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All you want to know about the Champions Trophy

Rajneesh Gupta | September 07, 2004 16:46 IST
Last Updated: September 10, 2004 21:20 IST

The ICC Champions Trophy sits alongside the World Cup as one of the two "majors" of international cricket. The two tournaments are the only occasions on the cricket calendar when all 10 Test-playing nations come together to compete in the one event.

This year, the world's best teams will be joined by the emerging one-day cricket nations, Kenya - the surprise team from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 - and the United States of America, which earned a place in the tournament after winning the ICC Six Nations Challenge in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in March.

To be staged in England for the first time, the ICC Champions Trophy provides teams the opportunity to benchmark their progress against each other with a format that has no leeway for mistakes.

In contrast to the ICC Cricket World Cup, which provides an extended format of matches and allows teams the chance to recover from a defeat or slump in form, the ICC Champions Trophy demands consistency and the ability to generate winning performances from start to finish.

With 15 games in 16 days, one defeat is likely to prevent a team from progressing to the finals.

Originally introduced as the ICC Knock Out tournament in 1998 and staged every two years since that time, the event has evolved into a round-robin competition with teams split into pool groups based on their official ICC one-day international rankings.

In 2002, the tournament was renamed the ICC Champions Trophy to reflect the new competition format.

Check the following statistics:
Summary of tournaments
Result summary
Highest team totals
Lowest team totals
Largest margins of victory
Narrowest margins of victory
Individual hundreds
Leading run-scorers
Best batting strike rate
Highest partnership for each wicket
Best bowling in a match
Best all-round performance in a match
Most catches in a match
Most dismissals in a match
Most man of match awards
Most matches as umpire

Summary of tournaments:
1998-99Bangladesh9South AfricaWest Indies
2000-01Kenya11New ZealandIndia
2002-03Sri Lanka12India - Sri Lanka*-
* India and Sri Lanka were declared joint winners after no result could be achieved in the final played twice

Result summary:
CountryPlayedWonLostNRTiedWinning %
New Zealand752--71.43
South Africa862--75.00
Sri Lanka9522-55.56
West Indies633--50.00

Highest team totals:
316-5 (50 overs)SAKenColombo (RPS)20 Sep 2002Won
307-8 (50 overs)IndAusDhaka28 Oct 1998Won
298-8 (50 overs)EngZimColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002Won
296-7 (50 overs)AusNZ Colombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002Won
295-6 (50 overs)IndSANairobi (Gym)13 Oct 2000Won
292-6 (50 overs)SL NetColombo (RPS)16 Sep 2002Won
289-9 (50 overs)WI PakDhaka29 Oct 1998Won
288-6 (50 overs)IndZimColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002Won
287-6 (50 overs)SL WI Nairobi (Gym)04 Oct 2000Won
283-4 (46.4 overs)SAEngDhaka25 Oct 1998Won
281-7 (50 overs)EngSADhaka25 Oct 1998Lost

Highest for other teams:
274-8 (50 overs)ZimIndColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002Lost
265-7 (50 overs)NZZimNairobi (Gym)09 Oct 2000Won
265-6 (49.4 overs)NZIndNairobi (Gym)15 Oct 2000Won
259-9 (50 overs)PakWIDhaka29 Oct 1998Lost
232-8 (50 overs)BDEngNairobi (Gym)05 Oct 2000Lost
232 (49.1 overs)KenWIColombo (SSC)17 Sep 2002Lost
136 (50 overs)NetPakColombo (SSC)21 Sep 2002Lost

Lowest team totals:
77 (19.3 overs)BDNZ Colombo (SSC)23 Sep 2002Lost
86 (29.3 overs)NetSL Colombo (RPS)16 Sep 2002Lost
129 (45.2 overs)BDAusColombo (SSC)19 Sep 2002Lost
132 (26.2 overs)NZ AusColombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002Lost
132 (23.4 overs) SL SADhaka30 Oct 1998Lost
136 (50 overs)NetPakColombo (SSC)21 Sep 2002Lost
140 (46.5 overs)KenSAColombo (RPS)20 Sep 2002Lost
162 (48.4 overs)AusSL Colombo (RPS)27 Sep 2002Lost
179 (46.4 overs)WI SL Nairobi (Gym)04 Oct 2000Lost
182 (44.1 overs)EngSANairobi (Gym)10 Oct 2000Lost
188 (49.5 overs)NZ SL Dhaka26 Oct 1998Lost
190-9 (48 overs)ZimEngColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002Lost
194 (45.4 overs)SL PakNairobi (Gym)08 Oct 2000Lost
200 (49.4 overs)PakSL Colombo (RPS)12 Sep 2002Lost
200 (41 overs)SAIndNairobi (Gym)13 Oct 2000Lost

