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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 14 Expensive Looking Watches That Actually Don't Cost a Fortune

14 Expensive Looking Watches That Actually Don't Cost a Fortune

Last updated on: April 01, 2016 10:44 IST

Armani Watch

Buy Armani Watch @ Rs 3399

#1 Ferrari Watch - For those who live life on the edge

Ferrari Watch

Buy Ferrari Watch @ Rs 5299

This uber-cool Ferrari watch is a must have for speed demons and adventure freaks. This watch is meant for the achievers of today.

#2 Casio Edifice Beside Watch – Make a bold statement

Casio Beside Watch

Buy Casio Beside Watch @ Rs 2999

When all else fails, stick to the classics. This black watch by Casio is a versatile pick and would go well with both formal and casual outfits.

#3 Casio Edifice Men's Watch – This one is no less than a dream

Casio Edifice Watch

Buy Casio Illuminator Chronograph Watch @ Rs 3299

You may have usually seen such a watch on the wrist of the leading achievers. Why wait to reach that stage! This elegant timepiece is already waiting to be yours.

#4 Casio Edifice Men's Watch – For all the men who mean business

Casio Watch

Buy Casio Edifice Red Bull Edition Watch @ Rs 2999

Lady, we have chosen this for you as you play multiple roles throughout the day. The beauty about this watch is that it goes well with your corporate attire throughout the day and your party dress in the evening as well.

#5 Casio Edifice Black and Gold Watch – Go, steal the show!

Casio Watch

Buy Casio Edifice Watch @ Rs 2999

In a party or any other private gathering, there is this one man who always steals the show. This Casio watch with gold detailing in the dial makes the wearer stand out from the crowd. Now, we leave it up to you!

#6 Casio Edifice White & Gold Watch – Own the moment

Casio Edifice Watch

Buy Casio Edifice White & Gold Watch @ Rs 3195

Whether you are at an interview or a meeting with a big client, there are times when you just want to own the moment. This watch from Casio can surely fulfil this desire of yours.

#7 Casio Beside Watch - Nothing like a classic timepiece

Casio Beside Watch

Buy Casio Beside Watch @ Rs 2999

When you are in no mood for gold and simply want to make a bold statement, just stick to the classics! This watch by Casio is a versatile pick both for work wear and casual outings.

#8 Laurels Watches - When you are a watch fanatic

Laurels Watches

Buy Laurels Watches @ Rs 399

There are watch fanatics who have a different watch for every day of the week and then there are some who pick a watch according to their mood. These timepieces by Laurels satiate the hunger of a watch fanatic with different and innovative watch designs.

#9 Sports Watches – When every second counts!

Suunto Watches

Buy Suunto Watches @ Rs 9744

When proving yourself is the only option left, all you have to do is race against time. These sports watches not just look trendy but also keep you ahead of time.

#10 Killer Watch, indeed!

Killer Watch

Buy Killer Men's Watch @ Rs 999

Who said all stylish watches need to be expensive! This one from Killer is a classic example. The brilliant stitch detailing on the black strap would surely compliment your personality.



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