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4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Headphones

Last updated on: October 29, 2015 16:35 IST


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#1 In-ear vs Over-the-ear headphones


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In-ear headphones are the tiniest and super portable headphones which are ideal for listening to music on the go. These in-ear headphones easily fit in your ears and are an ideal pick while travelling or listening to music for long hours.

Over-the-ear or supra-aural headphones are a lot bigger than your in-ear headphones as they sit on your ears. These headphones deliver high quality music with superior bass but are not ideal for enjoying music for a longer time.

#2 Noise cancelling


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If you are buying a new pair of headphones, look for noise cancellation feature as it is extremely vital. Noise cancellation feature is actually a smart feature where tiny earphones absorb the outside noise and produce noise in an opposite frequency. In simple language, these headphones literally blocks the unwanted external noise so that the listener to enjoy pure music.

#3 Purpose – Music/Gaming


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Before buying a pair of headphones, you must first ask yourself why you need them. If your reason is music, look for headphones with superior output. However, if you need a pair of headphones for playing games, look for the ones that come with surround sound feature as they enhance your experience of playing the game. For instance, in a shooting game, a pair of headphones with good surround sound will alert you about the approaching enemy well in advance.

#4 Wired/Wireless

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This is a subjective decision. If you are looking for convenience, go for wired headphones. However, the sound quality of wired headphones is way better than the wireless ones.




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