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The Leander Paes Chat

Leander Paes wowed everyone at the Rediff On The NeT office the moment he walked in five minutes to deadline on Tuesday night. Shaking hands with every member of the staff, answering questions -- Sample query: "When did you start wearing a stud?" Answer: "Mahesh (Bhupathi) -- I play doubles with him -- decided we would get our ears pierced after we won a tournament. He bought me my stud, I bought him his." -- with candour and humour.

Leander Paes And the moment he logged on as our guest on the Rediff Chat, he was the very epitome of charm, winning fans in cyberspace just the way he does on court. With quiet elegance and passionate style.

Now we know why he is a winner, why he is a genuine Indian superstar.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:23:07 1996 IST):


Anil (Tue Sep 24 21:24:24 1996 IST):

Hi is the interview going to start soon.

ChiragSheth (Tue Sep 24 21:24:37 1996 IST):


ChiragSheth (Tue Sep 24 21:25:17 1996 IST):

I hope so

Devang Sheth (Tue Sep 24 21:27:47 1996 IST):

Where is Paes ?

Nikhil Lakshman (Tue Sep 24 21:27:47 1996 IST):

Hullo Leander. Welcome to the Rediff Chat. It's wonderful having you here. I hope you enjoy this experience. And all the very best always!

Nikhil Lakshman (Tue Sep 24 21:28:46 1996 IST):


amit (Tue Sep 24 21:28:53 1996 IST):

Hi, Is Leander Paes here

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:29:19 1996 IST):

Leander: With the retirement of Edberg, it looks like we won't see too much top-quality serve-volley any more. You think that's sad? (I do!). Are there any other serve-volley guys up and coming?

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:29:49 1996 IST):

Hi Leander. How are you doing? I am a 22 year old college student living in USA and Iam a big fan of yours

shail (Tue Sep 24 21:30:33 1996 IST):

Hello Leander!!!

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:30:38 1996 IST):

Hi! Has Leander come Online yet?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:31:40 1996 IST):

Hi, I'm on the line, let's chat.

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:31:55 1996 IST):

Congratulations Leander on winning the bronze in Atlanta! I was pullling for you. You did great. Every Indian was proud of your achievement, believe me:)

I bow down to the spirit of LeanIn country where there is so little hope you have given us a reason to live! (Tue Sep 24 21:32:10 1996 IST):

In country where there is so little hope you have given us a reason to live!

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:33:09 1996 IST):

So where are you now! Are you in India. The jet set life must be tiring? Do you like to travel

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:34:32 1996 IST):

So little hope to live: Come on, that's too much of a burden even for Leander to have to carry!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:34:46 1996 IST):

3D: Unfortunately, there are only a few serve and volley players in the world today and I think that is due to the power of the game but people like Mark Phillipousses, myself and hopefully a few others coming along the line will keep up the serve and volley tradition.

siva (Tue Sep 24 21:34:58 1996 IST):

Hello to all!Welcome Leander!

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:34:59 1996 IST):

Hi Leander! Congratulations on a some wonderful Tennis at the US open. What happened in the second set?

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:35:04 1996 IST):

Leander I would love to see you play in person. Any chances you could arrange tickets for me when you play in the US

shail (Tue Sep 24 21:35:18 1996 IST):

Leander,Inspite of playing great tennis at occasions, you are not able go up in ATP ranking? what are our plans for getting up in the ranking.

sandeep (Tue Sep 24 21:35:27 1996 IST):

Hi!! you're a great guy!!!

IMG SRC="leander2.jpg" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=133 ALIGN=right ALT="Leander Paes"> LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:36:06 1996 IST):

Amit: I'm in the Rediff On The Net office in Mumbai. And I love to travel.

siva (Tue Sep 24 21:36:25 1996 IST):

Leander:What happened in the Madras tournament expected you to win.

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:36:25 1996 IST):

Leander: Yeah, I like the way Phillip..whatever plays. He seems a little raw though. Always liked Korda myself, too. Not a great volleyer, but a smooth player almost in the Edberg mould.

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:36:58 1996 IST):

Leander do you have a full time coach now? If yes whp pays for it you or the Indian tennis federation? Do you have a trainer also?

