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The Movie Chat

Even Wyatt Earp would have been hard pressed to match Dinesh Raheja and Jitendra Kothari.

Movie magazine's stellar lights -- Raheja is the ed, Kothari the deputy ed -- and authors of the acclaimed The Hundred Luminaries of Hindi Cinema were faster on the draw than the legendary lawman himself when they appeared on the Chat Show on Wednesday night.

Check out for yourself. It wasalutava fun!

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:40:02 1996 IST):

Hello.. Is anybody in??

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:40:36 1996 IST):

When's the chat begining?

(Wed Jul 24 19:46:06 1996 IST):

Charcha kab shurvat hogi?

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:46:19 1996 IST):

Hi Shaan It says eight o'clock so let's wait and see

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:46:26 1996 IST):

Five minutes from now

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:47:06 1996 IST):

Has it begun? I have lots to know.. Hey Mr Lakshman.. what's happening??

Chotta Peg (Wed Jul 24 19:48:18 1996 IST):

Charcha kab shurvat hogi?

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:48:26 1996 IST):

Hi Mr Raheja, Since you are already here, do we still have to wait for five more minutes?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:48:53 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. can we start now??

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:49:25 1996 IST):

Hi, this is Dinesh, with me Jitendra... and since you guys are in a heck of a hurry, who's clock watching> Let's go...

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:50:09 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. All right.. Tell me On what basis jhve you picked the luminaries??

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:50:32 1996 IST):

Hi Mr Kothari Nice to see you here too.

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:50:59 1996 IST):

Yeah, that's something I'd like to know too.

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:51:16 1996 IST):

Shaan: If we were to include all the luminaries we would have required a tome. So we selected a hundred.

Big B (Wed Jul 24 19:51:24 1996 IST):

Why did you drop Rakhee, my favourite costar? I meant to tell you guys at the book release, but din't want to hurt your feelings. Why Raakhee? It was surely not a case of Jeevan Mrityu?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:51:47 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. you have left out so many..

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:52:51 1996 IST):

But that's a hundred that does not include Begum Para or Nalini Jaywant? So what was the basis? How were the stars, oops, luminaries selected?

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:52:52 1996 IST):

Big B: I had a choice between including you or Rakhee. I chose you. Aren't you flattered?

Big B (Wed Jul 24 19:53:19 1996 IST):


Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:53:58 1996 IST):

Shika: If we start talking about all those whom we have not included, when will we talk about those whom we have? Jeetu says hi, he likes Nalini Jaywant too, one heck of a lot...:-)

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:54:19 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. *grin* I like that.. you have included the Kapoors, so why leave out Randhir Kapoor?? Just curious. after all he did direct Henna..

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:54:37 1996 IST):

Also, that was a nice marketing gimmick. Amitabh on the front page and Rekha on the last. But I must say, Rekha writes much better than AB does.

Chotta Peg (Wed Jul 24 19:54:49 1996 IST):

Why has Sush Sen became you film journalists's bosom pal? How much of it is real?

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:55:18 1996 IST):

Who's your favourite, Dinesh?

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:55:45 1996 IST):

Shaan: After how many years did he direct Henna?

Shikha: Marketing gimmick? I thought it was pure coincidence. :)

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:55:54 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. Jitendra.. who has written the pieces though? very well written they were..:-)

suzy (Wed Jul 24 19:56:20 1996 IST):

Why movies like Dilwale Dulhaniya and Hum Aap ke Hai Kaun are doing well?

Big B (Wed Jul 24 19:56:45 1996 IST):

No, seriously, there must be some logic to your selection. I thought Gocind Nihalani deserved to make it more than Sooraj Barjatya? If Sooraj directed the biggest blockbuster in movie history, Govind is simply the best director Hindi cinema has. Why be so biased against art cinema?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 19:57:05 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. come on.. I think he did a better job of it than Sooraj Bharjatya and sooraj only directed two films.. Does that make him all that important??:-)

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 19:57:09 1996 IST):

Chota Peg: For 'obvious' reasons.

Shika: Sadhana.

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:57:44 1996 IST):

And you expect me to believe that!!! But I was wondering, how much of the personal element has crept into this book? I originally thought the book was a profile of the stars but there seem to be parts where a certain bias, or point of view, has crept in.

Chotta Peg (Wed Jul 24 19:58:21 1996 IST):

Mr raheja, Mr Kothari, I thought your book was smashing, despite all the omissions. Superbly written and well produced. I hope you guys will hang around forsometime and answer all our questions.

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 19:59:48 1996 IST):

Dinesh, you still there?

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:00:15 1996 IST):

Shaan: Writing is a creative process. Jeetu did all the writing, and I did all the processing.

Suzy: If I knew I would be making a sequel.

Big B: Don't you consider Shyam Benegal as representative of art cinema? And pray Big B, why haven't you worked with Govind Nihalani yet?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:00:52 1996 IST):

Tell me Dinesh What do you think about the new wave of cinema that has started which uses language which had swearr words and I mean real swear words not the old ones like 'Kutte' 'Kamine' what do you think about a whole new order of language coming in Inmdian cinema do you think that in some years time MC's and BC's and such words will become part of the vocabulay of cinema or will it just pass??

Big B (Wed Jul 24 20:01:34 1996 IST):

From a faraway point of view, how much of what appears in magazines is real. There was a time when one used to believe it was the gospel, but after I heard that all was not hunky dory, I've stopped believing all what you guys write. Anyway, I think Filmfare is the most accurate portrayal of the Hindi film industry

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:01:36 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. Hi.. great job you did.. I liked some of the profiles very much.. But.. were you a little bit partial to Dimple??:-):-)

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:01:49 1996 IST):

Shikha: What was so personal about the book? Come on, don't get so personal. :)

Big B (Wed Jul 24 20:03:47 1996 IST):

Forget me, Dinu, is Shyam Benegal the only worthy from the art cinema who finds mention? Or is it that you had to butter up all these commercial movie guys who give you all the interviews. I mean look at how Dimple drooled on Star Plus. And you omitted Nadira? What about Cuckoo?

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 20:03:49 1996 IST):

No, I'm not. But I did feel that there was a definite inclination toward M Rafi as compared to Kishore Kumar and Mehmood as compared to Johnny Walker.

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:04:03 1996 IST):

F Deewana: Except for Bandit Queen, and in the interval periods in all theatres, where else do you hear these cuss words?

HindiMovieHater (Wed Jul 24 20:04:06 1996 IST):

Hey, this place seems to be filled with Hindi movie fans. Tell me guys, what is so great about Hindi movies? How do you all react to the acusations that they are nothing but trash?

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:04:44 1996 IST):

Name three of your Hindi film directors:-)

Chotta Peg (Wed Jul 24 20:05:50 1996 IST):

Can we stop rhapsodising and cribbing about the book and talk about Hindi movies? I thought you guys would shed some light on movie magfic?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:06:15 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. forget films.. what about magazines?? They ahve these bold pictures on the cover.. Don't you want to do it too?? I mean have Mamta Kulkarni on the cover..

