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Watch the Content of Your Mobile on Your TV

June 05, 2015 17:46 IST

You just came back from a long vacation. You wish to share the pictures of your vacation with your friends at a house party this weekend. How would you do it?

Why take pains of transferring the pictures to a CD or a pen drive when you can simply connect your laptop or smartphone to your TV and show the pictures on a big screen?

Miracast Dongle

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How can you connect your smartphone/laptop/tablet with your TV?

A Chromecast is a dongle that creates sync between your multimedia device and your TV with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to stream songs, videos, photos and more. Now, you can watch the multimedia content from your tablet/PC/smartphone on your TV screen.

What you can do with your Chromecast

 #1 Play songs/videos from the internet on your TV

Get the party started by playing the latest songs and videos from the internet on your big screen.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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You can change the songs/videos from your TV itself with this amazing wireless keyboard and mouse packed in one device.

 #2 Bored of playing your favourite game on a small screen? Switch to Chromecast

 Now you can play your favourite Angry Birds game on your TV.

 #3 Share pictures from your last trip with all your friends

 You enjoyed sky-diving on your recent trip. Show your friends how high you were with Chromecast. Show your friends of the thrill you experienced on a big screen.

Measy Dongle

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#4 Make office presentations real time

Why get in to the hassles of connecting your laptop to a projector when you can directly access the office presentation in your phone on a big screen?

How to setup your Chromecast?

TV with HDMI output, Wi-Fi connection, multimedia device (PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet) 

6 Easy Steps to configure a Chromecast

Step 1 - Connect the dongle or chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV and insert one side of the USB cable that comes along with your Chromecast in the Chromecast port and the other end of the cable in the power outlet.

HDMI Output

Step 2 - Select the HDMI mode on your TV

Step 3 - Download the Chromecast Utility software on your PC/tablet/smartphone and install it

Step 4 - Open Chromecast Utility and a code will appear on both your device and TV.

Step 5 - If the codes match, your Chromecast is configured to your TV.

Step 6 - Now open the Chromecast Utility app and configure your default Wi-Fi connection.

Google Chromecast

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Your chromecast is ready to use when your device screen displays ‘ready to cast’ on the screen.



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