JPM (Tue Sep 24 21:37:31 1996 IST):

Hi Leander, how do you manage those amazing things you do consistently? Where does it come from? it's AMAZING! MAN

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:37:51 1996 IST):

Shail:I have been pursuing my goals alone and now I plan on getting a top class tennis coach as well as a trainer to travel with me and help me to perform at a high level like I did at the Olympics on a day to day basis.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:38:01 1996 IST):

Hi Leander , this is Chirag here. Just joined in

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:38:54 1996 IST):

You have done India proud for the medal,thanks

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:38:57 1996 IST):

Leander what tournaments do you plan to enter this year? I will be following you in all the tournaments and wish you luck

Anil (Tue Sep 24 21:39:04 1996 IST):

Amit, surely u were joking, u dont expect leander to get tickets for u. let the guy play good tennis and we will watch him any way we can

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:39:32 1996 IST):

Leander: what do you make of Laxmi Poruri? Have y ou seen her play? She seems to have had a good career at Stanford.

siva (Tue Sep 24 21:39:35 1996 IST):

Leander: I recently read an article which explained how the ATP rankings were made.According to it a player who doesnt win even one tournament manages to retain his place whereas its difficult for people to elevate their position. Is it true??

Alex (Tue Sep 24 21:39:41 1996 IST):

I heard that some organisation was willing to sponsor you on the circuit. Has it materialised?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:40:13 1996 IST):

Siva: I played really well to get to the finals of the single's and the doubles but am really tired of all the playing and travelling, I 've been doing. Hence it showed in the finals. Also Ogorodov played a good match and came out tops.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:40:25 1996 IST):

What is your current ATP ranking after battling the likes of Andre Agassi in U.S. Open

sandeep (Tue Sep 24 21:40:29 1996 IST):

Leander what happens to you when you play the likes of Aggasi?? I personally think you could have defeated him in the US Open. What really happened??

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:40:53 1996 IST):

Is there any way of knowing when and where you will play in the US? I would love to be able to see you play. I have seen you play at Madras Christian College School and at Loyola (I studied at both places) to quite a few years ago!!

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:41:29 1996 IST):

Leander this is a question about the type of surface you like playing on: Why don't you play on clay? Don't you think if you did play on all surfaces instead of restricting yourself to hard courts you might have a better chance of moving up the ATP rankings. Just a thought (I may be wrong)

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:41:51 1996 IST):

Siva: Yes, the ATP rankings can get complicating at times and you are right if a player wins few matches at a tour event he gets more points then a player who wins a challenger tournament.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:42:02 1996 IST):

Leander , do you have the Government backing you financially , providing with you a coach , etc ?

JPM (Tue Sep 24 21:42:29 1996 IST):

Is it difficult playing tennis for a living? Could we call you a sports millionaire? Or is there a great distance to be covered between Sachin, Anand and you?

sandeep (Tue Sep 24 21:43:03 1996 IST):

LEANDER I am waiting for a reply!!!!!!!!!!!

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:43:30 1996 IST):

Anil yes I was joking!:) I just want to know where he will be playing next so that I can see him play live and in person.

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:43:48 1996 IST):

Anil yes I was joking!:) I just want to know where he will be playing next so that I can see him play live and in person.

Alex (Tue Sep 24 21:43:50 1996 IST):

Anyone in your position -- playing with little backing -- would have been angry and mad. How come you are such a great guy? Is it thanks to Vece and Jennifer?

Leander Paes LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:44:19 1996 IST):

Sandeep: I was playing really well in the begining of the match and carried out my strategy to the T. At 4-0 in the second I played a long game and then changed my strategy and paid heavily for it. I tried to hit forehand winners instead of serving and volleying. And that is what changed the match around.

serdie (Tue Sep 24 21:44:32 1996 IST):

Leander, u were great in the us open and the olympics. We would like to see some more Andre "hiney" kicking soon and this time get him dismissed early - thankx

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:45:08 1996 IST):

JPM: I don't know for sure, but I think playing tennis for a living is pretty damned hard. If you're not in the top 50 or so, the money you make does not even cover your travel/hotel expenses. I think that's even more true in the women's circuit.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:45:18 1996 IST):

What tournaments are coming up for you ? Circuit Tennis ?

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:46:08 1996 IST):

Leander how do the wild cards work what are the basis for giving them out. I heard you were trying for a wild card in the Singapore tournament. Did you get it or do you know yet?

Alex (Tue Sep 24 21:46:18 1996 IST):

Do you think Agassi is just being indulgent? Or do you think he is genuine in his praise? Tell us what life is on the circuit especially for guys way down the ATP ladder. Do the likes of Sampras and Chang acknowledge you? Come over and say good match.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:46:24 1996 IST):

Hi Leander !! I'm waiting !!

sandeep (Tue Sep 24 21:46:42 1996 IST):

Leander is it true that one point can turn the match around even if you are having a good day and playing great?? Can you tell us what the commentators mean when they say 'This is the BIG point'. What exactly goes on in the mind of pro tennis player at that moment?? Please tell me cause this may be the only opportunity I may have of talking to a pro tennis star.!!!!!!!

shail (Tue Sep 24 21:46:55 1996 IST):

Leander,You are a good player of serve and volley, but you have been always struggling with our first service. What steps are you taking in this direction?