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:06:46 1996 IST):

Big B: We can speak only for Movie - The Authentic Magazine. All our stories are verified, double checked, proofed and then printed.

Big B: Like you, we don't butter people. If we wanted to, we would have included Nadira in the book, who is already writing a column in our magazine and who is also a very good friend of ours. Besides, she too spoke in glowing terms about the book and even give me a ruppee for luck, after cribbing about her non-inclusion.

Film Dewaana (To Hindi movie hater> Please this chat is meant for people who l IST):

Dinesh : In Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin....even India August should be counted in it . Do you think this trend will catch on? and will this real language also become part of Indian cinema

ove Hindi movies and not for yanks :-):-) (Wed Jul 24 20:07:01 1996 IST):

ks :-):-)

HindiMovieHater (Wed Jul 24 20:08:02 1996 IST):

But in your Movie magazine do you have even one article that a sensible individual would like to read and derive some satisfaction?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:08:48 1996 IST):

HindiMovieHater.. Don't you like gossip??:-)

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:09:08 1996 IST):

Shaan: Mamta is a pretty girl, Shaan, but let's face it, she is not exactly complaining about not being in the book of luminaries. So could we get back to the book, please?

Shikha (Wed Jul 24 20:09:37 1996 IST):

Hey Dinesh, how serious are film mags in India. I mean, they are all gossip oriented. I don't think there is any serious film journalism in India! And you haven't answered my previous question.

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:09:43 1996 IST):

Mr.dinesh:why do you think the parallel cinema wave didn't catch up in India?

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:09:47 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Rajeshji please answer my question: Name three of your favourite Hindi film directors?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:10:19 1996 IST):

Dinesh..oops.. offended you??:-)Anyway is this chat about the book only?? Can't we talk about films and magazine too?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:10:32 1996 IST):

Hindi Movie Hater: what about films like Pyaasa or Kagaz ke Phool or Sholay or Charulata or Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron.. just to be on the safe side... Shiva....(I know I'm commiting sacilege by taking the names of those movies in the sma breath but I know I'll be excused)

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:11:03 1996 IST):

Shikha: The supposed preference for Mohd Rafi and Mehmood missed us totally. Maybe you read something between the lines. In fact, as far as I remember, we wrote that Mehmood cut his price to spite Johnny Walker's face.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:12:43 1996 IST):

Why isn't Jitendra saying anything?? Dinesh.. you are hogging the show..:-):-):-)

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:13:11 1996 IST):

Shasha: Because it ran parallel to the audience's sensibilities, and at a very slow pace at that. More seriously speaking, they did not find outlets in theatres and enough supporters among actors, directors and, most importantly, the audience.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:13:11 1996 IST):

Dinesh.Jitendra: Tell me what are you trying to say through your magazine? I mean is there really anything that Hindi Film jouirnalism ever says it never examins a work of a director rathe it tears his personal life apart so tell me what is it all about ?

HindiMovieHater (Wed Jul 24 20:14:40 1996 IST):

Can anybody give me one good reason to read Movie? How about the editors?

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:16:33 1996 IST):

You have obviously not read the recent issues of Movie featuring interviews of Ram Gopal Varma, Indra Kumar (in the same breath) Sudhir Mishra and Sanjay Bansali.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:16:55 1996 IST):

Why you want to be in this chat when you don't like Hindi movies and movie magazine. I think it's time for you to packe up?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:17:19 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. why did you pick Shah Rukh Khan?? and why not Govinda?? I think he's a better actor..

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:18:01 1996 IST):

hi dinesh, jitendra. pray tell me why hindi films cannot tell a story without a song and a dance?

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:19:20 1996 IST):

Shaan, I can tell you why I included Shah Rukh rather than why I excluded Govinda. That's the way we planned the book. If we were to figure out reasons for each omitted luminary, the book would have stayed at the planning stage.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:19:21 1996 IST):

Shaan Govinda is the only actor in the film industry right now. Dineshji and Rajeshji please comment.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:20:14 1996 IST):

Dinesh..Jitendra: You have still not told me what does Film journalism have to say, what is the meaning behind it I mean you read newpaperrs to know what is happening around you Why read a film magazines which thrives of making Demi gods of normal human beings( Even if you say it doeas not but they do play a very important role in doing so what are your comments???

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:20:23 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. Another thing.. Don't be offended, but isn't Amrish Puri supposed to be Shakuni Mama?? You have mentioned Duryodhan..

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:20:44 1996 IST):

Laxy: Bimal Roy, Mehboob Khan and Guru Dutt.

Neptune (Wed Jul 24 20:21:11 1996 IST):

Dinesh: Just wondering, how much time do you spend dreaming up your 'extempore' remarks?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:22:25 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. why isn't Jitendra say anything? or is it that he only writes:-):-):-)

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:22:33 1996 IST):

Mr.Dinesh: Why Our film magazines have never been able to overcome The gossip fever.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:22:34 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Rajsehji thanks for answering my question. Who are your present three favourite Hindi film directors

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:23:10 1996 IST):

Laxy: I think Govinda will love you for that. But do you realise that we at least made a list of 100 and still there are so many gunning for us.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:23:56 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. then I think you should have said 500 and include Govinda too:-):-)

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:24:00 1996 IST):

Hi Laxy my faves are Bimal Roy, Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt

HindiMovieHater (Wed Jul 24 20:24:35 1996 IST):

Do you think we should be using a resource as valuable as the WWW to chat about Hindi movies?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:26:05 1996 IST):

Dinesh.Jitendra: With so many stars gunning you for not having included them what are you planning to remedy this side effect *grin*

Dinesh Raheja (Wed Jul 24 20:26:17 1996 IST):

Neptune: Thanks for the compliment. And as you rightly said, they are extempore. Laxy: I was only kidding. You don't have to be apologetic about loving only Govinda.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:27:33 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Rajeshji, Why Hindi films have lost the human touch. As you mentioned that Mehboob Khan, Guru Dutt and Bimalda all these three directors used to make films of human values. But this is not to be seen in the present breed of directors. There are some. But very few. Do you think Indian audiences have lost the touch of human values? Please comment:-(:-(:-(

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:27:56 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. what do you think about the state of Hindi films today? Do you think they lack the depth that old films had??

Bakerloo (Wed Jul 24 20:28:27 1996 IST):

Hi , Anybody there ??

Neptune (Wed Jul 24 20:28:31 1996 IST):

Who are your personal faves .. contemporary please.

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:29:21 1996 IST):

Mr.Dinesh: Why Our film magazines have never been able to overcome The gossip fever?

