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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Over-the-Ear Headphones Instead of In-Ear Headphones

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Over-the-Ear Headphones Instead of In-Ear Headphones

Last updated on: July 15, 2015 16:38 IST

Over the ear vs In ear headphones

#1 Gradual but complete loss of hearing eventually

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When loud music is directly played in your ears can easily lead to hearing loss in the long run. According to a survey conducted by a division of Siemens, out of 500 teens, 46% confirmed varied levels of pain in their ears which eventually leads to hearing loss.

#2 Myth: Over-the-ear headphones are more harmful as they are BIG in size than smaller headphones


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According to Journal of American Medical Research Association, hearing loss is 30% higher today than it was in 90s due to loud exposure of music to your ears. People believe that larger headphones cause more harm to your ears while it is the other way around. The in-ear headphones which deliver the sound directly to your ears cause more damage.

#3 Over-the-ear headphones produce better frequency


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Frequency is the range of sounds that a pair of headphones reproduces. The frequency of headphones is better than that of earphones. The larger headphones produces better bass and other smaller sounds as the drivers in these headphones are larger as compared to in-ear headphones. This allows a person to hear a track at a moderate volume which thereby keeps hearing problems at bay.

#4 Over the ear headphones are ideal for noise-cancellation


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No matter how good your in-ear headphones are at cancelling the external noise, the loud music damages your ear canal. Go for over the ear headphones as the rounded cushion is way better at blocking outside noise and so you don’t have to play your favourite track very loudly.



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