Lowest for other teams:
242-6 (50 overs)Ind WIDhaka31 Oct 1998Lost

Largest margins of victory:
206 runsSL 292-6Net86Colombo (RPS)16 Sep 2002
176 runsSA316-5Ken140Colombo (RPS)20 Sep 2002
167 runsNZ 244-9BD77Colombo (SSC)23 Sep 2002
164 runsAus296-7NZ 132Colombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002
108 runsEng298-8Zim190-9Colombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002
108 runsSL 287-6WI 179Nairobi (Gym)04 Oct 2000
9 wicketsPak195-1SL 194Nairobi (Gym)08 Oct 2000
9 wicketsAus133-1BD129Colombo (SSC)19 Sep 2002
9 wicketsPak142-1Net136Colombo (SSC)21 Sep 2002

Narrowest margins of victory:
10 runsInd261-9SA251-6Colombo (RPS)25 Sep 2002
14 runsInd288-6Zim274-8Colombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002
20 runsInd265-9Aus245Nairobi (Gym)07 Oct 2000
2 wicketsSA238-8WI 242-8Colombo (SSC)13 Sep 2002
4 wicketsWI248-6SA 245Dhaka01 Nov 1998
4 wicketsPak 255-6NZ252Nairobi (Gym)11 Oct 2000
4 wicketsInd 265-6NZ264-6Nairobi (Gym)15 Oct 2000

Individual hundreds:
A Flower145164ZimIndColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002
SC Ganguly141*142IndSANairobi (Gym)13 Oct 2000
SR Tendulkar141128IndAusDhaka28 Oct 1998
DA Gunawardene132146SL WI Nairobi (Gym)04 Oct 2000
V Sehwag126104IndEngColombo (RPS)22 Sep 2002
ME Trescothick119102EngZimColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002
SC Ganguly117*109IndEngColombo (RPS)22 Sep 2002
SC Ganguly117130IndNZ Nairobi (Gym)15 Oct 2000
HH Gibbs116*119SAIndColombo (RPS)25 Sep 2002
HH Gibbs116126SAKenColombo (RPS)20 Sep 2002
JH Kallis113*100SASL Dhaka30 Oct 1998
M Kaif111*112IndZimColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002
BC Lara111120WI KenColombo (SSC)17 Sep 2002
Saeed Anwar105*134PakSL Nairobi (Gym)08 Oct 2000
Saeed Anwar104115PakNZ Nairobi (Gym)11 Oct 2000
PA Wallace103102WI SADhaka01 Nov 1998
ST Jayasuriya102*120SL PakColombo (RPS)12 Sep 2002
CL Cairns102*113NZ IndNairobi (Gym)15 Oct 2000
MS Atapattu101118SL NetColombo (RPS)16 Sep 2002
ADR Campbell100143ZimNZ Dhaka24 Oct 1998

Leading run-scorers:
SC GangulyInd1192575141*82.1467185.69320
JH KallisSA882424113*70.6751182.97130
SR TendulkarInd1110235914144.8843482.72110
R DravidInd11813457149.2949369.98030
ST JayasuriyaSL 991317102*39.6337384.99112
Saeed AnwarPak442289105*144.5037177.90210
V SehwagInd55227112690.33225120.44110
A FlowerZim44026714566.7530786.97110
HH GibbsSA331240116*120.0025594.12200
S ChanderpaulWI 5502387447.6037363.81010
MS AtapattuSL 99022810125.3335464.41111
BC LaraWI 66122411144.8027382.05110
PA WallaceWI 33022110373.67205107.80110
SP FlemingNZ 7702139630.4328076.07010
Yuvraj SinghInd9502088441.6021397.65020
RG TwoseNZ 3302038767.6724782.19020

Best batting strike rate
(Qualification: 100 runs)
123.03AC GilchristAus5501875437.40152010
120.44V SehwagInd55227112690.33225110
107.80PA WallaceWI 33022110373.67205110
105.26Imran NazirPak3301205940.00114010
100.93RR SinghInd65110873*27.00107011
97.74M KaifInd521130111*130.00133100
97.65Yuvraj SinghInd9502088441.60213020
96.39ME TrescothickEng44016011940.00166101
94.12HH GibbsSA331240116*120.00255200
90.80WJ CronjeSA3311486774.00163020
88.96DA GunawardeneSL 22013713268.50154100
88.27CD McMillanNZ 5511735243.25196020
86.97A FlowerZim44026714566.75307110
86.96DJ CullinanSA3301206940.00138010
85.69SC GangulyInd1192575141*82.14671320
84.99ST JayasuriyaSL 991317102*39.63373112
83.94CL CairnsNZ 221115102*115.00137100
83.92SO TikoloKen3301679355.67199020
82.97JH KallisSA882424113*70.67511130
82.72SR TendulkarInd1110235914144.88434110
82.19RG TwoseNZ 3302038767.67247020
82.05BC LaraWI 66122411144.80273110
81.39DPM JayawardeneSL 7611887737.60231020