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:29:24 1996 IST):


khas (Wed Jul 24 20:29:30 1996 IST):

wow what a chat!!hiiiiii everyone!!!!

takahike (Wed Jul 24 20:30:11 1996 IST):

hi room

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:30:36 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. Jitendra.. what do you think about the films today?? Do they lack the depth that old films had?

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:30:52 1996 IST):

Mr.Dinesh: Why Our film magazines have never been able to overcome The gossip fever?

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:31:05 1996 IST):

yohoooooooooooo!!!!!!! what's up guys???? looks like we are being eaten up HEY LIGHT...

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:31:38 1996 IST):

Dinesh and jeetu to Shaan and Laxy: Without going into generalisations, there were bad films then and there are bad films now. And if you liked Bandini, Mother India and Guide, I agree that none of our current films match up to them.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:31:49 1996 IST):

Dinesh and jeetu to Shaan and Laxy: Without going into generalisations, there were bad films then and there are bad films now. And if you liked Bandini, Mother India and Guide, I agree that none of our current films match up to them.

Neptune (Wed Jul 24 20:32:04 1996 IST):

Dinesh & Jitu, stars are accused of walking around with a halo, or being victims of their own images, don"t you think its you film journalists who put that their halos around their heads and imprison them in those images? Don;t be flip pl.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:32:11 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. why aren't you saying something?? you still there?

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:32:11 1996 IST):

LIGHTS... LIGHTS... cant see a thing.

ControlCentre (Wed Jul 24 20:32:21 1996 IST):

Sorry about the temporary problem. Please continue with your chat.

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:32:41 1996 IST):

ok whoever is the guest hiiiiiiiiii!!sorry but i am not sure of ur name!!but i would like to ask u something!!may i know why are plots of most of the hindi films so similar that they r soo predicatable!!i mean can't ur'll think of something better n much more original??

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:33:30 1996 IST):

Dinesh..JItendra.. Do you find it difficult to catch hold of these stars for interviews or they agree willingly because you are MOVIE..:-)

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:34:16 1996 IST):

Mr.Dinesh: Why Our film magazines have never been able to overcome The gossip fever?

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:34:18 1996 IST):

hi dinesh, jitendra, i beg of you both, once again: pray tell me why hindi cinema cannot tell a story without a song and a dance?????

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:34:35 1996 IST):

khas.. the guests present here are the editors of MOVIE magazine.. you can ask them anything about Hindi films:-)

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:34:37 1996 IST):

Neptune: Seriously speaking, they are not waiting for us to gift them with a halo. They manage quite well without us. In fact, if their feet are on the ground (if at all), it's because we are there to criticise them for their performances, their attitudes and ....

ControlCentre (Wed Jul 24 20:35:55 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Rahejaji, you rightly mentioned your favourite directors. But why do you think today, Hindi films with human value do not perform well. Is it true that Indians have lost the human values?

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:36:10 1996 IST):

hi shaan!!thanks for the info!!yup ok i will do that!!*smile*!!

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:36:18 1996 IST):


SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:36:39 1996 IST):

khas.. buck up then!:-):-)

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:36:51 1996 IST):

TO CONTROL CENTRE: were Indians humans???

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:37:01 1996 IST):

Shaan: I have never had a problem whether it is Amitabh, REkha, Dilip Kumar or Shahrukh. I guess it works on the principle, I'm okay, you're okay!

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:37:11 1996 IST):

Khas: Hi I'm Jitendra who along with Dinesh Raheja co-authored the book 100 Luminaries of Hindi Cinema. Now for your question I guess its sad that there seems to be such little originality.

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:37:23 1996 IST):

shaan huh??what do u mean by that????

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:38:22 1996 IST):

Hi are we on again?

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:38:29 1996 IST):

ControlCentre: Dineshji and Rahejaji are one guy - Dinesh Raheja to wit. How about Jitendraji Kothariji - which's me?

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:38:40 1996 IST):


Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:38:49 1996 IST):

Dinesh..Jitendra: Tell me what is the relationship shared by film journalists and film stars and what are the ethics involved??? pls don't be flip!

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:38:59 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. I liked your concept of having the stars speak on the phone for an hour.. so much like this chat.. Do you think they would want to come here to chat with us? Are they Internet savvy?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:38:59 1996 IST):

Shasha: Movie was vaccinated as a precaution against the gossip fever. So we are relatively sage... sorry, safe.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:39:39 1996 IST):

Yes I have seen you Sanjavee? (Shree 420)

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:40:22 1996 IST):

khas.. they might go off in some time.. so fire..:-)

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:40:41 1996 IST):

Sanjave: Shree 420 was a nice film so was Aawara!

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:40:45 1996 IST):

HA HA HA!!!! HO HO HO!!!! all this is soooooo funnny... heh heh!!

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:40:48 1996 IST):


Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:40:49 1996 IST):

ZZ: So that you don't go zzzzzzzzzzzzzz while watching a film.

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:41:30 1996 IST):

hi jitendra!!oh i c!!well i haven't read that book not sure if i can get the book here !!if i can i will read it!!also nowadays its not only that hindi movies do not have originality but they seem to be copying most of the tamil films which the plots n stories r much better!!also i think they should cut down the amt of songs they have in a movie i mean some movies are only half songs n the half acting!!its soo dumb u know!!no offence!!

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:41:41 1996 IST):

Hey, a chat about Hindi movies? How very frivolous! Are we seriously spending time discussing the crap that passes off as a movie?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:41:42 1996 IST):

ZZ.. what's your problem?? are you a movie hater too?

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 20:41:48 1996 IST):

I dont watch a lot of Hindi movies but here I am.

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 20:42:18 1996 IST):

Hi folks. Dineshji, Will Manisha overtake Madhuri?

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:42:22 1996 IST):

sanjave: you seem to be a great fan of Raj Kapoor????

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:42:33 1996 IST):

thanx dinesh, but then hitchcock did not have songs and dance in every movie he made yet i have to meet a person who feel asleep through one of his films

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:42:44 1996 IST):

Dinesh..Jitendra: Tell me honestly what was honest gut level opinion of Bandit Queen

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:43:10 1996 IST):

shaan heehee yeah i will!!

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:43:33 1996 IST):

TO SHAAN... of course not silly.

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 20:43:42 1996 IST):

Hawkeye : I also share the same feelings. But I guess there is some serious chatting going on out here. Let's hang around and see if we can increase our knowledge.

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:43:51 1996 IST):

So is anybody getting educated here? I mean, what's the latest - who's sleeping with whom?

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:43:57 1996 IST):

Khas: Tell us where you are from, we'll tell you if, and if so where, yu can get the book.. deal?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:43:58 1996 IST):

Film Deewane: Symbiotic. We can't do without each other. We may spat like husband and wife but then separations are only temporary. We need each other.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:44:27 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Amrish Puri supposed to be Shakuni mama in Hum Paanch? why did you mention Duryodhan?