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:46:58 1996 IST):

Leander!! Hope I don't sound rude in repeating the question. Is there any way of knowing when and where you will play in the US? I would love to be able to see you play again!! Would also like to Cheer for you!!!

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:46:59 1996 IST):

Lenader: you wrote briefly about playing serve-volley against Agassi. I've always believed that's the way to beat him consistently: keep coming in and knocking off the volleys. That's whay I think Edberg at his best, Becker before he started playing Agassi's game, Sampras, these guys always beat Agassi. (and Chang for that matter). So I can see what you mean about changing your strategy and that didn't work. Just a comment.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:47:34 1996 IST):

JPM: For one you cannot call me a sports millionaire right now as a lot of my earnings and sponsorship go towards my tennis. But at the same time tennis is a great life style and profession. As far as I am concerned Anand is at the top of the chess circuit and Sachin and myself are reaching our potentials now.

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:47:45 1996 IST):

Leander you seem to be ignoring my questions. Shpuld I leave or do you not like my questions

ShaŽky (Tue Sep 24 21:47:55 1996 IST):

Leander! There's a burning question in my mind for years! Its kinda personal...How did u feel when U won Wimbledon Juniors at the age of 20 & at the same time Becker won the main at 17???

sandeep (Tue Sep 24 21:48:01 1996 IST):

LEANDER please,please,please answer!!!!!!!!

JPM (Tue Sep 24 21:49:09 1996 IST):

How long can you continue this way? Has one company come up after the OLympics and said we want to sponsor you?

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:49:26 1996 IST):

Leander , Please do acknowledge me .

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:49:31 1996 IST):

What's with you dudes who keep saying "please please answer?" Haven't heard of a word called "patience"?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:49:35 1996 IST):

Stanis: I will be playing in Palm Springs and the Lipton championships in Miami in February- March 1997.

Alex (Tue Sep 24 21:50:15 1996 IST):

Did you ever feel like throwing down your racquet and saying it is not worth it? What is the lowest you have been?

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:51:16 1996 IST):

No ATP turnaments till Feb-March then ?

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:51:32 1996 IST):

No ATP turnaments till Feb-March then ?

JPM (Tue Sep 24 21:51:34 1996 IST):

How come you decided to play tennis? Why not hockey like your pa or basketball like your ma? Were you inspired to take up the game or were you pushed into it?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:51:53 1996 IST):

Sharky: Boris and myself were 17 years old when I won junior wimbeldon and he won the men's championship. His body matured a lot faster than mine has and hence he was able to keep up physically with the seniors.

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:52:26 1996 IST):

Leander when will you be playing Davis Cup . Where is India in the Davis Cup

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:52:56 1996 IST):

JPM: I played every sport as a kid. And at 12 had to choose my profession hence it was my choice alone with the advice of my family.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:52:59 1996 IST):

What has been your greatest achievement till date ? I'm sure must be one of the davis Cup mathces. You bet I didn't miss any one of them.

JSC (Tue Sep 24 21:53:02 1996 IST):

Hi Lee (is that your nickname?). How does it feel being a sex symbol? You know that, don't you? Anand and Sachin wouldn't hold a torch to you in that dept.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:53:21 1996 IST):

Leander, How many tournaments to you normally try to play in a year? Just to get a general idea about the time and distance you travel in a year. Must be quite a lot!!

ShaŽky (Tue Sep 24 21:53:38 1996 IST):

OOps! Sorry I got my facts wrong! Thanx for answering & I think u'r simply great! One more question - Where do u actually stay?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:53:39 1996 IST):

Chirag: There are none in the USA till then.

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:53:52 1996 IST):

Leander: Will Boris win another Slam?

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:53:59 1996 IST):

Leander do you play on clay or not ?

Alex (Tue Sep 24 21:54:05 1996 IST):

12! Wasn't that too young to decide your profession? Didn't you want to study? Suppose you hadn't made it, what would you have done?

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:54:08 1996 IST):

Leander , please acknowledge.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:54:25 1996 IST):

Sharky: I base out of Orlando, Florida and my parents live in Calcutta.

ShaŽky (Tue Sep 24 21:54:52 1996 IST):

LISTEN UP ALL THE REST>>Where is everybody from? Im from Bombay

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:54:59 1996 IST):

What ATP events will you play this year Paes

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:55:23 1996 IST):

Sharky: We're from where you're not. Wild, eh?

