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Yuvraj guides India to victory over Ireland

Last updated on: March 06, 2011 21:53 IST


RESULT: India 210-5 (46 ovs) beat Ireland 207 all out (47.5) by FIVE WICKETS.

Yuvraj Singh 50 not out (75b, 3x4), Yusuf Pathan 30 not out (24b, 2x4, 3x6)

India beat Ireland by five wickets to go top of Group B with five points from three games the same as England. It was a hard-earned victory in the end for the hosts as they needed 46 overs to overhaul Ireland's 207.

Yuvraj is the star player for India and also the man of the match as he hit a half-century and also claimed five wickets.

India completed the victory in the 46th over. The Batting Powerplay is taken or rather enforced with just five overs to go. Yuvraj takes a single off the first ball of Mooney's over to take India past the 200-run mark. Ireland sorely missing the services of David Johnston, who was injured during his wonderful first spell of two for 16 in five overs.

Yuvraj brings India closer as he flicks a full toss through midwicket for a thumping boundary to move to 49. He completes his fifty of the next ball to become the first cricketer to hit a half-century and take five wickets in the same match in a World Cup.

Yusuf finishes off things as he pulls a short ball for a four through fine leg.

India 199-5 (45) Target 208

Stirling keeps Yusuf quiet by bowling it fast and short. But just two dot balls before Yusuf deposits a full delivery into the stands over the bowler's head. Just nine needed from the last five overs for victory. Yuvraj on 44 from 72 balls, and it remains to be seen whether he will get his fifty, while Yusuf has raced to 25 from 21 balls.

India 192-5 (44) Target 208

Ireland have still not given up hope. Another tight over as Rankin concedes just two runs, making it four from the last two overs. But India in no hurry as 16 needed from six overs.

India 190-5 (43) Target 208

After that initial onslaught, Yusuf has decided to play it cautiously. India want to avoid any more dramas and both Yusuf and Yuvraj looking to deal only in singles.  Stirling is looking to bowling flat at Yusuf as he concedes just two runs in the 43rd over.

18 needed from 42 balls for victory for India.

India 188-5 (42) Target 208

The crowd are chanting 'Yusuf, Yusuf' as he is back on strike against Rankin, but he shows great maturity to take just a single off the medium pacer. Ireland seemed to be stunned with the sudden attack from Yusuf as Rankin bowls two wides. Five runs from that over and one feels it's only a matter of time before India will wrap up victory with 20 needed from eight overs.

India 183-5 (41) Target 208

WICKET: Dhoni lbw b Dockrell 34 (50b, 2x4)

Dockrell gives India some hope with the big wicket of Dhoni in his final over. The Indian captain is trapped leg before wicket for 34, and he promptly asks for a review, which is ruled in the bowler's favour.

Yusuf Pathan walks out to huge cheer and immediately brings the Indian spectator back to life. He pulls the second ball that he faced over midwicket for a four and follows that up with a huge six over long-on.

He continues to punish Dockrell as he launches another flighted delivery high into the stands over long-on.

Yusuf has raced to 16 from five balls and India now need 25 from the remaining nine overs for victory.

India 167-4 (40) Target 208

Ireland are slowly losing their grip on the game as India look to be cruising to victory. Dhoni and Yuvraj milking the bowling with considerable ease as they pick five singles from Rankin's eighth over to leave it 41 needed from the last ten overs.

India 162-4 (39) Target 208

Dockrell comes back for one final go, with just two overs remaining in his spell. He gives away four singles in that over as the Indians seem to be in control, while Ireland are looking clueless at the moment on how to make the breakthrough at this point.

India 158-4 (38) Target 208

A lucky moment for Dhoni and India. The Indian captain got a thick inside edge that went on to his pads and lobbed on the leg side, but it fell safely despite three men convering on it. He flicked the next ball from Cusack through square leg for a couple of runs and then gets a single.

Cusack helps India relieve the pressure as he delivers a full toss on leg stumps that Yuvraj caresses through midwicket for a much needed boundary.

Eight runs from that over helped ease the asking run rate somewhat and now India need 50 from the remaining 12 overs for victory.