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:45:16 1996 IST):


Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:45:53 1996 IST):

Dinesh Jitendra; You have been featuring Sushmite quite a lot also Ashwariya WHY thier films are'nt even close to being released ?>?? Is it to sell more copies?

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:46:14 1996 IST):

F Deewana: As far as film grammar goes, Bandit Queen was a seminal film. But I personally didn't agree with whitewashing of Phoolan Devi, that was an unfortunate by-product of the film.

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:46:19 1996 IST):


SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:46:20 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Amrish Puri supposed to be Shakuni mama in Hum Paanch? why did you mention Duryodhan in your book?

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:46:35 1996 IST):

Sanjave, what an original comment? I didn't know Hindi movies were copies of American ones :-o

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:46:36 1996 IST):

Sanjave*ouch* please don't shout!!

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:46:45 1996 IST):

ZZ: But then Hitchcock didn't make Hindi films. If he did, he would have to make a whodunit, similar to something back home like Woh Kaun Thi? or Mahal. The ghost would have to sing. The distributors wouldn't take a no for an answer.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:47:27 1996 IST):

Hawkeye: Hindi films are copied from HiNDI films so Hollywood is nothing

Neptune (Wed Jul 24 20:47:45 1996 IST):

Hey Zabardash Zed, Hitchcock did have a "family song" Que Sera Que Sera in his The Man who knew too much. That was very Indian ?? At times, the songs give our Indian movies an identity. Ahemmm.

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:48:07 1996 IST):

Film Dewaana: Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one. Must remember that.

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:48:11 1996 IST):

yes i know that dinesh. i am only wondering why indian cinema needs to have songs. just wondering what is so different about the audience on this peninsula

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:48:42 1996 IST):


Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:49:01 1996 IST):

Sanjave: Where HOllywood itself is busy making rehashes of its own remakes, like Sabrina (if you've seen the original Audrey Hepburn one, you will hate the Harrison Ford one), I guess Hindi films are also entitled to a bit of cannibalisation. But must say, HAHK and DDLJ were very original themes.

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:49:13 1996 IST):

FD: It's not to sell more copies. The idea is to feature people different from those we have squeezed dry... to the last drop. BEsides, don't you think Sushmita and Ash make fabulous pix and speak their mind too?

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:49:25 1996 IST):

Hey to be fair to the song writers, they are dishing out pretty good stuff nowadays. Has anybody heard Khamoshi?

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 20:49:28 1996 IST):

Dinesh Raheja : I have flipped thru' the book and I seriously feel that it was excellent.

ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:49:37 1996 IST):

hey sanjavi STOP SHOUTING. understand. small letters is polite.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:50:47 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Jitendraji why films made by directors like Mahesh Bhatt, N Chandra, Prakash Mehra are not doing well. Are their days over in film industry?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:50:48 1996 IST):

ZZ: We are like that only! Why not just sit back and enjoy the Rehman melodies? Give me a song any day to overheated dialogues.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:50:48 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. why aren't you answereing my question?? I asked wasn't Amrish Puri supposed to be Shakuni mama in Hum Paanch? why did you mention Duryodhan in your book?

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:50:56 1996 IST):

dinesh n jitendra i find lots of crappy stuff going on in the movie world!!i mean the actresses(some) do not know how to act but i wonder why they r still given the chance to act??they only become popular by showing off their bodies (some)!!this u hafta agree!!sometimes i think less body n more acting skills should be presented in the movie for the viewers to enjoy the movie!!also sometimes i find the movie makes no sense at all!!i mean the couple r soo damned poor n suddenly they r singing n dancing n wearing all those gowdy n expensive clothes!!thats the dumbest thing i have ever seen!!i mean they have no money for a proper hose n for enough food but they have money for pretty n expensive clothes??i mean movies do not have any connection with reality too!!

shasha (Wed Jul 24 20:51:16 1996 IST):

Mr.dinesh: Why we find so many films coming these days with the same old names??? are we runing out of names???????

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:51:21 1996 IST):

ZZ: Can I butt in? Though I agree that songs can be disruptive to the narrative, think of the immense joy, happiness and suchlike Hindi film music has given to millions. I can't imagine life without it. And its not entirely peninsular. Isn't Hollywood full of soundtracks too, nowadays?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:51:22 1996 IST):

Dinesh ...Jitendra:What is the relationship shared by film scribes and film actors what are the ethics involved and PLEASE DON'T BE FLIP !!

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:51:26 1996 IST):

Tell me, Dineshji and Jitendraji, do you guys edit a movie magazine for a living? I mean, it's all you do all day?

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:51:43 1996 IST):


ZABARDAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:52:06 1996 IST):

okay dinesh, since we have a global audience here, i would like you to point out other unique things about indian cinema besides songs and dance...

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 20:52:41 1996 IST):

Mr. Dinesh Raheja :: What is your personal opinion about the movies being made in the Hindi film industry today, especially some of the recent hits ???

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:53:04 1996 IST):

Laxy: Mahesh Bhatt once said, "Success is nothing but delayed failure." But in this industry you can't write off anybody. One hit, and you are back in the saddle.

bakerloo (Wed Jul 24 20:54:24 1996 IST):

Hello Dinesh...Jitendra , I hope you're still there .

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:54:39 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. are you avoiding my question?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:54:59 1996 IST):

Zabardast Zed : Family sentiments, strong belief in God, and the ultimate satisfaction of seeing good triumph over evil. No Baazigar, No Darr, can change that.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:55:01 1996 IST):

Laxy: Sorry to butt in But Mahesh Bhatt has only made two good films ARTH & Kaash I mean he is totally into money making and image building excersise he doesn't believe in a thing called ORIGINALITY as for Prakash Mehra he is jaded he'll have to chaange his style and bing a new hero as for for N Chandra I hope he comes up with something fast cause I like his films

Somes (Wed Jul 24 20:55:05 1996 IST):

Hello,Good morning!

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:55:19 1996 IST):

Hawkeye: Dinesh is the editor, I am the deputy. Believe me, from thinking up fresh angles for interviews with the star, to seeing the last positives sent down to the press is one hell of a demanding month - creatively and manually.

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 20:55:20 1996 IST):

Hollywood is full of soundtracks but not in the movie.... don't get me wrong i love the songs seeing the actorsess in little skimpy outfits.....

laxy (Wed Jul 24 20:55:37 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Jitendraji why Hindi heroines are exposing? Is it necessary to expose even if they are NO 1?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 20:55:46 1996 IST):

Dinesh ...Jitendra:What is the relationship shared by film scribes and film actors what are the ethics involved and PLEASE DON'T BE FLIP !!

