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The Mehnaz chat

'Life's great at the moment'

This was Mehnaz's third foray into the Rediff Chat room and it didn't take her long to settle down. This time though, the going was tough as people kept asking her about the alleged Anaida episode. It's entirely to Mehnaz's credit that she kept her cool and answered the questions with a smile.

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:35 IST)
Hi guys, I'm in the house. Shoot...let's party:-)

Rohan (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:29 IST)
Hi Mehnaz! What do you have to say about your eagerly-awaited album with Air Supply?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:38 IST)
Hi Rohan: The song I've recorded with Air Supply is called You Are for Dev Benegal's film Split Wide Open which will be released at the end of this year. It's a grand ballad and will be released internationally as well.

Alex Adams (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:37 IST)
Why are U late????

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:39 IST)
Alex Adams: The traffic in the city really annoys me and makes me invariably late, but I'm here now, so let's move on...

Shree (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:9 IST)
So Mehnaz, how would you define Mausam as compared to your previous work? And why is this video more mellow than peppy?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:41 IST)
Shree: Mausam is more mature in terms of music and lyrics. Miss India was released three years ago and established me as a versatile singer and dancer. I guess I have evolved in these three years and my music has taken this direction.

Prashant (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:12 IST)
Since your last album, the market has really grown. What do you think about the crop of newcomers and who is your fave artiste/band?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:43 IST)
Prashant: You're right, there are a lot of new singers in the circuit, but at the end of the day only quality will prevail. Competition is good, although I think we need many more good singers to come on the scene. I like KK, he is a very good singer.

Joseph (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:14 IST)
Hi Mehnaz, how are you doing? Could u please clarify all these reports about you calling up Anaida and stuff? Sorry asking about a touchy the way, I love your latest song.

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:45 IST)
Joseph: Don't worrry about asking:-)... I know a lot has been said and written about it, but as far as I'm concerned, it's mere industry gossip and doesn't concern me at all.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:43 IST)
I am really sorry, Mehnazji...I think I distracted you...ok now on to business. Do you watch Bollywood movies?? And if yes, which is your favourite film, song, actor and actress till now??

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:47 IST)
PREM: My fave film is Sanjeev Kumar's Angoor, actor Shahrukh Khan, actress Kajol, song Kehna hi kya from Bombay

Alex Adams (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:40 IST)
Hey Mehnaz, didn't you hear me??? You have a boyfriend??

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:48 IST)
Alex Adams: Let's just say life's great at the moment, career-wise and love life as well:-)

Alex Adams (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:42 IST)
Mehnaz just tell me, were the rumours about you harassing Anaida true?? And don't say you don't want to talk about it!

SureshPatel (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:47 IST)
Mehnaz, it is that thing about phone calls. Did u? I would understand if u did. If I were in your place, I would also have done the same.

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:51 IST)
Alex Adams/Suresh Patel: As I said before, a LOT of rubbish has been said and written, and as far as I'm concerned I turn a blind eye to this shit as it only highlights someone else's insecurities.

SureshPatel (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:50 IST)
Yes, Mehnaz, love life. I am glad to hear that. Is Suresh Thomas also happy about it?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:53 IST)
Well SureshPatel, why don't you ask Suresh Thomas directly?:-)

Alex Adams (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:48 IST)
MEHNAZ, why ignore my question??? I am a fan and I want to know if you are really the criminal nutcase the papers made you out to be!!!!

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:49 IST)
Alex: I have already answered the same question earlier, so please refer to that.

Alex Adams (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:55 IST)
MEHNAZ - you mean the POLICE & TELEPHONE COMPANY reports are wrong? Come on, don't be a chicken, why don't you just apologise to her and finish it, because it looks like YOU were the insecure one! If the reports were untrue, you could have sued them! What a LIAR you are! BYE MEHNAZ! I DON'T like you anymore!!!

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:58 IST)
Well Alex, if that's how you feel and think, then be my guest. Goodbye to Alex and if I were a so-called 'criminal,' I wouldn't be sitting here and chatting with you in a public forum, I'd rather be sitting at home and ducking questions:-)

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 6:57 IST)
Mehnaz...I would like to know your hobbies...if you don't mind?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:0 IST)
Prem: Dancing, travelling, shopping, reading etc etc, 'looking at Alex' AND chatting on the phone.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:0 IST)
Mehnaz...where were you born...and where have you lived so far..I mean countries or cities?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:3 IST)
Prem: I was born very much in Bombay and I lived all my life only in Bombay. But I have travelled a lot -- to the US, Europe, the Far East, Middle East and hope to do a lot more travelling.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:2 IST) it necessary that we ask a question, then only you will answer?? Can't it just be a chatting procedure??

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:4 IST)
Okay Prem, tell me a bit about yourself.

SureshPatel (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:3 IST)
Mehnaz! Please answer this one -- is it true that in Sri Lanka, your posters have sold more than your cassettes? Oh, I love Sri Lanka for that!!

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:5 IST)
SureshPatel: Honestly I do not give a shit as my cassettes were pirated and it didn't make a damn difference to me.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:6 IST)
Wow, now that's better...Let me introduce myself...I am Prem living in Bombay, currently known as Mumbai...I am 22 yrs old...I love singing...I am making a pop album named 'JAMKE' which will release next year, with my friend Raj...I am doing a job here and studying Comp Science...and love tennis...and love you too:):)

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:7 IST)
Hey Prem, it's nice to know that you love singing as well. I wish you all the best and hope you succeed.