Highest partnership for each wicket:
1st192V Sehwag & SC GangulyIndEngColombo (RPS)22 Sep 2002
2nd178*HH Gibbs & JH KallisSAIndColombo (RPS)25 Sep 2002
3rd160DA Gunawardene & DPM JayawardeneSL WI Nairobi (Gym)04 Oct 2000
4th132SR Tendulkar & A JadejaIndAusDhaka28 Oct 1998
5th118DPM Jayawardene & RP ArnoldSL IndColombo (RPS)30 Sep 2002
6th122CL Cairns & CZ HarrisNZ IndNairobi (Gym)15 Oct 2000
7th84*M Kaif & A KumbleIndZimColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002
8th46SK Warne & B LeeAusSL Colombo (RPS)27 Sep 2002
9th38HH Streak & RW PriceZimEngColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002
10th50KD Mills & SE BondNZ AusColombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002

Best bowling in a match:
JH Kallis5-307.3 oversSAWI Dhaka01 Nov 1998
GD McGrath5-377 oversAusNZ Colombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002
SB O'Connor5-468 oversNZ PakNairobi (Gym)11 Oct 2000
M Muralitharan4-155.3 oversSL NetColombo (RPS)16 Sep 2002
SE Bond4-215 oversNZ BDColombo (SSC)23 Sep 2002
KLT Arthurton4-3110 oversWI PakDhaka29 Oct 1998
RC Irani4-3710 oversEngZimColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002
SR Tendulkar4-389.1 oversIndAusDhaka28 Oct 1998
PJ Wiseman4-459.2 oversNZ ZimNairobi (Gym)09 Oct 2000
DT Hondo4-456 oversZimEngColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002
Zaheer Khan4-4510 oversIndZimColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002
M Dillon4-6010 oversWI SAColombo (SSC)13 Sep 2002
DT Hondo4-629 oversZimIndColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002
Azhar Mahmood4-6510 oversPakNZ Nairobi (Gym)11 Oct 2000

Best all-round performance in a match:
JH KallisSA37 & 5-30WI Dhaka01 Nov 1998
KLT ArthurtonWI 33 & 4-31PakDhaka29 Oct 1998
SR TendulkarInd141 & 4-38AusDhaka28 Oct 1998
Shahid AfridiPak55* & 3-18NetColombo (SSC)21 Sep 2002
V SehwagInd59 & 3-25SAColombo (RPS)25 Sep 2002
CL HooperWI 27 & 3-42SAColombo (SSC)13 Sep 2002

Most catches in a match:
JN Rhodes3SAWI Dhaka01 Nov 1998
MS Atapattu3SL SADhaka30 Oct 1998
Yuvraj Singh3IndSAColombo (RPS)25 Sep 2002
ADR Campbell3ZimIndColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002

Most dismissals in a match:
KC Sangakkara5 (4 ct + 1 st)SL NetColombo (RPS)16 Sep 2002
DO Obuya4 (1 ct + 3 st)KenSAColombo (RPS)20 Sep 2002
Moin Khan3 (3 ct)PakSL Nairobi (Gym)08 Oct 2000
RS Kaluwitharana3 (3 ct)SL WI Nairobi (Gym)04 Oct 2000
V Dahiya3 (2 ct + 1 st)IndSANairobi (Gym)13 Oct 2000
Khaled Masud3 (2 ct + 1 st)BDNZ Colombo (SSC)23 Sep 2002
AC Gilchrist3 (2 ct + 1 st)AusNZ Colombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002

Most man of match awards:
JH KallisSA3
V SehwagInd2

Most matches as umpire:
SA Bucknor1424 Oct 199830 Sep 2002
DR Shepherd1326 Oct 199830 Sep 2002
DL Orchard1029 Oct 199827 Sep 2002
S Venkataraghavan725 Oct 199820 Sep 2002
P Willey624 Oct 199813 Oct 2000
RB Tiffin415 Sep 200225 Sep 2002
RS Dunne325 Oct 199801 Nov 1998
DJ Harper312 Sep 200220 Sep 2002
EAR De Silva314 Sep 200223 Sep 2002
RE Koertzen314 Sep 200221 Sep 2002
DB Hair205 Oct 200010 Oct 2000

ICC Champions Trophy 2004: The Complete Coverage

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