions make the body sweat more. So change clothes daily and wash them regularly.

~Use deodorants.

~Maintain an ideal weight.

~Drink lots of water.


Symptom 8: Excessive sweet craving

The reason: Lack of the trace mineral, Chromium, in your diet.

What you should know: Chromium helps the body stabilise blood sugar levels and makes better use of insulin. 

This lessens the urge to dive into those delicious, appetising sweets. 

Chromium also promotes muscle growth and decreases body fat.

Chromium is found in cereals and pulses.

Other causes: Lack of self-control, avarice!

Symptom 9: Acne/ pimples

The reason: Hair follicles in the skin have sebaceous glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. This sebum makes the skin feel greasy.

What you should know:

~Along with dead skin cells, this sebum blocks the hair follicles (pores), which increases inflammation. Sometimes, it engenders bacteria.

~Acne is not caused by poor hygiene and is not infectious.

The cure:

~Get a good supply of Vitamin A. This is present in green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruits, vegetables, milk and some oils.

~Get a good supply of Vitamin C -- present in fresh fruits and vegetables -- Vitamin E and zinc.

~Make sure you drink around eight to ten glasses of water a day.

~Keep the skin clean and free of excess grease. Use a medicated lotion or gel from the pharmacist.

Other causes: Some people find they get more spots after they have eaten certain foods, or if they are under stress.

In these cases, avoid these triggers!

Samreedhi Sharma is a personal trainer and nutritionist. You can reach her at

A good workout? Only 20 minutes!

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Sub: 100% healthy ? You may not be

Kndly explain about the Stressed physically mentally and the cure for the same Kind regards,

Posted by sadanandrao

Sub: 100% healthy ? You may not be !

" DONT MISS! A good workout? Only 20 minutes!" This does not open on internet. Is it closed now ? Pls check. ...


Sub: 100%healthy? You may not be !

Excellent article. More such tips are needed for public awareness. P.J.LAKHAPATE

Posted by Mr.P.J.LAKHAPATE


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