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:57:14 1996 IST):

Sandeep: Thanks a lot. Tell me which of the stars you personally liked reading about in the book.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 20:57:28 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. why aren't you answereing my question?? I asked wasn't Amrish Puri supposed to be Shakuni mama in Hum Paanch? why did you mention Duryodhan in your book?:-)

khas (Wed Jul 24 20:57:37 1996 IST):

Jitendra n Dinesh i would also love to add for the fact that sometimes hindi movies r so dumb with the timings of their songs!!i mean suddenly for no particular reason the actress n actor will just start dancing n singing around!!thats totally dumb!!!

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 20:57:46 1996 IST):

Laxy : I would like to correct you Mahesh bhatt has also made Saaraansh, Naam, and Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin. Do you still hold on to your opinion??

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:58:09 1996 IST):

dinesh thanx once again for your splendid insights. yet i am intrigued by hindi film songs. indian music tradition does not have the concept of an orchestra yet hindi films have traditionally used indian folk and classical tunes but they have been played by huge western orchestras. wow!!!!

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 20:58:36 1996 IST):

Hi Jeetu, which of the present day actors do you like personally? Who are the ones who are easy to talk to?

Hawkeye (Wed Jul 24 20:59:08 1996 IST):

Dinesh and Jitendra, don't mind me. I'm sure your job must be challenging in it's own way. And no one profession is better than any other. It's just that I dislike Hindi movies to a great extent and am just blasting out at the industry in this free-for-all session. I'll pick up a copy of Movie, who knows I may even like it :-)

Somes (Wed Jul 24 20:59:31 1996 IST):

Dinesh-Jitendra,Why hindi Music Directors imitate western songs even when they are capable of creating original tunes?

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 20:59:34 1996 IST):

Shaan: The Amrish Puri reference in Hum Paanch was analogous. An interpretation.

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:59:57 1996 IST):

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 20:58:09 1996 IST): dinesh thanx once again for your splendid insights. yet i am intrigued by hindi film songs. indian music tradition does not have the concept of an orchestra yet hindi films have traditionally used indian folk and classical tunes but they have been played by huge western orchestras. wow!!!!

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:00:09 1996 IST):

Khas : I agree with you totally. That's the time to go out for a smoke, a leak, or to fill yourself up with popcorn.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:00:48 1996 IST):

Thanks Jitendra.. Tell me why is Mahesh Bhatt such a favourite with you? Dinesh seems to like him very much..

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:01:20 1996 IST):

Jeetu, you don't want to talk to me :-(

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:02:01 1996 IST):

Dinesh Raheja:ooooooooooopppsie Sorry fogot about Saraansh and Naam but Dil HAI ke manta nahin was not original, and Arth Naam, Saraansh, Kaaash were all years ago what aboput Tadipaaar, Chaahat, Gumrah, god knows the amount of obscenities he has been churing out in the name of cinema .NOW What do you say???

SANJAVE (Wed Jul 24 21:02:15 1996 IST):


Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:02:21 1996 IST):

Sandy: The ones who are easy to talk to do not necessarily translate into easy to watch on screen. I like Madhuri, Juhi, Manisha... and perhaps you've got a point, they ARE easy to talk to.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:03:11 1996 IST):

Sanjave.. Are you angry at something??:-):-):-)

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:03:29 1996 IST):

Dinesh, tell me, what is Madhuri Dixit like? For someone who seems like she has brains, why is she letting someone like Husain hang to her pallau all the time? I hear she's even going to act in some film he's directing?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:03:54 1996 IST):

Somes : Maybe, they are not so confident about being original. But, give me an original number anyway!!!! But I guess you dont get marks for trying in this industry. Only for scoring !!! And nobody is willing to take chances. What if they don't get one after that???

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:03:56 1996 IST):

Sanjave: We all agree with you so why not start a debate or tell us something we don't know??:-):-):-)

laxy (Wed Jul 24 21:04:23 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Rahejaji, I'm repeating my question is it necessary for Hindi Heroines to expose even if they are NO 1. Pppppppppppppppppplease answer

khas (Wed Jul 24 21:04:25 1996 IST):

dinesh yeah sure that may be the time but its like half of the movie is filled with this crap so u mean to say that half the time its like for fun for us to do something else??then whats the use of even watching the lousy movie??whats the use of spending so much of our money on such crap???i would prefer watching movies which r sensible n make sense unlike the movies nowadays r totally crappy!!

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:04:50 1996 IST):

Shaan: My favourites change from movie to movie. As far as Mahesh Bhatt goes, I found have found him a rare intellectual in the industry. Of course that doesn't excuse movies like Tadipaar and Milan.

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:04:52 1996 IST):

Sandy : Madhuri is more tuned in to Jitu. Ask him!!!!

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:05:14 1996 IST):

Jeetu, Thanks. Tell me some more about Juhi as a person. Tell me something that does not come in the film mags. Also, when you meet her, tell her I was very sorry about her mother.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:05:23 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. why do you like Mahesh Bhatt so much?? you really think he's intelligent??

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:06:06 1996 IST):

Jeetu, please answer my question about Madhuri and Husain. Dinesh, who are you into?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:06:07 1996 IST):

Khas : If you watch only sensible films, you're sure going to save a lot of money and be a very rich man, that's if you aren't already.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:06:47 1996 IST):

Dinesh Raheja:ooooooooooopppsie Sorry fogot about Saraansh and Naam but Dil HAI ke manta nahin was not original, and Arth Naam, Saraansh, Kaaash were all years ago what aboput Tadipaaar, Chaahat, Gumrah, god knows the amount of obscenities he has been churing out in the name of cinema .NOW What do you say???

khas (Wed Jul 24 21:06:54 1996 IST):

Dinesh n Jitendra also i would love to add for the fact that without us(the viewers) the actresses n actors would be nowhere!!so why is it that they r soo damned proud n rude when we ask for their autograph or just take out a picture with them??i mean they owe their sucess to us!!if we love the movie they n love them they make money n become popular but not all of them r like that though!!

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 21:06:58 1996 IST):

dinesh thanx once again for your splendid insights. yet i am intrigued by hindi film songs. indian music tradition does not have the concept of an orchestra yet hindi films have traditionally used indian folk and classical tunes but they have been played by huge western orchestras. wow!!!!

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:07:10 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. then what do you think is going wrong with Mahesh? Is he going commercial so much so that his films stop making sense? And I think Pooja should retire..

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:07:30 1996 IST):

Shaan : Sure I do. His films may not do well at times but he is brainy alright.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:07:33 1996 IST):

Laxy: Heroines have always exposed. Check out Vyjayanthimala in Sangam, Hema Malini in Seeta aur Geeta. As long as it is not gratuitous, what in hell's wrong?

khas (Wed Jul 24 21:08:18 1996 IST):

Dinesh heehee i would love to be a rich man but only in my DREAMS!!8laughing*!!'cause i am a FEMALE n i am only 18 but i would love to be a rich lady/gal though!!*smiling*!!

