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The Tushar Gandhi Chat

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:19 IST)
I can already see that you are not in the Gandhi mould. You seem to be angry at your grandfather's murder and you joined Mulayam's dacoits, welcome to the real world.

Jayesh Shah (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:21 IST)
Mr Gandhi: Among all the places, why are you contesting from Bombay? If I am not mistaken your grandfather's home town, Porbandar is ruled by goons. Why didn't you contest from Porbandar???

Shamsher Singh (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:22 IST)
Mr Gandhi: Namashkar. If you lose to the Sena, what happens to your political career? What were you doing before this?

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:23 IST)
Hi Shamsher Singh, He may spin the wheels I guess.

LoisLane (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:32 IST)
MR GANDHI, did u know that there is a possibility that Gandhiji could be granted the freedom of the city posthumously here in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa...

srinivasan (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:36 IST)
Tushar, do you still do computer artwork design these days? Do you find time for that? Are you in touch with Dr Jawahar Shah? What is your e-mail id?

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:38 IST)
Do you really think you can get back your market share (of Gandhi name) from ruling Gandhi (die nasty)?

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:54 IST)
Hi Tushar. Don't you think you are a hypocrite? On one hand you criticise the BJP. On the other you join SP. Now SP is highly casteist.Don't they give more than 50% of their tickets to Yadavs. So you feel casteism is better than so called communalism?

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:55 IST)
In a way, casteism is better. Its in the family, but going abroad you know what I mean...

Shamsher Singh (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:56 IST)
My Dear boy: How in god's heaven are you going to know where the SP funds -- the money the party gives you -- is coming from? Do you know that some SP leaders in Bombay are the subject of an IB inquiry? It is not for me to tell you. It is for you to find out. You joined the SP. I did not!

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:58 IST)
Mr Tushar I wish you Good Luck, you should have been Lone Ranger than join the Bad Guys...

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:58 IST)
Tushar, I think by joining SP, Gandhi's soul must be really unhappy. Almost all the SP's so called leaders in Bombay have criminal cases. Some of them were involved in the bomb blasts. Maybe, because only Hindus died in the bomb blasts, you feel that these leaders are secular.

LoisLane (Fri Jan 30 1998 9:59 IST)
MR GANDHI. That's nice... Have u ever visited South Africa??? Actually, I know Ela's daughter, Ashish, quite well.

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:1 IST)
Mr Tushar, have you heard the news item? Mulayum is worried. He wanted a safe seat. He shifted his seat. Now he is facing a heavyweight. He knows only Yadavs and Muslims vote for him. But what about the others. Why they do not vote for Mulayum? You talk that he is secular. If he is truly secular, he should have won all the 85 seats in UP. But he did not. The Dalits hate him. Tushar I am really sorry that you leaders feel that dividing Hindus is not a problem. But the Muslims should be united. You talk about Gandhi and do such un-Gandhi acts. I think the electorate will show you your place.

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:2 IST)
Tushar, why do you not answer my questions. They are not up to your taste?

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:2 IST)
Guys, imagine for a minute with Gandhi and Nehru at the helm of Indian affairs and the princely states and add the horror of VALLABHBHAI not being there and now talk of INDIA (one SHUDDERS). We would have seen BOSNIA as child's play.

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:5 IST)
Mr. Tushar, You are not open at all. When you fear answering questions over here, how are you going to answer your electorate. Dar pok!

srinivasan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:8 IST)
Rang, hold on yaar. Have patience. He will answer u. U are not the only person in the chat

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:10 IST)
Mr Tushar, what did Gandhi do in Naokhali. He told the Hindus not to retaliate. If your wife, daughter are being raped by those bastards, are you going to keep quiet? That was Gandhi's advice. Why? He thought Hindus were cowards. Tushar, you just go and give this argument and Gandhi's action and try to convince them that Gandhi was right. Even a madcap will not accept you. Gandhi was more favourable to Moslems. There is no doubt about it. I think he considered that Hindus should always bear the cross and accept the actions of the Muslims what ever they be. You know more than 10,000 Hindus were converted to Islam in Naokhali. What did Gandhi do?

Ajay (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:11 IST)
The entire Gandhi clan preferred to stay out of the political limelight, except I think Rajmohan for a while. Why did you break that unspoken pledge?

rang (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:11 IST)
Srinu, common man, you also ask questions. Do not dictate me. Okay.

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:11 IST)
To be or not be Gandhi is the classic dilemma of Tushar. You can always get reformed.

Pandyan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:12 IST)
Jayesh Shah: "Gandhi" does not belong to anyone. And anybody trying to make people think of his sayings should be welcomed, isn't it?

srinivasan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:13 IST)
Rang, Boss, I am not trying to dictate you. I wanted to make you aware that there are others also who ask questions and the turn around time for your question to be answered would be high.

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:13 IST)
Pandyan, our latest Gandhi Version should start in Karachi...

Pandyan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:18 IST)
Indian too: Pl explain your statement.

Pandyan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:19 IST)
Indian too:

Jayesh Shah (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:20 IST)
Tushar, are you running away? There are so many questions here that have not been answered...

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:20 IST)
Pandyan This Gandhi claims lineage but I wish he could explain the massacre of Pundits in Kashmir. Take a padyatra in Islamabad and resolve peacefully by turning the other cheek (????)

srinivasan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:21 IST)
What is ur e-mail id

Pandyan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:23 IST)
Indian too: He seems to saying: "Stern military action and not a fast unto death".

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:28 IST)
Gandhiji did not believe in free market, Bose was a competitor

Pandyan (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:31 IST)
Gandhi is known in India for the freedom movement and all that went with it. There are people around the world who are studying Gandhiji's work for the economic concepts he talked about.

Indian too (Fri Jan 30 1998 10:34 IST)
Friends and Indians and Indo Italians, Bye now. God Save India from crooks.

muthu (Fri Jan 30 1998 11:14 IST)
Why did you jump into politics? Is it to get political mileage or attraction?

pallavi (Fri Jan 30 1998 11:18 IST)
What do you think of today's society?

Vishal (Fri Jan 30 1998 23:55 IST)
Mr Gandhi, What do you have to say about Ashok Row Kavi's statements about Mahatma Gandhi !!

Nalin (Sat Jan 31 1998 23:45 IST)
Mr. Gandhi, you have been generating mass support for Nobel prize to be given to Mahatma. Don't you think that Mahatma was much above all these petty prizes and he did not do anything for the recognition but because he believed in it.