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 21:55:25 1996 IST):

Leander, what other sport do you play besides Tennis?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:56:17 1996 IST):

Alex: Great question!!!!!! It was a tough decision specially coming from India and I was very lucky that my parents understood my decision to choose Tennis. That's the age one had to choose my options.

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:56:23 1996 IST):

I am from Raleigh , North Carolina, US

ShaŽky (Tue Sep 24 21:56:50 1996 IST):

What do u think is responsible for the casual attitude we Indians have towards sport? I mean why isnt there more professionalism?

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:57:42 1996 IST):

I am from Pennsylvania

ShaŽky (Tue Sep 24 21:57:58 1996 IST):

3D> Wow! U sure are funny!*trying really hard*

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:57:59 1996 IST):

Leander how many hours do you practice per day? Do you do weights also?

3D (Tue Sep 24 21:58:17 1996 IST):

Leander: You mentioned you are about to sign up a full-time coach. Isn't that expensive? I heard Roche charges $8K/week (and he didn't even get Lendl a Wimbledon!). How will you afford that kind of money?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 21:58:20 1996 IST):

P Chawla: I play Soccer, field hockey, cricket. I am a good sprinter (100m - 200m). Also, play rugby, swim, table tennis, badmintion, squash, golf etc........ Does that answer your question? Howzzat.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 21:58:22 1996 IST):

I'm from Madras, but now live in Louisville, Ky!

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 21:58:33 1996 IST):

Leander, how do you think the Indian sporting talent can be tapped?

siva (Tue Sep 24 21:58:55 1996 IST):

Leander:I just wanted to know if there was going to be inclusion of the baseline camera in tennis like 3rd umpire....After all the commentators have access to it, so shoud the umpires...

amit (Tue Sep 24 21:59:04 1996 IST):

Let us say our ages, I am 22

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 21:59:25 1996 IST):

Leander , why is it that out of 800 million people there is just one Leander Paes, is there a dearth of talent.I'm forced to believe this.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:00:03 1996 IST):

3D: It is expensive but that's what it's costs to have a coach. I feel it is necessary for me to improve now and in the long run hopefully worth it.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:00:39 1996 IST):

Leander, where do you hope to be in the ATP rankings at the end of the year? Your goals!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:00:51 1996 IST):

Amit: I'm 23, June 17, 1973.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:01:05 1996 IST):

Leander: wow that's a lot of sports. When did you move to the US and when did you turn pro

ShaŽky (Tue Sep 24 22:01:12 1996 IST):

Gotta go Thanx!

3D (Tue Sep 24 22:01:19 1996 IST):

Leander: expensive or not, your potential is certainly worth it. And if you need a contribution, please let us know, we'll dig in the old pockets and see what we can come up with...

3D (Tue Sep 24 22:02:02 1996 IST):

Sharky...don't leave, man! We're just getting started! So where are you from anyway?

Pankaj Monga (Tue Sep 24 22:02:02 1996 IST):

Hi, Lee. This is Pankaj Monga, remember me? (Chandigarh)

siva (Tue Sep 24 22:02:10 1996 IST):

Hello to all grandpas!!!

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:02:10 1996 IST):

After winning the bronze at Atlanta, have you been to Florida? What has been the reaction there to this victory?

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:02:10 1996 IST):

hi! Leander! the Agassi of India! this is Raghu from Lincoln, Nebraska.!

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:02:23 1996 IST):

leander I was born June 3, 1974 . Are you also a Gemini like I am

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:02:26 1996 IST):

Chirag: We do not have a good sports system in India. But it is improving slowly and hopefully we can scout talent and train them for free and hence give everyone an oportunity.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:03:12 1996 IST):

Amit: Good to know that there are others like me.

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:03:44 1996 IST):

Leander! u seem to be on to a greater level of Tennis! u deserve this! i like to see u play a lot in USA, so that we can come over for support!

siva (Tue Sep 24 22:03:56 1996 IST):

Hello to all grandpas.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:04:03 1996 IST):

Raghu: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:04:07 1996 IST):

Hello Leander when do you play Davis Cup next. We will be pulling for you here back in the US

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:04:08 1996 IST):

3D (Tue Sep 24 22:04:39 1996 IST):

Leander: have you seen Harsh Mankad play? People are saying all kinds of nice things about him. He looks a little small now, but he has some years to grow. You think he has potential? Incidentally, did you ever play a guy called Chacko Koshy here in Bombay? I've played him at the Bandra Gym a few times. I wish he had taken up tennis full-time -- he's good.