Raoul (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:5 IST)
Mehnaz, in your previous videos u had a sexy image, y r u so seedha saadha, so sombre in your new video?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:9 IST)
Raoul: I never had a sexy image to begin with, I was shown in the light of a dancer. I guess with Mausam, the song needs the treatment it's been given in the video. Extremely dreamy and a dash of sophistication.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:7 IST)
You play any games Mehnaz?? Or used to play??

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:10 IST)
Prem: I used to be an athelete but at the moment I swim and sometimes play squash.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:10 IST)
Which school were you in Mehnazji??

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:12 IST)
Prem: I studied at Convent of Jesus and Mary, Fort...and hey Prem, it's just Mehnaz! Scrap the ji bit, no formalities.

SureshPatel (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:7 IST)
Mehnaz, who joined BMG first, you or that smart-wit-miss-Anaida? Just for the record, please?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:11 IST)
SureshPatel: Anaida was first...for the record:-)

Radical (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:12 IST)
Hi Mehnaz - what is the kind of music u personally listen to?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:14 IST)
Radical: I listen to a lot of different genres of music ranging from jazz to Indian classical to contemporary pop.

SureshPatel (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:11 IST)
Raoul/Mehnaz: Actually I like the way she has appeared in her new video. When I saw that Anaida's Oonchi neechi, I wanted to like it, but being a Mehnaz fan, I felt jealous. Now Mehnaz has given us something that is exactly in the footsteps of the Oonchi neechi image of that smart-miss, I am so happy. I don't think there is anything bad if one star copies another's style, that's how we progress. I don't respect Mehnaz less because she has tried to follow Anaida. Mehnaz is Mehnaz, nevertheless.

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:16 IST)
SureshPatel: I obviously gather that you don't have any sense of music, so don't bother trying.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:16 IST)
Hey Mehnaz! Did you know that a whole any song from pop to rap...can be made on the karaoke system..try it if you have the technology!!

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:18 IST)
Prem: In my case, the music is composed for me after which I dub my vocals.

Raoul (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:18 IST)
Well if u r saying that u didn't have a sexy image then I must say that u r a sex goddess cos without trying to b sexy, u r an absolute stunner. By the way, what does your name mean and who gave u this name?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:20 IST)
Thanks a ton for the compliment Raoul, I was named by my aunt and Mehnaz means 'Glory of the moon.' What does your name mean?

Radical (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:15 IST)
Mehnaz, do u have any formal training in music?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:19 IST)
Radical: I have done a bit of Indian classical under the guidance of Bhavdeep Jaipurwale and at present, Sudhindra Bhowmick.

DOC (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:20 IST)
Mehnaz dear, for the record, tell us a YES or NO, did you make calls to Anaida??? Don't skirt the issue, tell us DID you?? Just a yes or NO please, show some class and guts to the world, come on, I am with you!

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:22 IST)
Doc: Sometimes it pays to be on the chat ON TIME, I already addressed the same question earlier, so wait for the transcript to come up. Thanks.

Radical (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:21 IST)
Mehnaz - what do u think about the quality of music on the Indian pop scene?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:23 IST)
Radical: I think that Indian pop is a bhel puri mix of this time as we have various styles of music like bhangra, dance, remixes, contemporary pop etc etc... and I'm waiting for the day when all these can be categorised and this can only happen when we have a lot more singers and albums on the scene, and I mean good ones.

radical (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:18 IST)
Hey Mehnaz - did u always plan to have a singing career or was it a hobby to begin with?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:26 IST)
Radical: Initially, it was a hobby. I thought I would pursue dancing as a career but the offer to record an album came my way and here I am today.

DOC (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:26 IST)
Oh well guys...My name is actually Sunil Raina, my uncle works at the Bandra Police station...and I know for a fact she did make those calls to Anaida because everyone was talking about Anaida visiting the police station and being harassed etc. Mehnaz, I am serious, YOU ARE A GREAT LIAR!! I am no enemy of yours, but I just don't like liars, I thought you'd be sorry, BUT YOU ARE EVIL!!!

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:29 IST)
Doc aka Sunil Raina: Firstly, it was a pleasure shooting the video with you:-) Well DOC, even I hate liars, so I guess that makes two of us!

sureshPatel (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:28 IST)
Hey, Mehnaz, I liked you at Jazz By The Bay. U and Fuller were looking so cozy!!! Do u still see him?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:30 IST)
SureshPatel: I do perform at Jazz By The Bay and the next time you see me do come and say hi, and as for Fuller, he is a great guy and loads of fun to be with, so you definitely gonna see a lot of us around. JEALOUS:-)

radical (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:27 IST)
Mehnaz - What kind of dancing did u train in?

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:32 IST)
Radical: I was part of Shiamak Davar's dance company for five years and attribute a lot to him.

Prem (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:32 IST)
What did you major in Mehnazji??

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:32 IST)
Prem: Would u believe it - I did a double major in Eco-Commerce and was bored to death:-)

Ali K (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:32 IST)
R u planning any new album in future...

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:34 IST)
Ali K: At the moment, Mausam is upmost on my agenda, next I'm looking forward to the release of my duet with Air Supply and yes a new album, but maybe after a year.

Mehnaz (Thu Jul 22 1999 7:37 IST)
Okay guys, gotta go, good luck to Raoul, Radical, Ali, Shree and the rest...........but most specially, I'll always remember my conversation with Prem! :-) Thanks man, cheers, peace n luv, Mehnaz.

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