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October 22, 2003

This is what a reader, Dinesh, had to say after the Mohali Test...

We were too defensive. Except the openers Sehwag and Chopra, all others were playing very cautiously, thereby putting unnecessary pressure on themselves. I was really shocked to see Sachin block even the overpitched deliveries that he normally despatches to the boundary. If we break our shackles and play positively we will be worldbeaters!!!

Do you agree? Or are we just deluding ourselves?

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Number of User Comments: 9

Sub: Combination of caution and lack of application

Yep Indian batsmen sometimes do tend to play too cautiously especially if its the opposition's team strike bowler. They give too much respect to Mcgrath, ...

Posted by Ravi Sathish

Sub: Defensive atttitude

I dont think we will be world beaters if we change attitude,there is no talent in Bowling and our Batsmen dont bat well under pressure ...

Posted by Kalyan

Sub: just a hype!!

Dinesh is 100% right. before the start of this 2 test match series, the Indian team and it playing in its own turf were hyped ...

Posted by hari

Sub: Lack of Endurance and over-confidence

It must be noted that Australia had played the previous match - a nerve wracker, where NZ's fightback challenged all team members, to win, and ...

Posted by Seshu

Sub: agreed

I totally agree with being agresive. Even if test matches if a ball is there to be depatched then thats he treatment it should be ...

Posted by Sudeep


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