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:04:54 1996 IST):

i luv tennis! and luv Becker-ishtyle! thats what u play

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:04:55 1996 IST):

Chirag, Our society in India does not look favourable on sports. Children are expected to do well in their academics and hence it take a lot to create a Leander Paes! What do you think Leander?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:05:14 1996 IST):

3D: Thanks a lot for your support. Take care.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:05:23 1996 IST):

Hey Leander . when is the next davis cup encounter ?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:06:12 1996 IST):

Leander: So do you have a girlfriend? I have heard that you do. Is she in the US

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:06:25 1996 IST):

r u gettin sponsored now!! u need some big guys like Intel or Microsoft or Nike to go great guns!

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:06:50 1996 IST):

Hey Stanis.I am a great fan of Leander and just hope that India continues to produce such great sportsperson

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:06:59 1996 IST):

r u gettin sponsored now!! u need some big guys like Intel or Microsoft or Nike to go great guns!

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:07:16 1996 IST):

Hey Leander, what's the best thing you like about India?

3D (Tue Sep 24 22:07:24 1996 IST):

LEander: Gottago, but actually I wasn't entirely kidding about the contributions. Is there some way we can help financially?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:07:34 1996 IST):

Stanis: Yeah! you are very right. Sports is still considered a hobby and not a profession. I can guarantee you through my experiences it is a fabulous life style and great potential to earn financially. So as far as I'm concerned we will not produce champions unless we realise that sports is a profession. And a great one at that.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:08:03 1996 IST):

Leander: So do you have fun also or do you just practice. I mean do you relax and go out to movies etc and do you have friends in Orlando

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:08:10 1996 IST):

3D: Nice chatting!!!!!!!!!!

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:08:30 1996 IST):

Leander! how long will u b on-line! u & bhupathi should play lots of doubles in grand-slams, gives u lots of confidence while playing top players.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:08:51 1996 IST):

Leander, Were you able to get more sponsors after your performances at the Olympics and the US Open?

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:09:08 1996 IST):

Leander! how long will u b on-line! u & bhupathi should play lots of doubles in grand-slams, gives u lots of confidence while playing top players.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:09:39 1996 IST):

Amit: I do train really hard but at the same time take sometime off to relax. I love watching movies,plays, musical concerts and love playing other sports.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:09:49 1996 IST):

What tournament will you play next satellite or ATP?

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:10:26 1996 IST):

Gotta make a move , bye .Nice chatting & Best of luck for your future endeavours Don't forget 800 million people are backing you.

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:10:30 1996 IST):

i want u to partner Boris Becker in Wimnledon doubles! mi dream! or play Agassi in Wimbledon Singles Finals!

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:11:04 1996 IST):

i want u to partner Boris Becker in Wimnledon doubles! mi dream! or play Agassi in Wimbledon Singles Finals!

Kooustubh (Tue Sep 24 22:11:14 1996 IST):

Hello Leander! I am an ardent fan of yours, when are you beating Andre?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:11:39 1996 IST):

Amit: I do have a girlfriend. Anisa and myslef have known each other since we were five years old. And she is in India now.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:11:44 1996 IST):

Leander say hi to Bhupathi. How is he doing? I have heard that you guys are planning to gain a direct entry at the doubles in the Australian Open. Do you enjoy playing doubles and does it help your singles game.

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:11:51 1996 IST):

wonder why it took u such a lot of time to show up at grand slams!

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:11:57 1996 IST):

Chirag, I agree you with you. It really is pathetic that we only have one Leander Paes!! I am a big fan of him too!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:12:33 1996 IST):

Kooustubh: Hi! hopefully next time. Nice name.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:12:45 1996 IST):

Cool Leander so why not marry her now. You have know her so long! You are lucky. It must be hard to keep up a long distance relationship.

JSC (Tue Sep 24 22:13:20 1996 IST):

Have you been down and oput in your career, when you hated the sport and wanted to get out? When was that and what made you stay on?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:13:22 1996 IST):

Raghu: It has taken me a while to mature physically and mentally.

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:13:51 1996 IST):

mahesh has a terrific serve and game. he should try harder in tournaments like US open and Wimbledon and take out a top10 player. u guys can easily do better!

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:14:21 1996 IST):

So did you go to college Leander. I heard that you turned pro after 17 right?

shail (Tue Sep 24 22:14:23 1996 IST):

Leander, Your performance in the Davis Cup has been remarkable, Which is your greatest match so far in the Davis Cup?

Alex (Tue Sep 24 22:14:39 1996 IST):

How does it feel having your fiuture pa-in-law as your skipper? Is he as much of a motivation as Naresh Kumar was?

Pankaj Monga (Tue Sep 24 22:15:15 1996 IST):

Hi, Lee. This is Pankaj Monga, remember me? (Chandigarh)

JSC (Tue Sep 24 22:15:25 1996 IST):

Did Vijay call you after Atlanta? What about Ramesh? What is the best message you got after the Olympics?

