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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 8 Gadgets Under Rs 350 That Will Make You Love Your Smartphone Even More

8 Gadgets Under Rs 350 That Will Make You Love Your Smartphone Even More

Last updated on: November 28, 2017 13:04 IST

#1 Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Smartphone screen magnifier

Buy Smartphone Screen Magnifier + Earphones @ Rs 349

If you love to watch movies on your smartphone, this screen magnifier is just for you. Place your smartphone on this magnifier to get a cinematic experience at home.

#2 Xiaomi Earphones

Samsung Earphones

 Buy 1 Get 1 - Samsung Earphones @ Rs 199

The earphones that came with your smartphone may be reasonably good. But, these Xiaomi earphones are seriously good. Meant for music lovers.

#3 Lazy Bed Mobile Holder

Lazy mobile holder

 Buy Lazy Mobile Holder @ Rs 174

When you are just too lazy to hold your smartphone while watching a movie. This lazy bed mobile holder is the answer.

#4 Mobile Charging Stand

Mobile charging stand

 Buy Mobile Charging Stand (Set of 2) @ Rs 139

Why place your beloved smartphone on the floor while charging? Use this mobile charging stand to charge your phone worry-free. The package includes two stands.

#5 Samsung Power Bank

Sony Power Bank

 Buy Sony Power Bank Starting @ Rs 299

You are on a video call with your loved one and the phone gets switched off. Nothing can be more frustrating than this. Use a power bank to avoid such situations.

#6 VR Glasses

VR Glasses

 Buy VR Glasses @ Rs 299

Insert your phone into this VR headset for an immersive experience. Be it watching a full HD travel video or playing a 3D game, this VR headset makes it worth your time.

#7 Mini Bluetooth Headset

Mini Bluetooth Headset

 Buy Mini Bluetooth Headset @ Rs 275

Need to answer an urgent call while driving? This mini Bluetooth headset is super tiny and easily fits in your ears.

#8 OTG Adapter + Mobile Ring Holder

Ring Stent and OTG

 Buy Mobile Ring Holder + OTG Adapter @ Rs 110

This one is an ultimate combo for all the smartphone users out there. It consists of an OTG adapter and a ring holder. Let's understand what these products do!

Want to transfer the data stored on your smartphone onto the PC without actually connecting to it? This OTG adapter lets you transfer the content of your smartphone to a pen drive or an external hard drive. Now, there is no need to connect your smartphone to the PC.

Attach this ring holder to your mobile phone as it reduces the risk of dropping your mobile phone accidentally.



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