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:08:32 1996 IST):

Jitendra, I am impressed by your erudition. If you were marooned on an island, which three Hindi films would you have liked to take with you?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:08:47 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. I thought you stopped talking to me..:-):-)will you make a film if somebody asks you to?:-)

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:08:55 1996 IST):

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:08:58 1996 IST):

Jeetu, my questions on Madhuri and Juhi? Pleaaaaase answer. Dinesh, who do you like besides Mahesh Bhatt?

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:09:03 1996 IST):

Shaan: Unfortunately the problem with Mahesh, as I think I have said in my book 100 Luminaries of Hindi Cinema, has overvalued his fertility. It is difficult to reconcile quality with quantity.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:09:16 1996 IST):

Dinesh...Jitendra:I 'm repeating this for the 6th time .....what is the relationship shared by Film scribes and Film actors ...what are the ethics involved? PLEASE don't be Flip!!!

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:09:40 1996 IST):

Jagte Raho: Nice question, pal

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:10:13 1996 IST):

My suggestion is you should stop producing al to gather. Other than plagrism, titiliations, crude humor, formula format, usual goonda smuggling rape rich/poor conflict what else is new?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:10:49 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. true.. and he's churning out films like cakes..:-)So how did you get to write so well?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:10:50 1996 IST):

Shaan : Well I have made a small beginning... I am scripting for three TV serials in Hindi right now. I am very excited about the one I am writing for, Aanand Mahendroo. It's a sitcom called Beauty Parlour.

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 21:11:10 1996 IST):

Hey Jitendra, when will indian films stop being loud and offensive to every conceivable sense organ??

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:11:19 1996 IST):

Shaan: I think Pooja should get married to Sohail

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:11:25 1996 IST):

Shaan: I think Pooja should get married to Sohail

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:11:39 1996 IST):

Jagte Raho: Call it coincidence, my five favourite films stretch from 1960 to 1964: Mughal E Azam (60), Ganga Jamuna (61), Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (62), Bandini (63) and Sangam (64).

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:11:45 1996 IST):

I remember Movie magazine in rauf Ahmed's time used to carry interesting pieces by Punita Bhatt. I saw an issue recenlty, May, and was horrifed to see that it was just like any other film magazine. What happened to its viva la difference?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:12:25 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. great! Who are the stars in it??:-)

laxy (Wed Jul 24 21:12:38 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Rahejaji, but don't you think that obscenity is tooooooooo much?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:12:54 1996 IST):

Film Deewana : I did answer that. Wonder why the computer refused to get across to you. I'll repeat myself. We are like a couple, we fight at times but we can't do without each other. After a small spell of seperation we always get back together. In a gist, we share a symbiotic relationship.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:12:55 1996 IST):

Shaan: thanks for the compliment. Now tell me something about yourself. What is the kind of stuff on films that you would like to read? And where are you from?

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:13:06 1996 IST):

Jeetu, will you please tell me why an obviously intelligent person like Madhuri Dixit is letting someone like M F Husain hang on to her pallau? I hear they are making a film together!

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:13:14 1996 IST):

Jitendra: Am I relieved not to find Mother india in your list! I think it is the most over-rated Hindi film ever made. And if you were marooned, which hero and heroine would you like to have as company?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:13:24 1996 IST):

Dinesh ..Jitendra: Do you see any hope for Indian Cinema??????*sigh*

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:13:55 1996 IST):

Jitendra that shows all your choices are 60s that means I am right after that ere what bollywood produced is pure trash.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 21:14:11 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Jitendraji but why Sangam, it is quite boring over stretched film?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:14:11 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. you haven't answered one of my questions about the talk to your fav star for an hour.. Do you think they will come on this chat and talk with us??Are they Internet savvy?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:14:27 1996 IST):

Shaan : Farida Jalal, Shekhar Suman, Navin Nishcal, Anju Mahendru, Sushma Seth, Bhavana Balsaver and Lilliput the giant of a comedian, amongst others.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:15:04 1996 IST):

Extra or Jr A: Good bad or indifferent, Hindi films are an ineluctable part of our culture. Check out the sheer number of people even on the Internet willing to discuss this - surely they must be having SOME hold on the public.

Awara (Wed Jul 24 21:15:13 1996 IST):

Hullooo! I have been listening all this while and I am from the south and it never ceases to stun me that you guys think that Indian cinema is Hindi cinema. Even you guys. I thought you guys were intelliogent.

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:15:24 1996 IST):

Jeetu, since you seem to hellbent on avoiding questions on Madhuri, why don't you at least tell me what your nicest experience with a star was?

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:15:44 1996 IST):

Sandy simple " SEX SELLS" all actors and actress are in the same business selling them selves. If they dont have talent then sell the body.

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:16:01 1996 IST):

Shaan : No they are not soooooo... Internet savvy yet. I dont think so. But you can always call them at Movie . If you'd like to speak to Rekha, she's going to be with us on Aug 24th at the Movie office. Call in to hear her sexy drawl!!

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:16:04 1996 IST):

Laxy: I thought Sangam was quite psychologically pertinent. Have you seen it recently?

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:16:40 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. From Bombay..I saw this chat and entered. I love Hindi films and I watch them whenever I get the time.. Do you like writing on the stars? How do you manage to remember about the films in the 60's and 70' up on them??

Sandy (Wed Jul 24 21:16:52 1996 IST):

I'm leaving guys, none of my questions are being answered.

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:17:04 1996 IST):

I'd like each of you to answer this question separately. Who are the three most dazzling talents in the Hindi cinema today?

khas (Wed Jul 24 21:17:06 1996 IST):

Dinesh n Jitendra i would love to stress again that i think actresses should not be flaunting too much of their assets!!it makes it seem like women only have those n beauty and no brains u know BIMBOS!!!!fine they want to show their beauty ok but their flaunting their assets n wearing revealing clothes is way too much!!

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:17:25 1996 IST):

Awara : Please.... you missed the bus altogether. The book is specifically called Hundred Luminaries of Hindi Cinema and not Indian Cinema.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:17:40 1996 IST):

Sandy: I think it suits Madhuri just fine to have India's most famous painter obviously besotted with her. You'll have to come again with the Juhi question, it kinda slipped off our screen.

SHAAN (Wed Jul 24 21:18:08 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. you have a nice cast there.. But does Rekha really have that drawl or is it a put-on?

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:18:12 1996 IST):

Awara: Brother absolutely right! Dinesh Jitendra: Why is Indian cinema associated with Hindi cinema when the best films are being made in the South!~!!!

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:18:13 1996 IST):

Awara: Brother absolutely right! Dinesh Jitendra: Why is Indian cinema associated with Hindi cinema when the best films are being made in the South!~!!!

CHINTU (Wed Jul 24 21:18:24 1996 IST):

Hello can someone direct me because because i do not no where i'm goin......