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:15:28 1996 IST):

Leander, does playing Doubles help you improve your singles skills? Doesn't it take away from your ATP ranking since you don't get to play a singles tournament?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:15:44 1996 IST):

JSC: From 1992 January to 1994 Feb. I was struggling mentally with the travel and dealing with all my responibilites and really felt like quitting. What helped me was my sincere love for tennis and to be the best player that I could be.

Alex (Tue Sep 24 22:16:36 1996 IST):

What did you do after the match with Andre? Did you go into the locker room and bawl? is that your style? Are you very emoptional off court? What do you do when you are travellking on the circuit and you lose badly and there is now one to lend a shoulder? Do you call Anisa? Or your dad/ma?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:16:41 1996 IST):

Leander what is it to have Bhupathi as your partner as opossed to others like that canadian guy you had. Do you commnicate better with mahesh? Will you stick with him as a partner for now

raghu (Tue Sep 24 22:17:09 1996 IST):

i got a friend named Raja Choudhary from Calcutta. told me that he used to go to the same courts as u to play tennis, says he knew u. nice feeling. he is a top model now, becomin an actor !

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:17:17 1996 IST):

Stanis: Good question. Doubles does improve on my singles game as I serve and volley but you are right that it does take away from my singles ranking.

JSC (Tue Sep 24 22:17:38 1996 IST):


Kooustubh (Tue Sep 24 22:18:53 1996 IST):

Thanx, But it is very much Indian (the name), You are the only hope for India in tennis. Hope you will be on your winning streak. Which is the next big tournament you are playing?

Alex (Tue Sep 24 22:18:55 1996 IST):

That's right. I think before we go on, we should give three cheers to Leander. HIP HIP HOORAY!

balaji.t.k (Tue Sep 24 22:18:58 1996 IST):

i am excited about this technology.How do you feel about its impact on indian industry

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:19:25 1996 IST):

Leander do you go into a match every match with a plan and then when things don't go your way can you shift your plan and do something different ie adapt?

arun (Tue Sep 24 22:19:46 1996 IST):

Leander, what percent of in you believed that you can beat Agassi in the US open after your Olympian effort?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:20:01 1996 IST):

Alex: good question. I was kicking myself in the butt for not taking advantage of my lead. My phone bills are huge and I called Anisa and home to talk about the match. Travelling is very lonely being in an individual sport and hence one enjoys communication with one's own family and friends.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:21:11 1996 IST):

amit: I do go in to a match with two or three game plans so if the first doesn't work, I go to the next.

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:21:23 1996 IST):

You Can Say that again !!

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:21:24 1996 IST):

Are there any good tennis players coming up for India. If so what are their potential in the pro circuit

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:22:04 1996 IST):

Leander, by the way, My fiance thinks you're really Handsome!! Ha! Ha!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:22:15 1996 IST):

arun: I believed that I could beat him provided I produced exactly what my game plan was. Unfortunately I did not produce it for the whole match.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:22:27 1996 IST):

When do you plan to marry Leander

Alex (Tue Sep 24 22:22:44 1996 IST):

Stanis, that's my problem too. She slurps and slurps. Kya karen?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:22:57 1996 IST):

Stanis: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!, Ha Ho!!

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:23:37 1996 IST):

Hey Leander which is your favourite film? Do you read?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:23:39 1996 IST):

Amit: No specific plans yet.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:23:42 1996 IST):

Leander, Instead of us asking you all the questions, Is there anything you would like to ask us, Your Fans?!!

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:23:45 1996 IST):

How was the feeling when you were standding on the podium with the medal on your neck? Did you shed tears? Did the Indian anthem also play?

shail (Tue Sep 24 22:23:48 1996 IST):

Leander, What about your first serve? you have been struggling with it, Don't you???

pankaj monga (Tue Sep 24 22:23:51 1996 IST):

Hi Lee: This is pankaj monga from chandigarh ? remember me ?

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:23:56 1996 IST):

I agree with Stanis and Alex. Leee is going to be a pin-up boy soosn. Just hope he doesn't act in any Bong phillum!

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:24:23 1996 IST):

Were your family there in Atlanta or Anisa?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:24:48 1996 IST):

P Chawla: English, The Rock. Hindi,Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I don't read much. I listen to music.

Kooustubh (Tue Sep 24 22:25:07 1996 IST):

GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES from me. Hope to see you on the top soon

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:25:23 1996 IST):

Leander can you make a living with the money you earn now

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:26:03 1996 IST):

Amit, we better get hitched soon!! Imagine it once Leander moves up in the rankings!!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:26:04 1996 IST):

Pankaj monga: Hey, buddy haven't spoken to you in a long time. How are your parents doing.