India 150-4 (37) Target 208

Wonder when India will take the Batting Powerplay? I believe, they will delay it as long as possible since both Dhoni and Yuvraj look quite comfortable out in the middle. The duo bring up their 50-run partnership off 78 balls for the fifth wicket in the 37th over and they now just need 58 runs from the remaining 13 overs for victory.

Stirling has given away just three runs in that over for total figures of none for 36 in eight overs.

India 147-4 (36) Target 208

Ireland are able to tie the Indians down by using the medium pacer, but it is wickets that the visitors need. Cusack gives just three singles but the Indians are hardly bothered as they continue to build the score.

India 144-4 (35) Target 208

India are having it easy despite dealing in only singles. They get five runs from the 35th over bowled by Stirling to continue chipping away at the target. Dhoni looks nicely settled, while Yuvraj is also content playing the waiting game.

India 139-4 (34) Target 208

Cusask replaces Rankin as Ireland continue their ploy of bowling medium pacers from one end. Ireland have an attacking field with both the mid-on and mid-off in the circle and Dhoni has no problems hitting a full delivery down the ground for a four. India manage to relieve some pressure by getting seven runs from that over.

India 132-4 (33) Target 208

Dockrell also keeps it tight, conceding just two runs in the next over. Infact, Dhoni is beaten outside the off-stump as he looks to play it on the off-side for a single. India now need 76 runs from the remaining 17 overs.

India 130-4 (32) Target 208

Rankin continues to toil away from one end. India manage just three singles from that over as Rankin continues to bowl to his field and frustrate the hosts.

India 127-4 (31) Target 208

Dockrell comes back for a new spell, but bowls an expensive over first up. Yuvraj drives Dockrell down the ground twice for two doubles as India get seven runs from that over.

India 120-4 (30) Target 208

The crowd is getting restless and so is Yuvraj. He tries a wild pull across the line against Rankin, that he misses and he immediately realises his mistakes as he lets the next two balls pass to the wicketkeeper. Terrific over from Rankin as he gets the ball to slant across Yuvraj and the left-hander is content to let it go for a maiden over.

India 120-4 (29) Target 208

White also gives just two runs in his fifth over. Dhoni and Yuvraj showing some patience, not wanting to give their wickets away and give Ireland control. Ireland need a wicket or two here to trigger panic in the Indian dressing room.

India 118-4 (28) Target 208

Ireland making it hard for the Indian batsmen. Rankin shows great discipline to bowl according to his field and ends up giving away just two runs in that over. Yuvraj seems to be content on playing the waiting game, not wanting to take any unnecessary risks.

India 116-4 (27) Target 208

Dhoni gets his first boundary as he thrashed a full toss from White through the covers. A big cheer erupts through the stadium as the crowd finally wake up. Seven runs came from that over and India now need 92 runs from the remaining 23 overs. Meanwhile, the umpires have changed the ball with the old white ball getting a bit too dirty for their liking.

India 109-4 (26) Target 208

Rankin comes in for a second spell. He is bowling with a slip and nearly got Dhoni to edge an outgoing delivery, but the Indian captain was lucky on that occasion. Dhoni is kept quiet for four deliveries of that over, before Dhoni pulls a short ball to square leg for two runs.

India 107-4 (25) Target 208

Stirling bowls a good tight over before Yuvraj ruins it off the final delivery. The left-hander is quick to pounce on a short delivery, which he pulls over midwicket for a four. Stirling had given away just a single in the first five deliveries of that over.

India 101-4 (24) Target 208

WICKET: Kohli run out 34 (53b, 3x4)

A big wicket for Ireland as Kohli is run out for 34. Yuvraj cut a short ball towards point and had a big misunderstanding with Kohli over a single causing the latter to lose his wicket because of a run out.

India's lower middle order will be tested here. It is not easy to bat in these conditions, with spinners getting a fair amount of assistance. The onus is now on the experienced duo of Yuvraj and Dhoni to take India to safety.

They need another 106 runs from 26 overs for victory.

India 99-3 (23) Target 208

Yuvraj looking to be positive. He charges down the wicket to Dockrell and hits him through midwicket but sharp fielding on the boundary keeps him down to a single. Kohli tries to play the cut shot but gets a thick edge, which wicketkeeper Niall O'Brien has failed to hold on to, to give the batsman a single.

