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Sydney - 4th Test

Sydney Cricket Ground

Venue for: Fourth Test, 2-6 Jan 2003

First used in the 1850s, the SCG held its first Test match in 1882, becoming the country's second Test venue after Melbourne.

The ground originally aided batting – the late Sir Donald Bradman made a personal best 452 not out for New South Wales against Queensland in 1929-30.

But spin bowlers have ruled the roost for the last 30 years, with Australia regularly selecting two front-line spinners.

In 2000, leg-spinner Stuart MacGill, who is virtually sure of figuring in the Sydney Test, took a first innings 7/104 in a six-wicket victory over West Indies.

Pace does sometimes prevail, however. South African paceman Fanie De Villiers took 10/123 in a nail-biting five-run second Test victory in 1993-94

Australia's dominance in recent results has been such that the Sydney Cricket Ground has played host to ‘dead rubbers’ for the last few years.

Yet there are few matches in world cricket will ever be accompanied by as sharp a sense of occasion as the fourth Test of the series against India. Steve Waugh has announced that the Tests will be his last.

Ground details:
First Test: Australia v England, 2nd Test, 1881/82
Result: Australia won by 5 wickets

Most Recent Test: Australia v Zimbabwe, Southern Cross Trophy 2nd Test, 2003/04
Result: Australia won by 9 wickets

Won by AusWon by IndDrawnTiedTotal

Matches played between India and Australia
1947-19482nd Test 12/12/47Match Drawn
1967-1968 4th Test 26/01/1968Aus won by 144 runs
1977-1978 4th Test 7/1/78Ind won by an inns and 2 runs
1980-1981 1st Test 2/1/81Aus won by an inns and 4 runs
1985-1986 3rd Test 2/1/86Match Drawn
1991-1992 3rd Test 2/1/92Match Drawn
1999-2000 3rd Test 2/1/00Aus won by an inns and 141 runs

Partnership records
1st234G Boycott and R W Barber (ENG)1965-1966 vs Aus
2nd224W Bardsley and C Hill (AUS)1910-1911 vs SA
 S M Gavaskar and M Amarnath (IND)1985-1986 vs Aus
3rd293R B Richardson and B C Lara (WIN)1992-1993 vs Aus
4th336W M Lawry and K D Walters (AUS)1968-1969 vs WI
5th405S G Barnes and D G Bradman (AUS)1946-1947 vs Eng
6th187W W Armstrong and C E Kelleway (AUS)1920-1921 vs Eng
7th160R Benaud and G D McKenzie (AUS)1963-1964 vs SA
8th154G J Bonnor and S P Jones (AUS)1884-1885 vs Eng
9th154S E Gregory and J M Blackham (AUS)1894-1895 vs Eng
10th130R E Foster and W Rhodes (ENG)1903-1904 vs Aus

Top 10 Batsmen (By aggregate runs)
Border, A RAus1729811089117756.05
Chappell, G SAus1222434204115063.89
Boon, D CAus1121344*184112762.61
Waugh, S R*Aus162316310396443.82
Walters, K DAus111923324290052.94
Hill, CAus122204119182437.45
Trumper, V TAus1019223*18580947.59
Hammond, W REng57214251808161.6
Bradman, D GAus81203223470358.58
Gregory, S EAus101921120169040.59

Top 10 bowlers (By aggregate wickets)
Warne, S K* Australia 520 143 1291 49 4 7/56 26.35
Turner, C T B Australia 440.2 209 602 45 4 7/43 13.38
Lillee, D K Australia 322.7 61 1036 43 0 4/40 24.09
Lindwall, R R Australia 246 41 726 42 2 7/63 17.29
Benaud, R Australia 392 95 1022 36 1 5/83 28.39
Lohmann, G A England 255.2 114 331 35 3 8/35 9.46
McGrath, G D* Australia 296.1 73 796 34 2 5/48 23.41
Giffen, G Australia 259.3 82 593 33 3 7/117 17.97
Spofforth, F R Australia 298.2 122 482 32 3 7/44 15.06
MacGill, S C G* Australia 257.4 59 699 31 3 7/50 22.55

Top 10 century makers for Australia
Walters, K D1965-19811968-1969 5th TestWest Indies1st242
Barnes, S G1938-19481946-1947 2nd TestEngland1st234
Bradman, D G1928-19481946-1947 2nd TestEngland1st234
Langer, J L1993-1999-2000 3rd TestIndia1st223
Chappell, G S1970-19841980-1981 1st TestIndia1st204
Gregory, S E1890-19121894-1895 1st TestEngland1st201
Hill, C1896-19121910-1911 1st TestSouth Africa1st191
Harvey, R N1948-19631952-1953 3rd TestSouth Africa1st190
McCabe, S J1930-19381932-1933 1st TestEngland1st*187
Trumper, V T1899-19121903-1904 1st TestEngland2nd*185

Century makers for India
Shastri, R J1981-19921991-1992 3rd TestAus1st206
Gavaskar, S M1971-19871985-1986 3rd TestAus1st172
Laxman, V V S1996-1999-2000 3rd TestAus2nd167
Tendulkar, S R1989-1991-1992 3rd TestAus1st*148
Amarnath, M1969-19881985-1986 3rd TestAus1st138
Srikkanth, K1981-19921985-1986 3rd TestAus1st116

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