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May 23, 2001

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Mark free for selection: ACB

Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Speed said the Australian Cricket Board (ACB) welcomed publication of the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Report on Corruption in International Cricket.

The 78-page report, written by the Director of the ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit, Sir Paul Condon, was released on Wednesday and Mr Speed said: "This is a well-considered and valuable examination of the issue that importantly offers cricket a clear path forward as it seeks to rid itself of the spectre of corruption."

Mark Waugh The report makes 24 recommendations, some of which, such as the need for greater player ownership of the game, improved player education on the subject of corruption, a tough anti-drug policy and the use of a security manager, are measures that have already been adopted by the ACB.

"The report marks just the start of the fight against corruption but it is pleasing to see that in several areas, the ACB appears to be on the right track according to this report," said Mr Speed.

"The debate must now move to next month's meeting of the Executive Board of the ICC, which will decide whether the measures outlined will be adopted," he added.

Commenting on references to Mark Waugh within the report, Mr Speed said: "Mark remains the subject on an on-going enquiry by both the ICC & the ACB, and the ACB's Special Investigator Greg Melick has produced an interim report that has been submitted to the ACB Directors and the ICC's Code of Conduct Commission.

"Sir Paul Condon has said in his report that he will continue to investigate the allegations contained in the CBI Report which includes claims against Mark, but adds that crucial to such an investigation is the availability of the man who made the allegations, MK Gupta.

"At this point, Mark remains free to be selected for Australia," he added.

(Media Release)

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