Chang the Chink (Tue Sep 24 22:26:08 1996 IST):

You know you are an 8 + 8= 7. Which means there will be hassles in your personal life and your career, but you will overcome them all!

veeresh (Tue Sep 24 22:26:21 1996 IST):

Leander, you've made a bit of money. I have a pal from the IRS next to me (identity w/held) who says that if u have a hassle with his dept,call me

Jeydev (Tue Sep 24 22:26:30 1996 IST):

Leander, did you know that one of your rally with Agassi ( which YOU won ) was rated as the no.1 play among the best points in the '96 US Open?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:26:45 1996 IST):

Leander did you hear the Indian cricket team losing two in a row to Pakistan in Toronto. Have you been to Toronto Leander

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:27:28 1996 IST):

You Can Say that again !!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:27:31 1996 IST):

Amit: Both my parents, Anisa and my sister were there. It was great.

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:28:27 1996 IST):

Who are the guys you are pally with on the circuit? Do the big shots act high and mighty?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:28:37 1996 IST):

Leander I need to g oto class soon so please answer this question for me. How did it feel winning the bronze medal and standing on the podium

Chang the Chink (Tue Sep 24 22:29:24 1996 IST):

Amit, bunk your class yaar. It is not everyday that you get to speak to Leander Paes!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:29:29 1996 IST):

Shail: I have been working on it. And it is a lot better now.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:29:41 1996 IST):

ok thanks. one more question since you answered that. When do you play Davis Cup and against whom

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:29:42 1996 IST):

Leander, with your bronze and good looks, how many ads do you have under your belt?

p monga (Tue Sep 24 22:29:52 1996 IST):

Lee: parents are doing fine.Just finished playing NCAA. Now in cedar rapids, Iowa. look me up when you are around.

arun (Tue Sep 24 22:30:14 1996 IST):

Leander, How come you got beaten in the Madras tourney to a lowly ranked guy? Don't you take these tourneys seriously?

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:30:24 1996 IST):

Prakruit, that sounds like LUST! Do you mean bronzed good looks?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:30:32 1996 IST):

It's a Hindi class and independent study otherwise I would the guy comes just to teach me so

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:30:35 1996 IST):

Leander, What's the next tournament for you? Do you plan to take a break since the one in Madras?

arun (Tue Sep 24 22:30:42 1996 IST):

got beaten = lost

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:31:23 1996 IST):

P monga: How is your scooter which I banged up. Send me your address and Telephone no.

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:31:59 1996 IST):

No Macedonia, its the bronze medal and the good looks, not bronzed good looks.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:32:48 1996 IST):

P Chawla: I am in the process of doing the Mahindra Ford Escort car Ad. which you will see soon as well as few others.

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:33:22 1996 IST):

Lee, do you have a hassle fending off women like Prakruti?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:33:41 1996 IST):

How is Bhupathi as a partner and friend? Does he not live in US. Why does he not move to US if he is not here so he has better facilities etc and gets to practice doubles with you. Have you ever asked him that. Please answer this question Leander I will loook for the answer on the transcripts . Have a nice night, it is getting late in India.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:33:56 1996 IST):

Stanis: Yes, I have got two months worth of tournaments left to the end of the year to make a break.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:34:52 1996 IST):

Leander, Is there any way of keeping track of you and the tournaments you play? I was down for the Olympics but had no Idea you were taking part. Only learned about it when you reached the QF.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:35:35 1996 IST):

amit: Mahesh, is a good friend and we travel a lot together now. Thanks for joining, take care.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:35:54 1996 IST):

Leander thanks for answering the questions from all of your fans. We all appreciate it. I wish you the best in your tennis careeer and hope to see the best tennis from you in the future.

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:36:55 1996 IST):

Hey Macedonia, cool it man, there's nothing wrong in telling a guy he looks good?

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:37:17 1996 IST):

Does Mahesh live in the US. I think it would help his game if he did

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:37:29 1996 IST):

Amit: It was a special moment in my life, one hard to forget. And I felt really proud to be an Indian. don't miss your class. Bye.

p monga (Tue Sep 24 22:37:32 1996 IST):

Lee: My address: Parkside apartments # 22 980 eisenhower road hiawatha,IA 52233 319-378-4998 -Home 800-443-3374 -Work

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:37:58 1996 IST):

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:38:03 1996 IST):

Prakrti where are you from

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:38:04 1996 IST):

Nothing wrong, PC, but I wish you wouldn't sully the screen with your saliva!

shail (Tue Sep 24 22:38:18 1996 IST):

Leander, How do you feel now, when you are carrying India alone in the Davis Cup?

