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Spider Cams: A boon for the TV viewers, a distraction for the players

April 21, 2011 11:47 IST

It might make the Indian Premier League an appointment television, if that is not already the case.

But ask the players and most will admit it is a distraction.

We are referring to the ultra-modern spider cams here.

An aerial device that is suspended with the help of cables tied to the floodlight pillars, the spider cam is meant to enhance the television viewing experience for those who prefer watching the match in the comforts of their homes.

Kieron PollardThe idea is to keep moving the camera continuously to cover all angles and capture every vital moment in the game, thereby making the live telecast of a match much more interesting.

However, while the technology might work for the television viewers, it definitely doesn't work for the players on the ground.

Many players are of the view that the spider cam comes too close to the field and thereby distracts them.

In Mumbai Indians' match against Pune Warriors at the Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday, Sachin Tendulkar in particular seemed too disturbed by the same.

And though the Master Blaster has thus far refrained from commenting on the issue, there are players who have been vocal about their displeasure.

"Yes, it is a bit of a distraction," said Kieron Pollard, of the Mumbai Indians.

"Not just while batting, it's a distraction even while fielding," continued the Caribbean, adding, "Because the camera is very closely placed, some of the fielders are seeing it from the corner of the vision as well.

"It is important to take it away from the players at crucial times."

Yuvraj Singh seemed to concur.

"It was a distraction for Sachin for sure," laughed the Pune Warriors' captain, before proceeding to elaborate what he felt was the problem.

"When it (the spider cam) is in front of you, it is definitely distracting because you are trying to concentrate on the ball," explained Yuvraj, adding, "But when it is behind, it is fine.

"I don't think it should come in the way when you batting or fielding. The guys operating the camera should be careful about it."

What works for some needn't necessarily help others.

And the spider camera is no different.

The television viewers may benefit from this latest technological innovation at the cricket venues, but the players on the field are definitely suffering.

Bikash Mohapatra Mumbai