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:18:25 1996 IST):

Jitendra I am not disputing the hold of movies on the masses. Yes it is the only fantasizing day dream available to many poor. Where else would you see but in hindi movies a ultra poor super hero knowing all the sophistiaction including the ability to fly a helicopter. Not to mention wearing charag din or YSL dresses?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:18:28 1996 IST):

Jagte Raho : If I could have chosen three I would'nt have opted for hundred!!!

laxy (Wed Jul 24 21:18:33 1996 IST):

SAndy. You see it's a market economy and you produce everything to sell, YEAH, got it, The whole thing is that Sab se bada rupaya, Please comment Dineshji and Jitendraji

khas (Wed Jul 24 21:18:43 1996 IST):

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ppl me going!!c ya!!and thanks for answering my questions Dinesh n Jitendra!!it was fun chatting with the two of u!!

Awara (Wed Jul 24 21:18:44 1996 IST):

Jitendra, you sound like Mohammad Yusuf Sarvar Khan. He took likes big words. Do you specialise in sesquipedallian gobbledygook? Or are you trying to be a Pauline Kael clone?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:19:24 1996 IST):

Shaan : Call and check it out for yourself.

CHINTU (Wed Jul 24 21:19:40 1996 IST):

sandy what would u like to be answered from a friend..........

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:20:41 1996 IST):

Shaan: Perhaps it is romanticised nostalgia, but yes, I adore films. From the fifties onwards. Before that, I must admit, I have seen only the major classics.

Film Dewaana (Wed Jul 24 21:20:46 1996 IST):

Khas: You tell me if someone who enters the film industry has no idea as to what acting is about who thinks it is something that can be learned on the job then the only recourse she can have is her body which will make a good copy and more film offers. Do you knwo Pooja Batra got her first role for a ABCL film after doing a cover of a magazine

laxy (Wed Jul 24 21:20:48 1996 IST):

Dineshji and Jitendraji, Agreed because I saw on Video. And the print was not good? :-):-):-):-)

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:21:53 1996 IST):

Dinesh: Let us have some insight. Who are the stars likely tol be doing as well as they are now in 2000?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:22:10 1996 IST):

Film Deewana : Yeah. Like Pran got his first role when he was spotted by Wali saab a well known script writer at a paan shop.

Shweta (Wed Jul 24 21:22:28 1996 IST):

Don't you think film stars are getting a little violent these days? What with Saif, Shahrukh all taking to walloping journalists whenever they don't like what's printed, don't you think you guys are in a risky profession?

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:22:40 1996 IST):

Awara: Ask simple questions, get simple answers.

Jagte Raho: Unfortunately, I have not been dazzled of late. Madhuri, Govinda, Shah Rukh are good, that is of course if you are discounting the Bachchan-Sridevi generation.

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:22:46 1996 IST):

Those of you preaching from the high poles about south indian movie qualities, think again take a good look at majority Tamil/telugu movies. Also much of Bollywood junk comes out of so called southie producer directorts.

khas (Wed Jul 24 21:23:50 1996 IST):

Film Deewana i think thats dumb!!!look by doing that it shows that women r bimbos n nothing else!!its bring down the women's rights n stuff!!!its unfair!!how do the actors end up acting??by their bodies??no i don't think so!!its more 'cause of their acting skills!!at least its better than how the women end up in the film industry!!n.e.way i gotta jet now so byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:24:09 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. okay I will do that.. After 100 Luminaries.. what next?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:24:19 1996 IST):

Jagte Raho : In a recent Movie opinion Poll in which more than 10000 readers participated we asked them as to who stands a good chance of being around from Anil, Jackie and Sunny in 2001. Guess who won?? 'Hero '

Awara (Wed Jul 24 21:24:35 1996 IST):

Junior artist, go get a role.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:24:36 1996 IST):

Jr Artist: More power to your elbow!

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:25:16 1996 IST):

Okay a question for you Film Jounalists. How come none of you were seen near Devayaani Chaubals funeral?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:25:17 1996 IST):

Shaan: A hundred books!

SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:25:52 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. How did you manage to get the information on the stars? Must have been some field work..

Shweta (Wed Jul 24 21:25:53 1996 IST):

Don't you think film stars are getting a little violent these days? What with Saif, Shahrukh all taking to walloping journalists whenever they don't like what's printed, don't you think you guys are in a risky profession?

Gossip (Wed Jul 24 21:26:06 1996 IST):

Dinesh and Jitendra : Could you please tell us what is happening at the moment in Bollyood some Gossip please

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:26:07 1996 IST):

Shweta: Where journalists have reported from the trenches and the frontlines, its easy to guard with your left against one person.

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:26:27 1996 IST):

Awara offer me if you can pay the price!

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:26:45 1996 IST):

Jr Artist: I was there. Were you?

SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:26:54 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. wow! you mean we get to read more.. the ones that were not included? great!

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:27:26 1996 IST):

Have you stars as friends? Do you play father confessor? Do they dump you later?Do stars make for good friends? Or are they as calculating as they are made out to be? Who is the warmest star you know? The most genuine one?

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:27:43 1996 IST):

And the most matlabi?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:28:37 1996 IST):

Shahrukh just threatens. He has no intentions hitting anybody. Infact he even went up to a journalist home and apologised to him for having threaten to hit him.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:28:38 1996 IST):

Shaan: Sure was. But then, for the last thirteen years of my life, you could say I've been preparing for the book - reading film magazines, books on films, and digging up old mags.

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:28:54 1996 IST):

I think Dinesh was the only soul who gave Devi work when she was down and out. If it was not for him... Let us have a round of applause for him, folks.

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:29:12 1996 IST):

Jitendra Yes you were. I was not. The overall impression given to me that the so called stars who gained much publicity through her opted not to be seen there. Is that true?

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:29:24 1996 IST):

How old are you, JK? How come I never heard of you before?

Shweta (Wed Jul 24 21:29:36 1996 IST):

Does the fact that you are constantly interacting with the film industry bring an element of unrealness into your lives?

Gossip (Wed Jul 24 21:29:48 1996 IST):

Clap clap clap for Dinesh Bravo!!

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:30:15 1996 IST):

I don't mean that to be offensive. I am just very impressed.

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:30:46 1996 IST):

Shaan: NO NO NO. The next book will be related to films but on a different subject. Otherwise like one has been accusing the film makers even we will come under fire for repeating ourselves.

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:31:00 1996 IST):

I do appreciate and Thank both Jitendra and Dinesh for helping out a fellow journalist in her hour of need. We should do that for all.

SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:31:12 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. you mean you were planning this for thirteen years? How are your relations with the stars? Do they talk to on the phone themselves or you have to talk to their secretaries?

Shweta (Wed Jul 24 21:31:30 1996 IST):

What about Saif, Dinesh? He's supposed to have hit a couple of reporters -- Ashok Row Kavi and that girl from Showtime?

SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:32:29 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. How about the Indian cinema then? Some of the south films are could include marathi films too..

