Tuesday, February 12, saw Aamir Khan's Lagaan being nominated for the Oscar Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Needless to say, the cast and crew of Lagaan are absolutely elated.

One person who just can't stop raving is Aamir Khan's mother, Zeenat Hussain: "I am so happy for him. He is very hard working."

That joy has spread. It is a triumph for India and the Hindi film industry. Directors, producers, artistes -- everyone wants to join in the congratulatory calls.

Rediff.com presents an exclusive on the ripples created by the nomination in Bollywood:


Shahrukh Khan
I think it's a great honour for the country and for our cinema and I'm very happy for Ashutosh and Aamir. It's wonderful.


Amitabh Bachchan
It's a great moment for Indian cinema, for India for all of us. It must be wonderful for Aamir and Ashutosh. What their team has done for India, makes us very proud.

It will be a great moment of anticipation for us all when Aamir and Ashutosh sit in the nominees area at the Oscars,as the cameras pan their faces.It will be wonderful.


Subhash Ghai
Lagaan is not a triumph for Aamir and Ashutosh, but for Indian cinema. We are proud of the whole team who took part in this risk. Yes, it was a risk but emerged triumphant. When I saw the first trail of the film, I sent Ashutosh and Aamir a message that after a long time I had seen a perfect film. The nomination is well deserved. I hope it wins and bring greater glory.


Vashu Bhagnani
I think the whole industry should crown Aamir Khan. His conviction is a lesson for all of us. He has done the country proud. What happens later is not important. But his hard work through the years has finally paid off. I am very proud and happy for him.


Ram Gopal Verma
It is a fantastic achievement!


Jackie Shroff
I am so excited and happy. All the best to our young friend [Aamir] for putting us on the world map.


Raveena Tandon
It is absolutely great [news]. I have no words to express my feelings!


Rahul Khanna
I can't say much that hasn't been said already. Obviously I am thrilled. I got back to Aamir at once. It is fantastic not just for him but for the whole country. It has paved the way for Indian cinema. It is a huge step and he deserves it. It was a pathbreaking film and he did it with his eyes open. Hats off to him!

Mahima Choudhary


Suneel Darshan
This is fabulous news. Aamir is an old friend of mine. My younger brother Dharmesh directed him (Raja Hindustani, Mela) and I am really happy that his sincerity and hard work have paid off. He deserves it.


Om Puri
When I first went to see it I thought about the length of the film -- 3 hours and 40 minutes! But not once did I feel those hours while watching the film. After Sholay, this is the only film made with such conviction. I am glad it has gone for the Oscars. Even though the film was so Indian in theme and subject, it sustained interest. Aamir remains one of the few actors who has the conviction to do what he likes.


As told to Lata Khubchandani
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