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'Kashmir is the root cause of instability in South East Asia'

The world and its cousin maybe incensed over the autonomy resolution passed by the Jammu and Kashmir assembly, but Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman and All Party Hurriyat Conference chief Yasin Malik is not among them. Dismissing it as a non-event, Malik, whose organisation seeks an independent state, told The Rediff Chat that Kashmiris have a long history of non-violent struggle.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 3:15 IST)
Hello everybody, I am ready for your questions.

mahesh (Wed May 31 3:17 IST)
Welcome to this chat room. I would like to know whether peace will return to Kashmir even if Kashmir gets independence from India.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 3:20 IST)
Mahesh: Definitely peace will come not only in Kashmir but in the whole of South East Asia. Because Kashmir is the root cause of the political instability in South East Asia.

rohit (Wed May 31 3:20 IST)
Mr Malik, your organisation was the first one to terrorise Kashmiri Pandits by selectively killing prominent KPs. What do you have to say about it?

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 3:22 IST)
Rohit: The JKLF has never terrorised Kashmiri Pandits. The JKLF believes in secular politics. It was the Government of India who hatched the conspiracy through governor Jagmohan to communalise the Kashmiri freedom movement. So they will portray the ongoing freedom movement as fundamentalist and communal. So they managed a big percentage of migration of Kashmiri Pandits.

mike (Wed May 31 3:9 IST)
No doubt about human rights violations against minorities but let's not forget that they happen at this very moment in Kashmir.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 3:26 IST)
Mike: We always condemn innocent killings in Kashmir. Whenever, minorities were targeted in Kashmir the entire Kashmir Valley observed total strike against those killings. And simultaneously, when there were the Wandhama and Sangrampura killings, I came out with the statement that these killings must be probed by Amnesty International. I personally called the Amnesty International people and I requested them to probe these killings and I assured them that we will give them all possible help so that the culprits will be brought to book. Then they approached the GoI for permission to probe these killings, but the GoI refused them permission.

mike (Wed May 31 3:5 IST)
Let's grow up, guys, and realise that we need to solve problems like Kashmir to grow as a nation, like the rest of the developed world does and stop wasting money on arms instead of spending it on the poor.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 3:28 IST)
mike: You put this question to the Indian authorities and leaders who are spending poor Indians' money on Kashmir. It is the Indian economy which is bleeding on the soil of Kashmir.

mike (Wed May 31 3:5 IST)
No doubt about human rights violations against the minorities but lets not forget that they even happen at this very moment in kashmir

varun (Wed May 31 3:48 IST)
Yasin Saab, I think Kashmiris should also fight Pakistan and make them give back PoK. What do you think?

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:15 IST)
Varun: Right now the stand of Pakistan is that they support the cause of self-determination of J&K. And they do not consider PoK a legal part of Pakistan. It is the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that PoK is a disputed territory and not a legal part of Pakistan. So there is no need to fight Pakistan.

hoho (Wed May 31 3:41 IST)
Sir, when do you plan to launch a similar agitation in Pakistan to force it to return PoK to India so that the UN mandate can be carried out? Why don't you launch a jihad against China to return that part of J&K occupied by it?

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:19 IST)
Hoho: As far as the part under Chinese occupation is concerned, it is no man's land. As far as the parts with India and Pakistan, people are living there, so it is a human problem. But with China it is a border dispute and that dispute can be resolved after the settlement of Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan.

sameerashaie (Wed May 31 3:39 IST)
Assalam, there is always news about Kashmir solution but nothing is happening. Do you think something will come about? Do you also agree that the gun is necessary?

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:20 IST)
sameerashaie: The gun has been thrust upon the Kashmiri people. Otherwise Kashmiri people have a long history of non-violence.

pranjals (Wed May 31 4:13 IST)
What are your major activities towards your mission after your release?

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:25 IST)
pranjals: When I was released from prison the Government of India started talking about negotiations. But on the other side they started custodial killings through a ruthless operation. Political activists, shopkeepers, drivers, employees were all brutally killed and then the government came out with a statement that they were militants and they were killed in an encounter. So I decided to take up this issue. I along with my colleagues started a 36-hour hunger strike and there was two days' strike in the whole of Kashmir valley. Simultaneously, I appealed to the conscious people of India to raise their voice against the inhuman atrocities against the people of Kashmir.

chandranravi (Wed May 31 4:25 IST)
Dear Mr Yasin, I just do not understand the whole concept of democracy as far as Kashmir is concerned. There is always a welcome posture from India to conduct elections in Kashmir and the guys ask for plebiscite. If they are so worried about plebiscite they should first start voting a government and then start talking with that government for freedom. Moreover I am surprised that the whole of India is prospering with education and wealth and here is a place which is more interested in arms and ammunition than their kids getting educated. Do you really think that just by keeping education out of the common man's reach the parties can ask for a plebiscite? I hope you answer my queries. Please note that it is my long-standing wish to ask you on these matters. Thanks.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:34 IST)
chandravani: If there is education, prosperity in India, it is because they have achieved freedom in 1947. Before 1947, the condition of the people of India was the same as is facing the people of Kashmir now. Because they have lost freedom.

chandranravi (Wed May 31 4:32 IST)
On one side you say Kashmiris are non-violent but all the violence happens only in Kashmir. The army does not trouble any other person in the whole country, then what is the need for them to trouble only one state? There is the police in every state and there never seems to be a problem with other states. Then why do Kashmiris exaggerate them so badly? We are here to accept them as brothers and they are ready to accept us as enemies. This is indeed a privileged discussion with you. Hope you answer my questions.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:36 IST)
chandravani: I think it should not be the reason whether we have the control over militancy or not. Both the militants and the political leaders are fighting for the same cause. If the Kashmir issue will be resolved both militant leaders and the political leaders will be satisfied and peace will be restored.

Yasin Malik (Wed May 31 4:37 IST)
EVERYONE: Goodbye and thanks for chatting with me. And, I appeal to my friends that they must understand the problem of Kashmir in a proper perspective so that they can help in bringing back peace and stability in the whole of South East Asia. Long live the friends of Kashmir, long live our friends in India and Pakistan and across the globe. Goodbye. see you some other time on