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:38:19 1996 IST):

Leander its been a pleasure talking to you. Wishing all the luck under the sun and the moon...the stars.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:38:21 1996 IST):

P monga: Waiting for your address.

amit (Tue Sep 24 22:38:49 1996 IST):

ok bye Paes, I am late for my class but will read the transcripts.

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:38:50 1996 IST):

P Chawla: Look after yourself.

Chang the Chink (Tue Sep 24 22:38:58 1996 IST):

Amit, don't you have a class to attend?

Prakriti Chawla (Tue Sep 24 22:39:33 1996 IST):

Bye Leander. Take care and keep winning.

veeresh again (Tue Sep 24 22:40:39 1996 IST):

while you are at it hit vsnl over the head for a lousy link missed my reply

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:41:08 1996 IST):

Lee, are you leavin too? It must be pretty late in India.

shail (Tue Sep 24 22:41:30 1996 IST):

Leander, Why don't we have Tennis Academy's like US in India?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:41:55 1996 IST):

P monga: Pankaj, I will be in Orlando in December. And shall look you up as soon as I get in. Love to you and all at home. Always Lee.

p monga (Tue Sep 24 22:42:08 1996 IST):

Lee: Howz gaurav. Is he still alive.. Him and i got together and hit some balls in dec '94. that's the last i heard of him

Chang the Chink (Tue Sep 24 22:42:23 1996 IST):

Do you thbink f you had afforded Nick Bollitwhatever his name is, you may have done better fior yourself?

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:43:20 1996 IST):

Do you have any brothers and sisters? Who have you looked up to in your life? For motivation?

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:43:34 1996 IST):

Leander, do you have sponsers from companies out side India? And did your performance at the Olympics and the US Open help in any way?

Chang the Chink (Tue Sep 24 22:43:59 1996 IST):

Who are the guys you admire on the circuit? Are they nice to you? Or is it that the big guys treat the small guys badly?

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:43:59 1996 IST):

Shail: We have a few but not at the same level or as many as USA does, hopefully we will get many more high leveled training facilites in India soon.

Macedonia (Tue Sep 24 22:45:04 1996 IST):

Hey, Chink! Quit calling Lee a small guy. You don't win an Olympic bronze and still be called a small guy! he is a BIG GUY!

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:45:48 1996 IST):

P monga: Gaurav is alive and kicking in Pune. Shall give him your numbers. I have to go, shall call you in December. It was a pleasent surprise to chat with you again.

Chang the Chink (Tue Sep 24 22:45:55 1996 IST):

Look pal, I don't say he was a small guy. I just wanted to know more about the guys I read about. Sampras, Muster and Co.

shail (Tue Sep 24 22:46:48 1996 IST):

Leander, Why we are not able to produce players with fast service, Are we physically incaple of getting that???

LEANDER PAES (Tue Sep 24 22:46:59 1996 IST):


p monga (Tue Sep 24 22:47:21 1996 IST):

Lee: Howz gaurav. Is he still alive.. Him and i got together and hit some balls in dec '94. that's the last i heard of him

manoj patel (Tue Sep 24 22:47:24 1996 IST):

Hello, Leander! Its a pleasure talking to you. Let me say, we are all very proud of you.

veeresh again (Tue Sep 24 22:47:38 1996 IST):

Leander:don't you have anything to say about the hypocrates at the Indian Lawn Tennis Ass...esp RK KHANNA?

Nikhil Lakshman: (Tue Sep 24 22:47:40 1996 IST):

Many thanks for your time. It was wonderful having you here.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:47:40 1996 IST):

Leander, hope my previous question about the Sponsers etc wasn't too personal. Didn't mean to pry. Incidentally, who inspired you in your earlier days regarding Tennis?

Nikhil Lakshman: (Tue Sep 24 22:47:53 1996 IST):

All the very best, God bless and take care!

Chirag (Tue Sep 24 22:48:14 1996 IST):

Guys !! Leander has left .

shail (Tue Sep 24 22:48:17 1996 IST):


p monga (Tue Sep 24 22:49:24 1996 IST):

Lee: Wait to hear from u. Keep it going: take care..

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:49:47 1996 IST):

Leander, Thanks for conversing. It was wonderful. Congratulations and hope you have greater times ahead. Take care.

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:50:43 1996 IST):

Bye everyone!! It was fun!

Stanis (Tue Sep 24 22:50:43 1996 IST):

Bye everyone!! It was fun!

Photographs: Jewella Miranda