India 95-3 (22) Target 208

Yuvraj Singh, India's hero with the ball, now has a huge task on hand with the bat. He glances Stirling fine on the leg side for a double and then hits the next ball through the same region for the same result.

India 90-3 (21) Target 208

WICKET: Tendulkar lbw b Dockrell 38 (56b, 4x4)

A big wicket for Ireland.

Dockrell, who was not even born when Tendulkar played his first World Cup in 1992, gets the master batsman's wicket. Tendulkar looks to sweep him across the line but misses and is trapped leg before wicket for 38.

Tendulkar had a long discussion with Kohli on whether they should take the referral but in the end the veteran walks after Kohli confirms it was plumb in front.

A very good over for Ireland, just three runs and the big wicket of Tendulkar.

India 87-2 (20) Target 208

Kevin O'Brien into the attack now. He failed with the bat and Ireland would be hoping he can perform some magic with the ball. A quiet first over as the Indian batsmen steal four singles from that over.

India 83-2 (19) Target 208

Stirling has settled into a good rhythm. He is pitching it just outside the off-stump and getting the ball to turn a great deal. The two batsmen took two singles each for four runs from that over. The duo are quite content to play the waiting game and just deal in singles and twos.

India 79-2 (18) Target 208

Kohli starts the over with a single through mid-on. Tendulkar plays the paddle sweep for a boundary through fine leg that also brings up the 50-run partnership for the third wicket with Kohli. Good over for India as they get eight runs from that White over with another few singles.

India 71-2 (17) Target 208

Stirling gets one to turn sharply into Kohli. Interestingly, one could see a puff of dust coming out as the ball pitched on the wicket. A good over from Stirling as he concedes just two runs in that over.

India 69-2 (16) Target 208

Off-spinner Andrew White into the attack. Tendulkar has a look at him as he plays out the first two balls before charging down the wicket and hitting White down the ground for a single. Just three runs from that over as Ireland have managed to stop the flow of boundaries with ten coming from the last three overs.

India 66-2 (15) Target 208

As was witnessed during the Ireland innings, with the ball having lost it's shine the batsmen are finding it easy. Kohli and Tendulkar are looking to rotate the strike and have cut out the risky shots, so the scoreboard ticks along at a fair rate. Stirling concedes four runs from that over as Ireland look to stifle the scoring rate.

India 62-2 (14) Target 208

Change of ends for Dockrell. Tendulkar had a nervous moment in that over as he chipped one over the covers that landed short of the fielder on the boundary. Just three runs from that over and a close shave for Tendulkar.

India 59-2 (13) Target 208

Off-spinner Paul Stirling comes into the attack to replace Dockrell, who was in the middle of a good spell. He starts with a short ball down the leg side and Kohli helps himself to a boundary through the fine leg region. Four more singles to end another good over for India.

India 51-2 (12) Target 208

John Mooney replaces Johnston. Kohli gives him a nice welcome as he pulls a short ball through fine leg for a four. He gets a thick edge which goes to the thirdman region for a single. Another couple of singles in that over as India pick up seven runs from that over.

India 44-2 (11) Target 208

Ireland take the Bowling Powerplay.

Dockrell continues his interesting battle against Kohli, keeping him tied down for four balls before he takes a single off the fifth ball. Good over from the young spinner as he gives just a single in that over.

India 43-2 (10) Target 208

Tendulkar shows his class as he unleashes his trademark straight drive for a magnificent boundary past a diving mid-on fielder. Tendulkar plays the next delivery, a bit short in length, to the thirdman region for a single. Johnston has taken a tumble in his follow through and seems to have injured himself. A brief stoppage in play as the Irish physio rushes out to attend Johnston, who seems to hurt his right knee.

Johnston seems in discomfort yet bowls the remaining two deliveries to complete that over.

India 37-2 (9) Target 208

A good battle between two youngsters -- Kohli and Dockrell. Kohli tries in vain as he hits a few good shots straight to the fielder before he gets lucky as his inside edge misses the stumps and crashes into the fine leg region for a four.

India 33-2 (8) Target 208

Kohli looks quite confident while defending. This situation will suit him perfectly as he has shown in the last year or so, by playing match-winning innings batting second with the team under pressure.