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:32:35 1996 IST):

Is it a kick when you lift the phone and there's Shah Rukh Khan at the other end?

Gossip (Wed Jul 24 21:32:39 1996 IST):

Dinesh ..Jitendra:PLEASE tell us which is the best kept secret in Bollywood!!!!

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:32:42 1996 IST):

Shweta: They are not so unreal in person. You've got to deal on a one to one basis with them. Besides do not forget. I go home every day to my wife and daughter. And you can't get more real then them.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:32:47 1996 IST):

Jagte Raho: I am 29. How old are you? If you were named after the film, you're 40.

Extra: Mrs Krishna Raj Kapoor was there. Unfortunately, very few stars do seem inclined to go to funerals. We can't really read much from that.

pf (Wed Jul 24 21:32:50 1996 IST):


Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:33:18 1996 IST):

How did you guys get into movie journalism? Why movie journalism?!

SANJAVEE (Wed Jul 24 21:33:30 1996 IST):


Shweta (Wed Jul 24 21:33:52 1996 IST):

Tell me, do the film stars live an unreal life? Or do they touch base at times?

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 21:34:26 1996 IST):

Mr. Raheja : you didnt answer my question. I wished to know your opinion about the current crop of films being made today?? And what do you think, the sugar sweet romantic kind of films that were blockbusters are here to stay???

pf (Wed Jul 24 21:34:37 1996 IST):

anybody from NY???????????

Gossip (Wed Jul 24 21:34:44 1996 IST):

Dinesh ..Jitendra:Is Rekha still in love with the Big B?

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 21:34:48 1996 IST):


Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:34:55 1996 IST):

Shweta, some paperaazi cross the boundery of decency and right to privacy under the guise of the right to know. They deserve to be treated as what they are. It happens here all the time. I have my right to privacy. Just because you are in a profession that deals with people does not mean you have to show and tell everything.

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:35:38 1996 IST):

Sanjavee: Why not? Infact, I'm happy I fail to clear my chartered accountancy exams. I'd been keying in ledger entries instead of talking to you.

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:36:33 1996 IST):

Shweta: What's an 'unreal' life? they wake up, have a cuppa, read the papers, do the usual unmentionables, go to work, come back home, play with the kids, have dinner, go to sleep. Unreal? Get real. They are people too. On the other hand, once they leave their home, they are under a microscope all the time.

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:36:50 1996 IST):

Hotshots: Whom did Hrishikesh Mukherjee dedicate Anand to?

SONU (Wed Jul 24 21:36:51 1996 IST):


Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:37:31 1996 IST):

Hotshots: Whom did Hrishikesh Mukherjee dedicate Anand to?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:37:45 1996 IST):

Sandeep: I personally dislike sachharine sweet films. They make me feel diabetic. But the masses sure do have a sweet tooth. Check out the businees of DDLJ and HAHK.

SANJAVEE (Wed Jul 24 21:37:56 1996 IST):


SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:38:23 1996 IST):

Jitendra.. you seem to be very sympathetic towards the stars. but you froget we get this bad impression from you people only.. How are your relationship with the stars? Do you do the secretary routine..

Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:38:40 1996 IST):

Sonu, Please desist from bad language. Thanks.

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 21:38:43 1996 IST):

Did you become movie journalists because you were film addicts?

Sidhu (Wed Jul 24 21:38:55 1996 IST):


Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:38:58 1996 IST):

Jagte Raho: All those who have a zest for living. Do you?

Gossip (Wed Jul 24 21:39:23 1996 IST):

Sanjaave please stop writing everthing in capital letters please*ouch*

Jitendra Kothary (Wed Jul 24 21:39:47 1996 IST):

To all: Listen, I'm feeling odd about pontificating about everything under the sun. Statutary warning should read: We don't know everything about everything.

pf (Wed Jul 24 21:39:49 1996 IST):

this place sux....big time

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 21:39:55 1996 IST):

hey JK, people say this internet thing, the world wide web is going to kill cinema. does that scare you?

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:40:19 1996 IST):

Sandeep: I was and I'm. I'm happiest when there is a film festival in town.

SANJAVEE (Wed Jul 24 21:40:24 1996 IST):


Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:40:44 1996 IST):

Jitendra our not liking sacchirine movies means nothing. Look at the bottom lines, HAHK etc made woodles of money. Arty films went straight to the wild blue yonder of bankruptsee. There are very few Satyajit rays. He was lucky.

Gossip (Wed Jul 24 21:41:44 1996 IST):

Dinesh,..Jitendra: Could you shed some light on Sushmita Sen's latest developments?

SANJAVEE (Wed Jul 24 21:42:12 1996 IST):


Sidhu (Wed Jul 24 21:42:18 1996 IST):

You guys don't wanna talk or slow at typing????????? Or is it the network speed????

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 21:42:21 1996 IST):


Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 21:43:48 1996 IST):

Mr. Raheja : but do you think that such a trend wil finally lead to films being made like these???

Sidhu (Wed Jul 24 21:44:44 1996 IST):

PF : Right dude.....This place SSSUUUCKKSS real big time....try....

Frontbencher (Wed Jul 24 21:44:59 1996 IST):

What yaar these Philumi log are making such bad films these days what is wrong Mr Dinesh could you please tell us something why is it happening?

Frontbencher (Wed Jul 24 21:44:59 1996 IST):

What yaar these Philumi log are making such bad films these days what is wrong Mr Dinesh could you please tell us something why is it happening?

Sandeep (Wed Jul 24 21:46:35 1996 IST):

This was nice but I gotta go! Bye

Extra or Jr. Artist. (Wed Jul 24 21:47:14 1996 IST):

Bye Guys looks like we are running out of steam.

laxy (Wed Jul 24 21:47:28 1996 IST):

Chalo bhai, hum tho chale! Thank you for answering my questions

Frontbencher (Wed Jul 24 21:47:59 1996 IST):


Jagte Raho (Wed Jul 24 21:48:00 1996 IST):

Sidhu, are you crazy? I just wnet there, and boy it stinks just like you!

Frontbencher (Wed Jul 24 21:48:03 1996 IST):


SHAAN* (Wed Jul 24 21:48:03 1996 IST):

Dinesh.. Jitendra.. It was nice talking to you.. but I have to go.. Thanks for answering my questions.. BYE..

ZABARDAAST ZED (Wed Jul 24 21:48:21 1996 IST):

get going PF and have a nice trip (wish your HD crashes)

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:49:11 1996 IST):

TO ALL: This conversation like the book The Hundred Luminaries of Hindi Cinema, "whom we laughed and cried with" BYE.

Dinesh Raheja: (Wed Jul 24 21:51:20 1996 IST):

TO ALL: This conversation is like the book The Hundred Luminaries of Hindi Cinema is dedicated to , "all those whom we laughed and cried with" BYE. Dinesh and Jitendra.