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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 4 Reasons Why Apple's Smartwatch Is Not Fit To Be Your Next Timekeeper

4 Reasons Why Apple's Smartwatch Is Not Fit To Be Your Next Timekeeper

Last updated on: October 30, 2015 15:10 IST

#1 Apple fails to explain why we must own one

Unlike any other product, Apple’s smartwatch definitely lacks a strong proposition as to why the users must go for one. The company, who is otherwise pretty zealous about their new launches every year, seems to have got it wrong this time. iPod was all about listening to songs on the go, iPad has earned the tag of a portable PC, iPhone changed the way people use smartphones. Apple’s products have always been remarkable but can we predict the same about the new smartwatch? It can do a lot of things but nothing that cannot be done on other smartwatches.



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#2 Only meant for iPhone users

Apple has always catered to a larger audience but this time, it seems to narrow down with this limitation. A PC owner may buy an iPad, a Samsung tab owner may go in for a MacBook but not even a single Android smartphone user will be able to buy Apple’s smartwatch.


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#3 With that price tag, A person would rather choose a luxury watch

Most people have stopped wearing watches ever since smartphones entered the game. When your phone can show you time, why would you want to wear a watch on your wrist?


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#4 There is no place for an additional gadget

If a person adds a gadget to his life, it surely must be making a difference to it. However, in the case of an Apple smartwatch, the must-have factor can be easily ruled out as the device does not seem to have any worthy feature which would make one buy it. Also, our pockets and bags are filled with gadgets like smartphones, tablets and so on. Nothing less worthy has a space in our life.


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