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5 Things That Protect Your Gadgets & Appliances

Last updated on: October 12, 2015 17:09 IST

#1 GM Quadro 4 Spike Guard – Protect your gadgets from sudden power cuts

GM Quadro Spike Guard

Buy GM Quadro 4 Spike Guard @ Rs 839

If you reside in an area where sudden power cuts are usual, there are chances that your gadgets may get damaged as the inbuilt electronic circuit cannot handle imbalance in power flow. The GM Quadro 4 Spike Guard works on thermal trip technology to power off the system which saves the connected devices in the event of a severe over current.

#2 Luminous Home UPS System – Not just gadgets, this home UPS protects all your home appliances too

Luminous Home UPS

Buy Luminious Zelio 1100 Home UPS @ Rs 5455

Luminous Zelio Home UPS displays the power backup duration in hours and minutes. Now, you can play your day efficiently without leaving your gadgets and devices plugged in. For instance, if you think the power backup cannot support your appliances for a full day, you can smartly switch off a few lesser relevant devices. Zelio Home UPS is an ideal choice for a reliable power back-up solution within the urban space.

#3 GM Twin USB World Travel Adapter Kit – Charge multiple devices in one go

GM World Travel Twin USB Adaptor Kit

Buy GM World Travel Twin USB Adaptor Kit @ Rs 846

Imagine a situation where is one only plug socket and two devices need to be charged urgently. It isn’t practically possible to charge both the devices simultaneously as one device reserves the socket. Use this twin USB world travel adapter kit which allows you to charge more than one device at a time. Also, it comes with multiple socket options which enable you to carry this kit all around the world.

#4 Mobile Phone Charging Stand – Protect your phone from accidental drops

Mobile Phone Charging Stand

Buy Mobile Charging Stand (Set of 2) @ Rs 130

When your electronic socket is at a height, avoid leaving your phone hanging while charging. There are chances that your phone drops or the charging socket gets affected. Use this mobile phone charging stand as it holds your smartphone and allows you to charge the phone smoothly.

#5 Car Mobile Phone Holder – Protect your smartphone from unwanted scratches

Car Mobile Phone Holder

Buy Universal Car Mobile/GPS Holder @ Rs 590

When you are in a car, you usually tend to place your phone along with other things in the glove compartment. The sharp objects or sun rays could harm your phone. You can place your valuable smartphone in this car mobile phone holder to protect it completely.



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