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'Politics is not about goondas anymore'

Perizaad Zorabian, 30, has worked in movies like Jogger's Park, Bollywood Calling etc. She spoke to Ronjita Kulkarni.

What are the two things that you would like to change about India?

There are a lot of factors that plague India, the important ones being poverty and illiteracy. This forms a vicious cycle. Most of the problems in India are because of this. We are politically and emotionally volatile because of these factors, as politicians use these against each other. It's the minds of the poor that get affected by politicians. And the illiterates don't know any better. That's how we have riots.

I am a part of The Indian Express campaign that has taken up the cause to spread awareness among people so that they vote. Every vote of the educated masses counts. The educated people and the youth must express their opinion. We need to become more responsible, and we need to support the young candidates that stand for elections.

I took up this cause because I am one of those who really do not care about elections. I never voted before because I didn't really care about them. You know, the lines are too long and so on. So when The Indian Express group approached me, I was like, 'Are you mad!' But they told me that we must spread the awareness to vote. In a way, I am a role model to a lot of people and this awareness must start with me. I need to change first.


Celebrity Speak

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