Kohli and Tendulkar exchange a few singles as three runs come from Johnston over.

India 30-2 (7) Target 208

Ireland introduce spin in the form of 18-year-old left-arm spinner George Dockrell. Tendulkar, who is double Dockrell's age, welcomes him to the crease with a sweetly timed boundary through the covers. He is unlucky not to pick another four in that over as the cover fielder comes up with a brilliant save to give away just a single. Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a single as he drives a full delivery to the long-off fielder.

India 24-2 (6) Target 208

Johnston silences the crowd yet again!

Gambhir is caught by Alex Cusack at short fine leg for 11 as he tries to flick it fine of that fielder. A big blow for India having lost both Sehwag and Gambhir cheaply, a few nervous moments for the hosts.

A wicket maiden from Johnston. Ireland are certainly not out of the count, despite their lowly score.

India 24-1 (5) Target 208

A few Irish fielders get excited as Tendulkar's mistimed cover drive is in the air for a bit but falls safely. A few balls later, Gambhir plays the leg glance for a superb boundary fine on the leg side. Sunil Gavaskar on commentary compares that shot to the legendary Ranjitsinghji's famous leg glance.

India 18-1 (4) Target 208

Tendulkar drives a full delivery down the ground but the bowler Johnston gets his hand down in time to stop a certain boundary. The master rotates the strikes with a quick single in the covers. Gambhir decides to break the shackles as he charges down the wicket while giving himself room and cuts Johnston through the off-side for his first four.

India 12-1 (3) Target 208

Gambhir gets another single on the leg side as Rankin drifts on the left-hander's pads and Tendulkar also picks up a single through that same region. Good over from Rankin.

India 10-1 (2 ovs) Target 208

WICKET: Sehwag c and b Johnston 5 (3b, 1x4)

Trent Johnston silences the M Chinnaswamy stadium with a wicket of Sehwag. Johnston struck with his first delivery of the match as he had Sehwag caught and bowled five as he looked to play it on the leg side.

Johnston celebrates in his own unique style with some unique Irish dance if we may call it.

Gautam Gambhir off the mark with a single on the leg side.

India 9-1 (1 ovs)

Virender Sehwag gets off the mark in his trademark fashion. He slams Boyd Rankin for a four through the covers off the first ball of the innings. A couple of balls later, Sachin Tendulkar also gets off the mark in similar fashion as he flicks a full delivery through square leg for a four.

IRELAND 207 all out

Earlier, Yuvraj Singh's first five-wicket haul of his career helped India bowl out Ireland for a modest 207.

Ireland's captain William Porterfield scored a fighting 75 in 104 balls after his team were invited to bat by Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Yuvraj came on in the 26th over and bowled with excellent flight and guile to finish with a career-best five for 31, including the key wickets of Porterfield and Kevin O'Brien, scorer of the World Cup's fastest ever century on Wednesday.

Known more for his explosive batting, Yuvraj showed that his left-arm off spin was just as lethal as he bowled his quota of 10 overs on the trot, taking wickets at regular intervals to ensure that the Ireland run rate never took off.

Earlier, Zaheer Khan gave India the perfect start by bowling Paul Stirling in the first over of the day and removing Ed Joyce in his next over. He finished with three for 30.

Ireland went into a shell and crawled to 27-2 after 10 overs as Zaheer got the ball to move around dangerously and Dhoni brought on his spinners from the fourth over of the day.

Porterfield and Niall O'Brien (46) steadied the Irish innings as they mixed some determined batting with some pugnacious strokeplay to lead the fightback with a stubborn 113-run partnership.

O'Brien fell short of a well deserved 50 after he was run out by a smart piece of fielding by Virat Kohli.
Andrew White (5) fell soon after to herald the entry of Kevin O'Brien, fresh from his amazing match-winning 113 off 63 balls against England on Wednesday.

He did not get a chance to repeat his heroics this time as he fell to a smart catch by Yuvraj off his own bowling and Ireland had slipped from a comfortable 122-2 to 147-5.

Porterfield, meanwhile, held the fort at one end as the wickets fell at the other but he was the sixth wicket to fall. Some more resistance by the lower order helped Ireland inch over the 200-run mark.